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  1. Just to chip in here. 1920x1080 , 125% DPI (default for laptops I think). By default the window doesn't fully extend, and unfortunately windows position is not persisted. Not a biggie, but still mildly annoying:
  2. @nikhils Hi, any update on this? It's getting pretty annoying, not to mention that my RAID array takes 6 hours to resync after a BSOD...
  3. Hi nikhils, Just to say that I usually, but not always, get the BSOD shortly after Windows startup or during shutdown. Hope this helps.
  4. Same issue (see below). I see you're also running ESET like me, so that seems related. It doesn't happen on my laptop where I don't have ESET.
  5. MalwareBytes updates (not sure whether related).
  6. Just happened again, I think I manually tried checking for updates:
  7. Hey, Installed 3.4.4 on both laptop and desktop yesterday. Laptop is fine, but desktop (windows 10 64, latest) BSOD'ed twice so far with an mwac.sys reference. Anyone else/ideas? Thanks.
  8. That's textbook. The low disk space was because when Windows runs out of memory is starts increasing the virtual memory (swap or paging file). When you rebooted in safe mode Windows automatically downsized the swap file. Provided you follow the recovery instructions (update definitions, restart), you should be good.
  9. Well, not sure this is going to work, but give this a try: 1. WIN Key + R -> type ipconfig /flushdns <ENTER> 2. In Chrome go to: chrome://net-internals/#dns click on Clear host cache If this doesn't work try: Open Malwarebyes, click Current (to check for updates), restart the computer Malwarebytes manipulates the local DNS cache, in case it cannot verify whether a destination URL is malicious for some reason it may lead to issues.
  10. What's the message you're getting? I'm guessing you didn't deactivate your license before reinstalling. If you use the same license in too many installations (I guess even if the hardware is the same) eventually it gets blocked. Contact support, they'll sort it out. Though it may be some time before they reply - I guess they'll be dealing with yesterday's fallout for the next 2 weeks.
  11. Don't see what they can do. Complete power off, power on and deploy before RAM runs out... the damage is done anyway.
  12. 1. Open MalwareBytes 2. Click on Current. 3. Wait to finish. 4. Restart Windows.
  13. Of course it's automated, and it couldn't be any other way. Machines are much less error-prone than humans in running repetitive tasks - but you got to teach them first. Unless you really work with a good QA team which keeps asking "what if" you end up with a limited test suite which isn't ready for the real world. Then it's "improving by tackling reported customers cases". (not that this doesn't always happen).A long time ago, I remember reviewing a recovery test document - it was all fine with respect to stored procedures, monitoring, scripts, etc, but... they didn't check whether... Apache
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