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  1. THE PORN WAS A JOKE! Lighten up. I don't know what a "blanket of ignorance" is (maybe like a "cloak of invisibility"?), but I find it difficult to believe that INDIVIDUAL users (i.e., people with one or two PCs) can't do what I did.
  2. For Malwarebytes, it is a major problem. For users, not so much, if they just disable the service.
  3. I am serious, and don't call me Shirley. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) "Fanboism." OK, whatever you say. I'm not really defending Malwarebytes so much as mocking its Chicken-Little-like users. You'll have to point out the "ad hominem" remark. If you're talking about the "porn" comment, it was a joke. Touchy much?
  4. My computer didn't crash or reboot. I killed the service and disabled it. Killed it again a few times, and done. No muss, no fuss. If you've really had 25 years of IT experience, you'd know that this is an incredibly minor if annoying problem. At this point, it requires nothing but patience. And maybe avoid the porn sites for a while.
  5. Well, there you go. Don't break copyright law, and you'll be just fine.
  6. I didn't say "only." But surely one can do it for a few hours or days.... unless one is addicted to porn, I suppose.
  7. ^^^^^ Exactly. I hate the word "snowflake," but it seems extremely appropriate here...
  8. If you say so. If you practice "safe surfing," you can avoid a lot. Even if it takes them 2 days for a fix, what are you doing that you're so exposed to malware?
  9. Are you a Russian troll just trying to rile people up? Good luck with your class-action suit. What harm can you show, other than losing a few minutes of time while you disable the service.
  10. Wow, talk about expectations. "You've lost a customer forever!" Settle down, Francis.
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