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  2. Here are some screenshots for you. With Chrome and using HTTPS, I get the "Web server is OK" message, shown in attached screenshot chrome.png. If I use HTTP, I get the same thing, so it is redirecting to HTTPS. A different story in Firefox, and also different than what I saw earlier today. The redirection from HTTP to HTTPS tries to work, but there are issues with the HTTP message itself (shown in FF1.png). The next screenshot shows a phishing issue (FF2.png) which is beyond what I can take care of...we have a web research team that handles those. But, you will notice that the IP add
  3. Hello @treed and @adas: As opposed to a beta, can Malwarebytes for Mac v4.6.11.3824 be considered a release/Gold/RTM version as of today? Thank you.
  4. I just tested/replicated your results and I see the same. I might be a safeguard to keep those settings from being enabled by a user and causing issues.
  5. Just uninstall all Malwarebytes software with the tool and reboot. For now, temporarily do not reinstall Malwarebytes. Then make sure that all works properly for you again https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039023473-Uninstall-and-reinstall-using-the-Malwarebytes-Support-Tool
  6. Oh ok thank you. Well no issues have appeared after enabling these options, although the issue was more about why these are getting automatically disabled some moments after I just enabled them. Because I'm worry that some application in my Windows (with just enough system privileges) is disabling them.
  7. The default settings are a balance of protection and usability. Changing the settings can cause programs not to function correctly. I personally can not offer further any other info except of past issues where users have changed settings and have issues and have come here for assistance and when set back to defaults the issue goes away.
  8. Hello and thank you for replaying. Why these shouldn't be enabled? I would have assumed that Return Oriented Programming gadget detection is an important think to prevent, specially for browsers not based in chromium. Thank you in advance for any clarification that you can give.
  9. OK, a quick bash in the morning (it's 1.30am here). Exactly what you would like me to do with the support tool? Happy to try uninstall/reinstall MB etc. but not messing around with stuff that considerably pre-dates this issue which might compromise the stability of the systems.
  10. Today
  11. Those should NOT be enabled. I suggest you stay out of that section as recommended by the waning at the top of the section.
  12. Glad we could help. If you need this topic reopened, please send a Private Message to any one of the moderating team members. Please include a link to this topic with your request. This applies only to the originator of this thread. Other members who need assistance please start your own topic in a new thread. Please review the following for Tips to help protect from infection Thank you
  13. You're quite welcome. Take care and stay safe out there. The closing speech will include a link with information to help you better protect your data and privacy. I would recommend you bookmark and read as you have time. If you have questions please come back and make a new post and let us know. Cheers
  14. Cool. Thanks for the help, that's a real load off my mind.
  15. I am not sure what you are referring to. When accessing the site via http it automatically switches to https. after the au.bekaon.io/ there will be the name of the instance/client, for example this one would be for DHL: https://au.beakon.io/dhl/
  16. ***This is an automated reply*** Hi, Thanks for posting in the Malwarebytes for Windows Help forum. If you are having technical issues with our Windows product, please do the following: Malwarebytes Support Tool - Advanced Options This feature is designed for the following reasons: For use when you are on the forums and need to provide logs for assistance For use when you don't need or want to create a ticket with Malwarebytes For use when you want to perform local troubleshooting on your own How to use the Advanced Options: Screenshots:
  17. Hello. I've the version 4.2.1 of Malwarebytes installed in a Windows 10 64 bits computer, for some reason I can get 2 of the Advance Exploit Protection settings to stay enabled; please check the attached image to see which settings I'm referring to. After enabling them I just click on Apply and close the settings panel, but after a while when I go back to the panel these are once again disabled. Worth mentioning that Malwarebytes is password protected and this happens randomly while I'm working in my computer. Could you please help me to sort out what's going on? Why are these t
  18. As said the change was already reversed. If its not working for you and you won't allow me to help you diagnose why it's not working I don't know how else to assist you @Pluto Please try using our MBST tool and uninstall all Malwarebytes software and reboot. Do not reinstall when prompted by the program and then see if normal operation has returned for you as it has for everyone else and let us know. Thank you
  19. So logically, the approach should be to examine the distinctions between component packs 1061 and 1070 as the former was absolutely fine. If this were my mission I would have me run the diagnostic with each component pack in turn, changing nothing else in between. That strategy would probably reveal the issue.
  20. The logs look good overall. Unless there is something else we should be done here and the computer should be running better now.
  21. Hello @milsabords The computer is quite busy shall we say. A ton of stuff running on it and many tweaks. Surprised it run all that well with so much loading. Please use our MBST tool to uninstall Malwarebytes and for now do not reinstall it. Then check and make sure you actually want to block the following in your firewall FirewallRules: [{42CAD1D4-F911-4562-A98F-488554B05578}] => (Block) D:\programmes\allmytube\urlreqservice.exe (Wondershare Technology Co.,Ltd -> Wondershare) FirewallRules: [{45BFBBAC-F25B-4B91-97D7-A326F8AC6611}] => (Block) D:\programmes
  22. The build currently in beta which should correct this issue should be released soon, so until then you can disable Web Protection when you need to print or keep it turned off and you should install Malwarebytes Browser Guard if you haven't already as that will supplement your defense against malicious sites.
  23. Yesterday
  24. This is where it all started for me as well, basically I had to uninstall the device and then reinstall the printer software and it fixed the issue.
  25. I have an HP 8600. I generally have like Malwarebytes-- it seems less invasive than other firewall programs. Its been working fine-- but now since the last released update I cant scan to the computer or print. The workaround of disabling the web protection does work and Ihave been doing that printing and immediately putting it back on. I cant seem to disable the SNMP on the printer port for whatever reason The beta version update seems like based on these forums it may or may not solve all the problems and to sign up for that I have to agree that it may Screw up my computer
  26. Hello indio68 and welcome to Malwarebytes, Continue with the following: Open Malwarebytes, select > "settings" > "protection tab" Scroll down to "Scan Options" ensure Scan for Rootkits and Scan within Archives are both on.... Go back to "DashBoard" select the Blue "Scan Now" tab...... When the scan completes quarantine any found entries... To get the log from Malwarebytes do the following: Click on the Detection History tab > from main interface. Then click on "History" that wil
  27. We have reversed the change and so far for the majority of users the updated beta has fixed the issue. Why it has not for you @Pluto is what we're attempting to try and track down. For now then if you don't have time to help us help you track it down further then please disable the Web Protection module. You can use Malwarebytes Browser Guard and/or uBlock Origin content blocker to help shore up the Web Protection module until an update that works for you is available. Thank you
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