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Have the same problem, even after a reboot, the memory usage exceeds 90% without any active applications

Main background programs running include

Google Backup and Sync

Logitech keyboard software

Gigabyte EZTune


If it also makes a difference, Malwarebytes can't reach the account server to verify the account details, wondering if the "leakx is a poorly programed response to trying to verify the licence

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30 minutes ago, CW1990 said:

Okay so, if you want MBAM turned off, you don't have to uninstall.

If you can, just go into MBAM - settings - go to protection, and then scroll down to where it says 'start up MBAM when PC starts up'. Turn off everything in that small block.

Then restart your PC.

It should stop MBAM from turning on for now.

Remember to turn everything back on once this is fixed again. I will be checking forums for updates.


I stole this image from this forum to make it easy (turn off ALL checkmarks under "Startup Options")


Thank you. This works great

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Here's a screenshot of my Intel XTU app.  The light green line on top is RAM usage.  (Max RAM 32GB, and you can see it's pretty well all consumed by Malwarebytes Service).

I only noticed the problem after my laptop became unresponsive (naturally - no free memory will do that).

Yikes fellas - what gives?



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Guys please keep posting "Me too" without adding anything of value to the conversion. As we know the staff isn't aware of the problem yet (as indicated by their replies) so just keep spamming. I am sure that will fix the problem. Also if you happen to have any logs or additional information that might aid in the effort to fix the issue: DON'T POST IT!!!


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1 minute ago, ZackZero said:

There was one many pages back; they are aware, pushed an update package that they hoped would address, and were waiting on people to update and confirm the issue again.

Can't they at least create a pinned post or a create a sticky on the main page where staff can report.

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