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  1. Cant help you directly but I can say I have used both BD total security and presently BD antivirus plus 2019(both paid versions)and I can tell you never one issue with BD and MBAM3.
  2. Again not sure what the problem is on your PC but I have BDTS 2019 on 3 pc's(7,8.1,10) with MB, all real time modules turned on and not one issue. Heck I even have Zemana thrown in there with real time protection on and no issues. BD support will tell you that because they ONLY want there SW on your PC.
  3. I have two laptops one Windows 10 one Windows 8.1 both running MB3 and zemana AL no issues whatsoever on either one of them. My Windows 10 laptop was previously Windows 7 and I never had an issue with that one either.
  4. Yup I have the same exact problem here crashes and I need task manager to shut it down very annoying, I don't even need to let it sit there, a moment clicking around is all it takes for me then it crashes and hanges.
  5. Leave it running! MB3 is NOT enough you need layered protection, MB3 can not catch every nasty out there.
  6. If it's a lifetime licenses? sure just deactivate it and give the key to another person.
  7. You were most likely running a older version that did have that issue, Your other two probably had the fixed update already installed.
  8. No issues here with USB or SD, even 3.4.4 had no issues on my box.
  9. I have a lifetime sub to Zemana also, right a layered/ multi scanners pc is good, Troubling to see this about MB3 I've seen test before with similar results. HMP is a disappointment also.
  10. I'm still on 3.4.4 and you cannot clear Notification Center by clearing reports, it still remains.
  11. Not always necessary but you can use there MB-Clean tool to remove, reboot then it'll ask to DL the latest version. Seems like you have a issue someplace a clean install may help.
  12. People need to search this comes up once a week... Layered protection is better protection. Yes run a AV.
  13. Thanks exile! Right we don't need another botched update like before.
  14. What do you call safe? from ALL threats 100% or 90% or 50%?? And I think you were replied to that MB3 will protect you alone yes BUT.....not from all 100%, there's things it cannot stop so using a quality AV along side MB is strongly recommended.
  15. I'm sure you have it turned on in taskbar settings? and MB settings? If you do I should be showing.
  16. 3.4.4.. I just checked mine is at the bottom like it always has been
  17. Ok so no real installed AV(MSE=joke), mistake,, a layered well armored PC is a must, no one program is 100% full proof what one misses the others will catch, MB3 is NOT a AV and won't catch everything, so along side another good AV solution and you'll be better protected and more chances that a better protected PC would have stopped your infection. Better get back on topic now...
  18. AV?.. what do you have on the infected PC?
  19. That's allot going on!!,, what else do you have for protection? just MSE? (i hope not) if that's it ditch it, Running a better AV would have gave a better layered protected PC.
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