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  1. Just a further update - I have now reinstalled Windows it all seems ok. It seems that the Windows update 1903 has now been installed also so everything now seems ok. I would like to reinstall Malwarebytes and Kaspersky but I am confused about these as I thought they did different things and previously they have worked for me. I had the lifetime licence for Malwarebytes and have 3 years left on Kaspersky. If they are now conflicting should I simply not use either or both?
  2. Hi again and thanks for the replies. I don't know what model of computer it is. I have also now asked Microsoft for help as it seems an update 1903 will not install. Microsoft have been unhelpful to say the least so I've given up with them and the computer for now as I'm working nights and having to post from my phone. I will work thru Maurices reply when I get chance.
  3. Posting now from my phone. .. Computer just freezes if I try to get into Safe mode. The only thing thing I did recently was install a new version of Microsoft Office so I wonder if this has killed the computer. I'm using CCleaner to uninstall it as a further issue is Outlook wont load at all and gives an error message which says something about how I need to connect to Exchange at least once. I have no idea what this means. Ccleaner is now stuck on step 3 or 4 removing Office. As for mouse drivers, the unhelpful HP site does not list my mouse - model number MG-1451
  4. I tried to find the Mawarebytes exe file - unfortunately I cannot open and use file explorer - it simply crashes the computer altogether. The screen goes blank for a moment, then returns my background picture minus all the icons and the blue wheel just keeps spinning. All I can do it switch off at the mains.
  5. Microsoft Windows Version 1809 (OS Build 17763.805) Kaspersky Total Security
  6. Thanks for the replies. I’ll post back tomorrow when I’m back home to work thru them. Does anyone know why I now have to sign in to my computer with a password when I never did before and how I can stop that? Also, is the clash between Kaspersky and Malwarebytes the cause of the computer being much slowed on startup up and shutdown? thanks again.
  7. I seem to have a number of issues with my Windows 10 computer - The mouse cursor randomly judders around the screen to the extent I cannot direct it to anywhere or use it. The battery is ok in the mouse and Windows tells me I have the best drivers for it. Windows 10 is suddenly today asking me to use a password to sign in - I have never done this. So using my phone I accessed my email and set up a password for the computer. I have then googled how not to have to use it and seen that by typing in netplwiz I can opt not to use the password - however - this does not help as the box is already unchecked for me as user. Windows Edge has become unreliable and especially if I try and load certain banking websites - the pages simply do not load. So I then try to use Google Chrome - but the computer cannot open Google Chrome when Edge has crashed. I then cannot shut down the computer at all or restart it - so have to switch off at the mains. Start up and shut down of the computer are slow. I often hear lots of things going on in the background - but am not sure what they are of if they are essential. I know of Kaspersky and Malwarebytes running. Malwarebyte and Kaspersky are not reporting finding any issues. I would sure appreciate some help with this. thank you
  8. Hi everyone and thank for all the replies. I'm not a techie so some (or most) was straight over my head but I'm trying to do some reading on it all. On the subject of ad blockers, I've never had one but some sites block me from viewing unless I disable an ad blocker. It's normally some news sites which I presume are behind a pay wall anyway and many sites require you to accept cookies or else you cannot view them. I'm talking about shopping sites or really any sites it seems. I usually end up accepting the cookies just to get rid of the annoying pops ups about them and then clear them all when I've finished. Here in the UK we are now bombarded with popups on just about every website regarding cookies and privacy and even more so since the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) thing went live. So you spend ages clicking out of it all before you can view what you went there for. And don't get me started on intrusive ads....
  9. No. I was not using the password anywhere else.
  10. Thanks Porthos. I did check that site and it has been breached but fortunately I no longer use that email address.
  11. I received a scam email from one of my own email addresses saying my router had been hacked and demanding a bitcoin payment or the hacker would tell everyone about the shocking adult sites that I have visited and that they would post views from my webcam. This computer has never visited any adult sites, shocking or otherwise, and plus I don't have a webcam. In hindsight I was tempted to bait them but realised that this could backfire somehow so I just deleted the email but it got me thinking - how do I stop my router getting hacked? Does Malwarebytes protect routers too?
  12. Hi I've been trying to back up my email - I have done this before successfully but currently cannot as Outlook just stops. I am running an older version of Outlook (2007) which till now has worked ok. Do I REALLY have to upgrade or can this be fixed? I have up to date Kaspersky and Malwarebytes. thank you
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