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  1. I have uninstalled MBAM premium from both of my PCs permanently after this disaster. I have had a lifetime license and was a loyal customer for five years. Now Kaspersky Total Security is handling all malware protection going forward. Malwarebytes has lost many customers because of this. New customers will be filing for refunds and businesses whose servers were affected will be filing class action lawsuits.
  2. I have no issues with Win 10 Creators Update (1703). The main issue here is Malwarebytes. Now I got Kaspersky running both virus and malware protection. It should have been like that all along and apparently Malwarebytes is doing more harm than good.
  3. I never had that issue. I'm on the Creators Update (version 1703). Could that issue have something to do with the Windows update containing the meltdown patch?
  4. Now Windows 10 seems to run a bit faster and snappier ever since I uninstalled this garbageware.
  5. Had the same problem here. I renamed the folder and was finally able to delete it.
  6. After removing MBAM from my PCs, I'm creating new disk image backups to save the changes using Acronis True Image 2013, another program besides my antivirus which runs with NO ISSUES. HEAR THAT, MALWAREBYTES?!?!?
  7. Well, good thing Kaspersky has its own malware protection. I double-checked the protection settings there. Goodbye, Malwarebytes. You will never find a home on any of my PCs hard drives ever again.
  8. Guys, give up. It's over. We need to either let our AV handle all the work or find something else, like Hitman Pro or something. Malwarebytes is dead.
  9. Looks like I'll have to remove Malwarebytes permanently. This is not the first time I had problems with it. And it's the premium version. I'll just have to find out how well Kaspersky can handle everything on its own. Malwarebytes, you just lost a 5-year customer.
  10. One of my PCs began freezing up and it has 8 GB RAM. My high-end PC has 16 GB RAM and was spared from the lockups, but its RAM usage was approaching 50%. Uninstalled Malwarebytes from both PCs until further notice. I'll let Kaspersky Total Security handle the malware protection going forward. This is unacceptable.
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