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  1. Scary stuff. Thanks for posting Firefox. It just illustrates the lengths the bad guys will go to in order to get what they're after. They are well financed and highly motivated, making this war one that we can't afford to sleep on. We must be clever and vigilant every single day.
  2. Problem with Custom Rootkit Scan on SSD

    Hello again. I heard back from the team and they informed me that this is indeed a known issue but that as long as the scan is able to complete and doesn't crash or anything, that it should be just fine. It's just a problem with the scan UI not always having the needed resources available during the scan to update the display of what is currently being scanned. As for the discrepancies in the number of items being scanned between different scans, my educated guess would be that it's most likely due to things like temp files building up on the system such as those which are created when you use your internet browser to browse the web. Also, I would recommend trying a Threat scan in Safe Mode if you haven't already, just to make certain there isn't any malware on the system interfering with the scan, but if that comes back clean then you should be fine. Instructions on starting Windows 10 in Safe Mode can be found here. Please let me know if you have any additional issues or questions. Thanks
  3. Malwarebytes for Home 3.2

    I'm glad I could help. Please don't hesitate to post again if you have any additional issues or questions.
  4. Help,stange thing

    You're welcome, please let us know if there's anything else we can help you with.
  5. Malwarebytes for Home 3.2

    I see, well don't worry about ending up with nothing. Worse comes to worse we can look up your purchase and license information and make certain that you get the appropriate subscription time that you paid for. So given the additional info you just shared I'm thinking this could either be a bug with the software's notifications or just a hiccup with the licensing function in the software and/or on our license validation servers. Either way we should be able to get you fixed up, however to do so you will need to work with our Support specialists directly via email as they are the ones with access to purchase and license info and can investigate what's going on with our system. So unfortunately you will just need to wait for them to respond to your email message, which should be on Monday when they return to work. I am sorry that I was not able to do more, however I do believe I know why you were unable to find the program when you searched for it in your START menu. Assuming you typed in Malwarebytes 3.2.2, then the reason is due to the fact that the 3.2.2 version number isn't actually used in any of our file names or shortcuts, so if you just look for Malwarebytes it should come right up and as long as it shows the correct version information in the About tab then you should be fine. You can also check the version info listed in Programs and Features where it lists the installed software on your system. It should list it as Malwarebytes version or something similar.
  6. Malwarebytes for Home 3.2

    Hello and welcome to our forums. I'm sorry for the trouble you're having with activating your renewed license. There are a couple of things I can think of to try if you wish, otherwise you may wait the 4 days, and then enter your new license information and it should activate the new subscription at that time (though that also means you'll have to deal with the alerts about your license expiring until then, so it isn't ideal). First, open Malwarebytes and go to the My Account tab and click on the Deactivate License button. Once that is done, reboot your computer, open Malwarebytes once more and activate it by entering your new license key. Hopefully that will switch it over to the new subscription/license info for you and eliminate the alerts about it expiring. The second would be to access the My Account tab and click on the Manage My Subscription button which will take you to our license management website where you may sign in if you already have an account, or create an account using the same email address you used when you purchased your license, and then deactivate the old license from there by unregistering your system. Once that is done you should be able to enter your new license information into the My Account tab in Malwarebytes 3 and activate your new subscription on that machine. Please let me us know if that resolves the issue or not.
  7. Problem with Custom Rootkit Scan on SSD

    While we're waiting for the specialists, I'd suggest doing the following if you're able as it should show us what's going on during the scan so that we can check for anything that looks abnormal: Create a Process Monitor Log: Create a new folder on your desktop called Logs Please download Process Monitor from here and save it to your desktop Double-click on Procmon.exe to run it In Process Monitor, click on File at the top and select Backing Files... Click the circle to the left of Use file named: and click the ... button Browse to the Logs folder you just created and type MB3 Log in the File name: box and click Save Open Malwarebytes and start a scan then exit Process Monitor and open it again just prior to it reaching the point where it appears to be stuck if you can; otherwise you can run Process Monitor throughout the entire scan (the log will be much larger if you do, which is why I recommend trying to start it as close to the problem area of the scan as possible) Once the scan completes close Process Monitor Right-click on the Logs folder on your desktop and hover your mouse over Send To and select Compressed (zipped) Folder Please attach the Logs.zip file you just created to your next reply, or if it is too large, please upload it to Rapidshare or a similar file hosting service that we may download the file from via a link and post the link to the download
  8. Help,stange thing

