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11 minutes ago, JayTee said:

Same here.

Just continuously eats RAM until system becomes unusable forcing a reset.

Very surprised at Malwarebytes for this. Given the far reaching damage its caused, it can't have been properly tested internally!
For me personally, its caused loss of work and loss of work time. 

They need to provide a full and detailed response as to what happened, why it happened and what they are going to do to ensure it doesn't happen again. 

Ditto That!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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9 minutes ago, Stufish said:

No need for that - accidents happen. Lots of programs have a crappy patch now and again. They were fast to respond in under an hour. Just sit back and wait for now.

In 2017 malwarebytes have 3 bugs and 1 of that problems have a term of 3 days for lucky people to one week for unlucky people.
In one year is the 4th bug, and web proctection shut down is same problem of the 3th bug few months ago.

Accidents happens but 4 in one year? I use malwarebytes since 6 years ago and before of 2017 no have problem with program.

Thanks for read and excuse me, for my poor english.

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Also having this problem today with Malwarebytes 3 Premium on Windows 7 64-bit. My browser crashed and Windows popped up a notice about lack of memory. Then Malwarebytes was showing Real Time Protection (web) tuned off. I killed the process and Malwarebytes restarted and I watched the MBAMService.exe memory usage in Task Manager steadily climb through the roof. Then I searched and found this discussion and have now disabled the Malwarebytes service until I see notice of an update fix release here.

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Same here. My PC crashed twice in a row because of this. Completely froze and then got a black screen.

If you launch the program it will slowly accumulate in RAM until it crashes your PC.
I shut it down for now, because I'd rather not crash every 10 minutes.

This has to be the worst update to any kind of virus scanner that I've ever seen.

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15 minutes ago, WISlim said:

Uninstall is unnecessary. You can disable the process, then kill it in Task Manager and it will stop automatically restarting.

Disable by: Windows Key + R -> Type then enter: services.msc -> Find the Malwarebytes process and double-click: change the startup type to "disabled" -> End task the MBAMService process in Task Manager


Tried that on a Win7 system, didn't work, even though Service Manager had MBAMServe DISABLED, after killing it in Task Manager is was restarting every time I killed it.

Uninstalling was the only way to get rid of it.

On a Win10 system it has also broken Windows Defender!  After uninstalling MB, Defender refuses to start after I tell it to use that instead of MB, 

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Well, seems I am not the only one with issues.


That both good and bad. I do hope MB will sents a notification when the issue is resolves perhaps a update on the main page?

Btw updating seems impossible for now. Getting message the update server is offline (well something along that line).

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