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  1. It's a "tendies" sh**post. Best practice is to never respond to it.
  2. No offense, but that's a huge overreaction. The police would laugh if you called them. Additionally, no lawyer in the world would touch that.
  3. Everyone piling in might seem annoying, but it sure underscores how many people got affected by the bad update. Hopefully will motivate MWB staff to put all hands on deck to fix it.
  4. I posted in a different topic, didn't see the main one. I was thinking my machines got hit with some malware that corrupted MWB. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.
  5. Absolutely having the exact same problem. 2 machines running MB 3.3.1, both suddenly started leaking memory at precisely the same second, both memory usages grow out of control until they consume all available memory. Terming the source of the problem "MBAMService.exe" causes it to automatically restart and immediately leak again. Uninstalling this product until fixed, since it renders all machines it's running on unusable. Up to date on both machines, clean install tried, etc.
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