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  1. Hi everyone and thank for all the replies. I'm not a techie so some (or most) was straight over my head but I'm trying to do some reading on it all. On the subject of ad blockers, I've never had one but some sites block me from viewing unless I disable an ad blocker. It's normally some news sites which I presume are behind a pay wall anyway and many sites require you to accept cookies or else you cannot view them. I'm talking about shopping sites or really any sites it seems. I usually end up accepting the cookies just to get rid of the annoying pops ups about them and then clear them all when I've finished. Here in the UK we are now bombarded with popups on just about every website regarding cookies and privacy and even more so since the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) thing went live. So you spend ages clicking out of it all before you can view what you went there for. And don't get me started on intrusive ads....
  2. No. I was not using the password anywhere else.
  3. Thanks Porthos. I did check that site and it has been breached but fortunately I no longer use that email address.
  4. I received a scam email from one of my own email addresses saying my router had been hacked and demanding a bitcoin payment or the hacker would tell everyone about the shocking adult sites that I have visited and that they would post views from my webcam. This computer has never visited any adult sites, shocking or otherwise, and plus I don't have a webcam. In hindsight I was tempted to bait them but realised that this could backfire somehow so I just deleted the email but it got me thinking - how do I stop my router getting hacked? Does Malwarebytes protect routers too?
  5. I have the older version on my phone and it seems to update with no problems and work well. On another phone I had the same older version, but it seems to have updated somehow to a trial version of the version. So what does the later version do that the older version does not? Can I still use the older version?
  6. Windows says I have the best drivers. The problem is not as bad as it was but seems to happen when something is going on in the background.
  7. Thanks for your reply Firefox. I have worked through it and amended Kaspersky. I still have an issue which seems quite random where I can't use the mouse as the cursor can't be easily put somewhere. I also hear the disk clicking away as though something is running but I can't see what it is. Could this be affecting the mouse?
  8. Ok thank you. Hopefully this is what you need. mb-check-results.zip
  9. ..... my mouse seems to have a mind of it's own! In the last day or two the real time protection seems to be off and I can only get it back on by closing it down and restarting it. Also, trying to use the mouse at times is impossible as the cursor seems to judder around the screen if I move it and seems to not work. I can also hear the hard drive clicking away in the background. If I look at the CPU usage via the task manager the usage appears low so nothing like the previous issues although I did see the disk usage at 100% - currently it's back to 3%. I have worked my way thru - Unfortunately I cannot drag the mb-check file as it ends in .exe and also the juddering mouse is making it difficult. I would appreciate some advice on this. thank you.
  10. I have one computer that has not recovered from yesterday. It's an old one running windows 10 with Malwarebytes on a lifetime licence. I have been unable to open Malwarebytes at all so cannot update the program with the fix. I have tried to uninstall it using the Malwarebytes uninstaller but just get the spinning wheel thing. Should I just download Malwarebytes again and would it just install over the top of the other one? thank you (No rush - it's just a spare computer - I know you guys are busy helping those much worse affected).
  11. Damage to drives? Wot damage? And why don't you back up your work?
  12. My PC was unusable - until I was able to switched off Malwarebytes via task master. Now I'm using my pc again minus MB pending the fix so you may be able to too.
  13. Where's the thank you button here? Anyway, thank you.
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