    Greetings Assuming SAMP is a crack, my guess is that it was attempting to modify the in-memory process of the game being cracked (or some other process) and for whatever reason it encountered an issue causing a memory error, which is not an uncommon occurrence with cracks and the like of this nature since that's often what they have to do in order to crack games (they modify the in-memory process of the game to change its code and/or instructions in such a way as to "trick" it into believing it's registered or to change whatever in-memory components of the code that are necessary to make cheats function if it's a trainer/cheat tool). While it is entirely possible that one of our protection processes, especially our anti-exploit technology which looks for some behaviors that might be displayed by cracks, it isn't too likely unless the process being modified/accessed by the crack was one in our list of shielded applications and we don't shield any games by default, though if you added the game's process to the list manually then obviously that could be the cause. Anyway, everything should be fine assuming the crack didn't contain any malware and as long as your computer is now functioning normally and not showing any other signs of instability since you rebooted.
  9. Date/time format

    If you open the Application tab under Settings and set the language drop-down to English (UK) then it should display the dates and times in the European format rather than the standard date format for the US and should also change the time to the 24 hour format. Unfortunately our installer does not currently detect the system's currently configured language setting and set the language format for the application accordingly, but it is something we're considering (though there's still then the challenge of systems with multiple user accounts, some of which may differ in their language settings).
  10. Password Protection within MBAM Premium

    OK, I got some additional information for you. The password is stored within one of our config files located under C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes. Once you run the latest version of MB-Clean which can be downloaded from here, simply cancel the installation of Malwarebytes 3 that it offers to do for you and then verify that the entire Malwarebytes folder has been removed from C:\ProgramData and if it has not, please let us know as that would be a bug with the tool that I'll need to report. If it has been removed or if you have deleted the folder by hand, you should then be able to reinstall Malwarebytes 3 and the password protection over settings should now be gone.
  11. additional feature

    Not exactly. Our signature-less detection capabilities actually use behavior based algorithms to detect malicious behavior, such as in our anti-exploit and anti-ransomware components. It gives us an advantage since most malware behave a certain way, so it's much easier to stop infection by looking for malicious behavior than it is to try and detect every individual file via signatures. It also means we have a much greater chance of stopping an attack that uses entirely new malicious files or even no files at all. While we do have cloud components to our protection, the vast majority is either based on signatures, heuristics or behavior, so an internet connection really isn't needed for the majority of our protection in Malwarebytes 3.
  12. [resolved] Rootkit switch will not stay on.

    Just FYI, I was able to replicate this issue and have reported it to the product team so it should be fixed in one of our upcoming releases. Thank you for reporting this issue to us.
  13. Password Protection within MBAM Premium

    Greetings, My apologies that it's taken so long to get a response to your topic. I'm checking into this right now and I'll reply back as soon as I can with information on how to proceed to get this issue resolved. Thank you for your patience.
  14. You're welcome. Hopefully whatever problems you might be having with version 3 will soon be resolved in our upcoming releases so that you may upgrade to version 3 and take advantage of all the improvements that it has to offer. We are aware that though we've been working constantly since the first v3 release to get every bug and issue fixed as quickly as possible, that some users are still having persistent problems that we've yet to fully resolve and for that I do apologize. We really are trying to offer the best product we possibly can, unfortunately sometimes issues pop up that are either difficult to fix or to even track down in order to know where in the code to make the necessary changes to issue a fix and we understand that it can be very frustrating for users affected by such issues, but thank you for your patience with us and I am glad that at least for now you are getting some of the protection we offer by continuing to use version 2 in the meantime. Also, please keep an eye out for our next release of version 3 as it will contain several bug fixes, and hopefully among the issues fixed will be whatever issue(s) you have encountered which have held you back from being confident in or able to upgrade to version 3. Please let us know if there's anything else we can answer for you or assist you with.
  15. While currently I know of no plans to render the current malware databases incompatible with 2.x, do keep in mind that there are already numerous changes, additions and new detection heuristics built into the databases that can only be used by the Malwarebytes 3 engine, so even though it is still receiving updates and ignoring the fact that version 3 also has additional protection layers built into it for the licensed version, there are many threats that version 2 cannot detect that version 3 can, even when both are using the same databases. I realize that's not a definitive answer, however that's all I know at this time. Also be aware that as new database syntax/structure capabilities are added which enable more efficient detection of threats using fewer definitions, our Researchers will continue to get away from using the older, less efficient/less powerful database syntax used by pre-3.x versions of Malwarebytes, so it is very likely that over time, the amount of threats not covered by version 2 will increase and the number of threats covered by version 3 using fewer definitions will most likely increase.