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  1. Someone owes you a worst pretender award. RAM can take so much more punishment than this.
  2. Blue is the colour of the sea, and fish have sex in the sea. So no. Perhaps this
  3. But you said it in bold so now you've truly gone and done it. I expect a 200 word apology by next Sunday.
  4. You could put it in bold, but then it feels like you're shouting. And shouting isn't nice.
  5. I mean speaking honestly, it took me about 15 minutes to notice that my memory was spiking slowly from 200mb to 16gb. They've done thousands of these mini definition updates, so it must be extremely routine. What looks like a horrible mistake was probably just a normal day with unintended result.
  6. "Thanks for your patience", said Malwarebytes to Malwarebytes. Reminiscent of calling the same helpline twice and making them talk to each other, seeing how long it takes for one of them to crack.
  7. I'm living on the edge and using nothing. Sing songs of me.
  8. No need for that - accidents happen. Lots of programs have a crappy patch now and again. They were fast to respond in under an hour. Just sit back and wait for now.
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