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  2. Cannot remove threat

    ***This is an automated reply*** Hi, Thanks for posting in the AdwCleaner Help forum. Someone will reply shortly, but in the meantime here are a few resources which may help resolve your issue: AdwCleaner user guide A malicious element isn't being detected? Submit the sample here! Need help with another Malwarebytes product or malware removal? Click here for home support Click here for business support Click here for malware removal help Thanks in advance for your patience. -The Malwarebytes Forum Team
  3. Hi, I keep getting a threat detection from adwcleaner about an extension on Chrome, I tried several ways to get rid of it, but it isnt working, any ideas? img attached
  4. Hi there, Please review for blacklist status removal. The site has been audited and is clean. Thanks!
  5. MachineLearning - False positives

    Yes, please send it to me via a private message. Please know that everything you attach here in this forum part can only be downloaded by moderators, administrators and researchers, so it's not for anyone in the public Thanks for the heads up, @florinch
  6. Website being blocked.

    Dear Administrators, Please can you check and delete site from our database. I has cleaned Website Malware codes. After i checked with sucuri. Status: No Malware Detected by External Scan. site url: ip: Best regards, Mrxphp
  7. Malwarebyes uninstalled itself

    What version of Malwarebytes did you have on this system? I see old traces of Malwarebytes Anti-malware, but no traces of Malwarebytes 3 ever having been on this machine. Did you perhaps do a system restore recently?
  8. Thank you for your reply Ron. I did as requested and my computer restarted, although FRST didn't run any further after the restart. I saved the fixlist to my desktop and also my download folder (where FRST is saved); the fixlog didn't save to my desktop, but it did save to my download folder. I'm not sure if any of that matters, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to mention. Thanks again! Jessica Fixlog.txt
  9. MachineLearning - False positives

    @abbysys I recommend you to send a private message to @miekiemoes with an attached archive (.rar) & Virustotal scan link.
  10. My Galaxy S6 is about 2 months old I have bought and paid for the mower version for my Android phone and having abled everything but device administrator the thing that worries me about device administrator is it can change your passwords it can make you change your passwords and it can you erase your phone without your knowledge how often does this happen and what can I do to make sure that it doesn't mess with my phone like that
  11. That is typical of MRST. If the MRST log file shows clean (nothing found) then more than likely MSRT suspected a possible threat during the scan, displayed it as such (preliminary detection) but determined it was not an actual threat before completion and log creation... What is happening with your system, any odd or erratic behavior, same for your Browser
  12. License change

    Exile 360, I immediately followed your recommendation and submitted a letter to Support. I did receive an automated reply that my request had been received. As of now, (48 hours later) I haven't received any followup. Can you tell me the normal response times for a Support request? Thanks
  13. Latest Version Task Bar.................

    Ever since I updated to the Premium version I have the same problem. No icon in the system tray. I have selected all icons to show up. I've checked for Malwarebytes Service in the Task Manager and it's running. My scans are running on time every day and reports have shown a few websites blocked but not recently. Even with all of this, no icon in the taskbar system tray. It used to always show up but since my upgrade it does not. I am on Malwarebytes version 3.4.5
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  15. MachineLearning - False positives

    I do not want to post our exe files on a public forum. Is there a private submission I can do?
  16. New topic widget

    HI @exile360, I can't explain the widget disappearing but it currently up for me. I've increase the number of topics shown from 5 to 10 on the widget, which is why it's longer than usual. Let me know if I can help with anything else. Thanks, Cecile
  17. Riskware.bitcoinminer help

