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1 hour ago, Timmaigh said:

See attached picture. And it was actually still growing up. Is this normal? 

malwarebytes RAM .JPG

I'm having the same problem. I disabled web protection, it mattered not. It was using 15GB of 16GB of RAM. 

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2 minutes ago, Kraggy said:

Not the first time MB has done this, if you look back on here or Google "malwarebytes web protection won't start" you'll see several cases over the years, and that's not including the a good number of times it happens in not such a massively destructive way as it has now.

It's not destructive, just massively annoying. Like I stated previously, I've had antivirus/malware software kill my OS before, requiring a complete reinstall.. Now THAT'S destructive.  I'm just relieved it's only a memory leak they can fix, and not some new malware that's figured out how to kill antimalware software!  It's fixable without data loss.

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3 minutes ago, u2berggeist said:

That retro Task manager though. How'd you get that?

He is using Windows 8.

Windows 10 also have that task manager but with more features

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2 minutes ago, Cleonpack93 said:

What's the best way to know when they've released a working update? And also HOW will we update since the program is pretty much unusable right now?

Maybe when an update is being pushed we have to do the update quickly before our RAM being eaten up, freezing the PC xD.

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Just now, WhatIsGoingOn said:

Guys please keep posting "Me too" without adding anything of value to the conversion. As we know the staff isn't aware of the problem yet (as indicated by their replies) so just keep spamming. I am sure that will fix the problem. Also if you happen to have any logs or additional information that might aid in the effort to fix the issue: DON'T POST IT!!!


Everyone piling in might seem annoying, but it sure underscores how many people got affected by the bad update. Hopefully will motivate MWB staff to put all hands on deck to fix it.

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Just now, u2berggeist said:

Tried that, didn't do anything different.

Then I turned off all Real Time Protections. Still nothing.

Restart MBAMService.exe from Details in task manager after you disable it. Mitigated the issue for me.

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I noticed my computer was slowing down and was scared I caught a virus.  After I finally shut it down (after waiting ten minutes for it to open a folder) I noticed Malwarebytes was taking up all the RAM.  I'm morbidly glad I'm not the only one with this issue.

I am not going to use malwarebytes until this issue is resolved.

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