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  1. Cant help you directly but I can say I have used both BD total security and presently BD antivirus plus 2019(both paid versions)and I can tell you never one issue with BD and MBAM3.
  2. Again not sure what the problem is on your PC but I have BDTS 2019 on 3 pc's(7,8.1,10) with MB, all real time modules turned on and not one issue. Heck I even have Zemana thrown in there with real time protection on and no issues. BD support will tell you that because they ONLY want there SW on your PC.
  3. I have two laptops one Windows 10 one Windows 8.1 both running MB3 and zemana AL no issues whatsoever on either one of them. My Windows 10 laptop was previously Windows 7 and I never had an issue with that one either.
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