    nasty3.txt contains all the things that I deleted to run FRST. nasty3.txt Quarantine.rar
  18. Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this in. This is my first time posting on these forums. I was wondering if there's a way to confirm if a USB flash drive is free of viruses, malware, and/or ransomware? I used this USB flash drive back on Feb. 23rd with a computer (Windows XP) that was a part of a network. The server was infected with Ransomware and all the files on the shared network were encrypted on Feb. 25th. Supposedly nobody used any of the computers on the network on the 25th, so I suspect that the infection happened earlier and activated the Ransomware at a later date (I don't know if this is even possible). I always remove the flash drive from the computer when I'm not using it, however, since I don't know when exactly the infection occurred, I really don't know if it was infected or not. The tech that was hired was unable to decrypt the files and couldn't contact the hacker to pay the ransom, so we ended up replacing the computer with Windows 10 and restoring some of the files from an older backup. There are files I'd like to transfer from the flash drive to the new Windows 10 computer (Computer #1) and to an older spare computer running Windows XP (Computer #2), as the backup the tech used did not have copies of these files. After avoiding the flash drive for weeks, I decided to test it out on Computer #1 (Apr. 3rd), since I thought Windows 10 would be more secure. After plugging it in, there was a notification saying "There is a problem with this drive. Scan the drive now and fix it." I ran Windows Defender and the scan detected "no threats" on the USB flash drive. I also ran a full system scan and it was also clean. Since then, I have been saving documents to the flash drive and opening files on it (always while using Computer #1), but I've refrained from copying the flash drive's files to Computers #1 and #2 because of a lingering fear of infection. Every time I plug it in, I always get the same notification to scan & fix it, but every time I scan it with Windows Defender, no threats are ever found. It's been over two weeks now since I've tried inserting the flash drive and nothing bad has happened to Computer #1 (or the rest of the network for that matter). I've avoided using the flash drive on Computer #2, because I worry Windows XP will be more vulnerable or the infection will only effect XP but not 10. Questions: 1) MAIN QUESTION: Is the USB Flash Drive safe to use (free of Ransomware, Malware, Viruses, etc.)? 2) Does Ransomware usually wait a period of time before activating or take awhile to encrypt files? 3) Are Windows Defender and Avast Antivirus even capable of detecting Ransomware or am I wasting time running scans with them? 4) Have I made a big mistake by opening files on the flash drive with Computer #1, and spread malware on the network? 5) Does Ransomware even make copies of itself and spread like viruses do? EDIT: Another thing I noticed is that the Flash Drive is supposed to have a size of 16 GB, but according to Windows Explorer, its total size is only 14.9 GB. Is this just false advertisement of the product, or is something wrong with the flash drive? Notes: USB Flash Drive: SanDisk Cruzer Glide 16GB Computer #1: Windows 10 Computer #2: Windows XP (Service Pack 3) Windows Defender: Updates automatically (up to date) - for Computer #1 Avast Antivirus: Updates automatically (up to date) - for Computer #2 * The USB Flash Drive is usually plugged into a computer for 2 hours or less. I very rarely leave it in for a long duration. Thanks for your help, T-Ruth
  19. Please whitelist

    Site has been re-checked and the block will be removed on the next update.
  20. Dear Admin, In January, we had a malware and phishing attack. We cleaned up and implemented Sitelock at our hosting provider (NetSol). The site is clean and free of malware. Please reclassify our website. Thank you. Regards Raj ILSE Bio
  21. Please remove

    Site has been re-checked. The block will be removed on the next update.
  22. Please remove

    Being advised it should be clean now. From sucuri: Hey there, We removed additional phishing files from: employment-inquiries/update/signin/ components/x02851f10f91r0124/signin/ home/205129x0128r510x2815812f12r12/ And also sent new requests to Norton, PhishTank and ESET. Can you get in touch with Malwarebytes, please?
  23. Hello, One error occured when i tryed to restore to wondows sytem restoration point. And may be related with antivirus program like malwarebytes, according to micrososft support. Please help me to succesfuly complete restoration.
  24. //

    Hello, Domain block is being removed.
  25. (also // this site has been cleaned up so the phishing software that was on there is gone, can this be reset? the forum post about these suggests log info into the message, from files in C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\ScanResults? the post needs to be updated i think
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