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  1. (Windows 7) I got a notice that a new version of MalwareBytes was available but when I attempted to install it it crashed, putting up a dialog box called Setup, and saying "Runtime Error (at 404: 4927): Access violation at address 57BBC542 in module 'suhplr.dll' read of address 00000000. " What's up with this and how do I finish the install? Thanks in advance
  2. I had to reset my password and your guidelines said it had to be “8 or more characters, Mixture of letters and numbers, Mixture of upper and lowercase, Special characters and Non-dictionary words”. So I gave it exactly that and it still said my password was "weak" and it wouldn't accept it! I wasted a lot of time tinkering and looking up the random character strings I used to make sure they weren't in SOME dictionary online, etc (it wasn't), until I eventually gave it an 11 character password by taking the one it rejected and repeating the last 3 characters at the end. Please don't
  3. 3803 seems to fix it. Update to 3803, reboot, get some work done. I lost a whole morning of work on 2 PC's but with 3803 everything seems to be good.
  4. Try a reboot. I updated to 3803, but the fix didn't "take" until I did a reboot - now it seems fine.
  5. if your PC is wedged and there's no free RAM then malware can't run. So what are you complaining about?
  6. No need to kick him. Just shoot him and post the video on YouTube for confirmation.
  7. You should stop the service and set to start option to disabled. After they fix it you can set the start back to automatic.
  8. Even though it's only been a few hours, this is already ALL over the web - Reddit, YouTube, 4chan, level1techs, bleepingcomputer, etc, etc, etc. Congratulations MalwareBytes, you've hit the BIGTIME!! You're the talk of the town! Way to go.
  9. You don't need to uninstall it - just disable it in services.
  10. You can write anything you want in a EULA but it doesn't mean a court will uphold it.
  11. That's not necessary - it's too drastic. Just disable it in Services. Boot into safe mode if you have to to do this - I did because my PC was so wedged I couldn't get into serviced from a normal boot with this bug.
  12. But they seem to think it's a "web traffic" issue, whatever that is. It's not. It a memory leak. So no, they don't seem to realise what their problem is.
  13. Shouting seems perfectly reasonable in this situation. I've lost hours of work on two PC's this morning thanks to this bug. Shouting, swearing, punching, kicking, and breaking glass all seem perfectly reasonable.
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