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  1. At least you can download offline installer which doesn't contain adware. I never use online installer So blocking entire site is senseless. Block online installer file instead
  2. Why malwarebytes just blocked https://www.memuplay.com/ ? I have been using Memu emulator for 3 years without any issues
  3. I only ran repair and it installed MB back. It seems it solved itself either by Windows update or MB update or repair, I don't know Hope it doesn't froze my pc again after broken updates
  4. Edit: Without Malwarebytes, Windows Explorer just respond blazing fast and maybe entire system too. It always used to run slow lol
  5. I had heard that the recent update causing conflict between update and anti-virus. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/windows-is-slower-after-april-2019-updates-according-to-users/ Today, my PC just froze while gaming. It wasn't BSOD this time. Reseted and all of sudden my pc ran extremely slow. explorer.exe, chrome, cmd... takes long long time to open and respond, Chrome ramdonly froze and won't load the page... I'm using Windows 10 1809 with update KB4493509 installed few weeks ago. I checked the eventlog I saw malwarebytes service stopped working many times
  6. He is using Windows 8. Windows 10 also have that task manager but with more features
  7. I had the same problem. RAM fills up to 98% max, program closes then my computer goes black and froze. First I thought my hard drive was going to die. After reboot, i was able to take this screenshot. And my NAS that still running Win7 in VM also freezing, glitching and can't run taskmanager
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