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  1. Greetings, Unfortunately I do not believe there is a way to whitelist entire TLD's at the moment; blocking them is basically like a heuristic rule built into the extension.
  2. Greetings, I believe those files are backups of all of the user and system registry hives for the system. They are used when Malwarebytes is scanning and also I believe when it first loads protection, however I believe it is supposed to clean them up automatically however I have seen instances where it did not and the files stacked resulting in the behavior you describe. I will make a note of this issue for the Product team for analysis as it may be a bug. In the meantime we will wait for someone from the staff to chime in as they will likely have a more definitive answer. Thanks
  3. That depends; if they have upgraded the underlying SDK in version 1.8 to the same one being used in Malwarebytes 4 then it doesn't matter, however if they have not then it may potentially have substantial limitations compared to Malwarebytes 4 with regards to the supported heuristics, detection logic and overall detection capabilities (older engines ignore threat detection signatures that they do not understand in order to prevent breaking older versions/engines with database updates and to guard against unpredictable behavior and potential FP's). Of course that all depends on what changes have been made in the engine and how heavily the Malwarebytes Research team is leaning on using newer signature types vs the existing/legacy types for targeting contemporary threats.
  4. Yes, I was referencing the Managed Client build. Thanks for the clarification
  5. While I certainly agree on some of your points, most Windows applications (and frankly, none of the many AV/AM/AS applications I've used or tested throughout the years) do not allow this, at least through normal means of selecting text within a UI to copy/paste it (there are some functions such as copying the contents of generic Windows system message boxes/modal dialogues using CTRL+C, however this does not work in most AV/AM applications, at least the ones I've used/tested). That said, I would like more standard functions for truncating/expanding columns and other data in lists and tables in the UI. It is a major shortcoming that has been brought up numerous times to the Product team that double-clicking the space between any column header should automatically resize the column below to match the length of the longest string/entry within the column. That alone would alleviate many headaches when dealing with things like scan results and exclusions which often contain long strings/paths/entries. I don't know if it is an issue with QT or just the current implementation, however it is an issue I would very much like to see addressed and hopefully it will be soon.
  6. I thought they were killing the apps to make everything online only/cloud based. That's why I was concerned, because as I mentioned in my first reply, it is an industry trend that I find quite frustrating.
  7. I really cannot say as I don't use such apps. I use some extensions/plugins but that's about it, so I really don't know what impact moving all packaged hosted apps to PWA's and/or browser extensions will have. I guess you'd have to ask someone who uses them on a regular basis or investigate what the impact will be on some of the more commonly used ones to gauge how it will affect users of these apps and what it will mean for them going forward.
  8. Greetings, I was not aware of any current issues with Bitdefender, however I will make a note of this for the Product team for analysis. Specifically with regards to the Kaspersky issue, unfortunately it was actually caused by a change made in the most recent versions of Kaspersky's products, not any changes made in Malwarebytes. This means that it is most likely up to Kaspersky Labs' developers to resolve this issue and I know that the Malwarebytes team has already reached out to them to attempt to get this issue corrected so hopefully a fix is forthcoming. For the purposes of troubleshooting the Bitdefender, if you would please do the following so that the Malwarebytes QA team and Developers have as much information about this issue as possible in order to attempt to replicate it and track down a fix: Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool Accept the EULA and click Advanced tab on the left (not Start Repair) Click the Gather Logs button, and once it completes, attach the zip file it creates on your desktop to your next reply Thanks
  9. I think it's a good thing that they are implementing offline functionality. That makes them a lot more flexible since they don't require an internet connection to be used. I mean it makes perfect sense for a browser plugin or dedicated web app to require internet connectivity, but for many of the Google apps I'm sure that they are just general applications that don't necessarily have a good reason to require an active internet connection to work. Heck, even many functions of a web browser, including those based on Chromium, don't necessarily require internet access to function or be useful. For example, I haven't installed Adobe Reader in ages because PDF files can be opened/read natively in SRWare Iron (the Chromium based browser I use as my primary browser). I associate .PDF files with Iron so that any time I download and/or launch a PDF it opens in my browser so that I can read it. It comes in quite handy. The same is true for many other formats such as GIF (which opens in IE by default), .WBEM files (web based video files which, I believe, are based on HTML5), XML, XPS and many others. Reading/opening these file types doesn't require internet connectivity, nor does the viewing of offline web format files such as HTML.
  10. Greetings, It likely depends on when you purchased your license, however you should be able to sign into My.Malwarebytes.com to check and see which devices each license is installed on and the name of each. The names should be the same as the computer name I believe. If you don't already have an account at My.Malwarebytes.com you can sign up for one using, if possible, the same email address you used when you originally purchased your license(s) as this will make it much easier to sync up your account with your licenses/subscriptions. Instructions on signing up can be found in this support article and further details on managing your licenses and devices can be found in this support article. I hope this helps, but please let us know if you have any trouble and we will do our best to assist. Thanks
  11. Yeah, I hear you. BSOD's frankly terrify me, and I've been a PC repair tech for years, so I know how to fix PC's. I've seen too many corrupted operating systems and even the occasional hardware failure (though rare in the case of the latter) due to BSOD's/crashes, so I don't blame you at all for wanting to avoid them. Thankfully it looks like the Devs finally have a handle on this issue so it should be resolved in their next upcoming release, at least according to most of the users who were impacted by the BSOD issue who have tested it so far. Hopefully this will be the case for you as well so that you can upgrade to the latest without having to worry about your system crashing.
  12. Ah, gotcha. Yes, many software vendors seem to be going this route, requiring users/customers to have an always online internet connection. It is quite frustrating, especially for apps that really have no reason to require an internet connection in order to function (single player games, office applications and other utility type apps etc.) and generally there are only 2 primary reasons that a software vendor will require an active internet connection for such applications: for the purposes of licensing/DRM (this is the reason most video games now require an internet connection, even single player games with no online or multiplayer content), and/or for the sake of telemetry/data mining (the latter of which being the primary reason I won't use any of Googles applications or browser, and also one of the primary reasons I refuse to downgrade to Windows 10 since it continues to gather telemetry/user data even when all options provided in the OS to control this functionality are configured not to).
  13. It also shouldn't be launching on every boot. When used for a clean uninstall the Support Tool is only supposed to launch once on the first system restart to attempt to reinstall Malwarebytes. If it is launching on every boot then it might be due to the fast startup feature in Windows 10. You can try disabling fast startup to see if that corrects the issue as fast startup has been known to cause issues with Malwarebytes and many other applications and drivers. Instructions on doing so can be found here as well as here. Once fast startup is disabled, verify that the Support Tool no longer launches on system start.
  14. Never mind what I said; I misunderstood and thought you were saying that the Support Tool was launching on every reboot, but no, it isn't normal for it to take 30 minutes for your system to restart either. It definitely sounds like it got hung up for some reason. You might need to hold down the power button on the machine to force it to shut down, then start it back up and verify that it is working normally, waiting a couple of minutes to allow everything to finish loading, then restarting it one more time to make sure it isn't hanging up any more when doing so.
  15. The Support Tool shouldn't be starting on boot, however if fast startup is enabled in Windows that could account for it. You can try disabling fast startup as detailed here as well as here to see if that resolves the issue. The fast startup feature in Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 has been known to cause startup issues with Malwarebytes and other applications and drivers. If you used the tool to perform a clean uninstall it is set to launch on reboot to attempt to reinstall Malwarebytes, however if fast startup is enabled it may be that it is repeating instead of running just once like it is supposed to due to the way that fast startup works.
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