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  1. Troy Hunt, the man behind HaveIBeenPWNed, just uncovered an extensive list of services hit by data breaches. https://www.troyhunt.com/ive-just-added-2844-new-data-breaches-with-80m-records-to-have-i-been-pwned/ There is a list of files which have a name corresponding to services (mostly) in the post. MalwareBytes.org is mentioned. Can MalwareBytes confirm this? Anyways, change your passwords just to be safe.
  2. Restart MBAMService.exe from Details in task manager after you disable it. Mitigated the issue for me.
  3. Started using all 32GB of my RAM. It did start working randomly though. I restarted the service several times and now it's back down to 130MB.... @JavaNocKziK Nope... Mine was up to 32 gigs before.
  4. MBAMService's RAM usage is increasing by ~30 MB/s. I've had to close the process multiple times. I attempted to do a reinstall already and it still hasn't fixed it. It's happened multiple times now, but sometimes after several restarts, it at normal memory usage. I had to restart the service because it causes my system to freeze when it uses too much RAM and it's working as intended right now, but every so often it spikes up to insanely high memory usage. I will run MB Check when it does this again.
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