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    Excellent, I'm glad to hear it If you need help with anything else just let us know. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the info. Hopefully you won't face any more problems, but please let us know if you do. Thanks
  3. exile360


    Greetings and welcome Support should respond soon, however I don't know what their coverage is like on the weekends so it might not be until Monday. With that said, you could also try registering at my.malwarebytes.com to manage your license from there to hopefully be able to deactivate/reset it from there so that you may activate it on your new installation. More information about managing your licenses may be found here. If you are unsuccessful then you will have to wait for someone from the Support team to assist you as they are the only ones with direct access to the licensing system. If there is anything else we might assist you with please let us know. Thanks
  4. exile360

    False positive?

    Greetings, Those do appear to be false positives and are likely caused by using an older version of ADWCleaner while also using the Immunize function in Spybot Search & Destroy or the protection feature in Spywareblaster. These should be fixed in the latest version of ADWCleaner which you can download from here. Please download and scan with that version and let us know if you still see these detections or not. Thanks
  5. You're welcome, and thank you for reporting the issue. If you happen to find any more bugs please be sure to let us know. Thanks
  6. Ah, that explains it. Yep, just stick to your thread in the malware removal area and they'll get you cleaned up. Once they give you the all clear, if the program still doesn't work correctly please let us know but I'm betting that once the malware is gone, the issues with Malwarebytes likely will be as well.
  7. Are you having trouble with any other software, or is it just Malwarebytes tools/products having problems? I ask because there could be something else going on such as a malware issue, system configuration/corruption problem or even some kind of hardware problem.
  8. exile360

    How Good Programs Go Bad -- the Fall of Malwarebytes

    By the way, after adding a web exclusion using the right-click tray icon function I mentioned above, you should see the following notification confirming that it has been added to exclusions (it will list the website you excluded, obviously; I used the one shown in the image as a test): If you then click the View Exclusions button shown it will open the Malwarebytes UI to the Exclusions tab so that you can see that the site is now included in Malwarebytes' list of exclusions for your installation. If after doing this you still cannot connect to a previously blocked address then you may need to restart your browser or clear your DNS cache. Tools like CCleaner can accomplish this or you can use a command prompt by executing the ipconfig /flushdns command (more info about DNS caching can be found on this page).
  9. Yep, I hear you. There have been several occasions I know of where someone was trying to buy Malwarebytes from Marcin but he refused to sell specifically because he's seen this sort of thing happen to too many good tools, products and companies where they get swallowed up by a larger vendor only to have their product(s) turned into something that's just a shadow of its former self. The people behind Malwarebytes are still just as passionate as they've always been and they know that while money is important because Developers, Researchers and everyone else has to make a living of course, and developing technology and supporting products does cost money, at the end of the day the true measure of success comes from the users and customers, so if they aren't protected and they aren't satisfied then nothing else matters and all of their efforts would have no value. I'm a former employee of Malwarebytes myself. I was with the company for close to 8 years so I was there for a lot of the changes and growth that Malwarebytes went through, and all along, even as things like marketing, financing, subscriptions/licensing etc. became more important, the organization never lost sight of its original mission and priorities to keep people safe and to destroy malware wherever it hides. If you have any further questions or feedback please don't hesitate to post. I know that user/customer feedback is still a huge part of what drives Malwarebytes (hence why they have me here reporting my findings from the forums each week) so I know they haven't lost touch with the community and what's most important.
  10. exile360

    Signing up is painful

    Whatever they do and whatever changes they do or don't make, I just hope that it's still as effective at keeping the spammers/bots out because at one time it was absurd how much spam there was daily here on the forums. These changes have reduced it so much that if we see one or two spam accounts in a day it's unusual and most days pass without even one spammer getting in and posting. Compared to the almost constant spam floods we used to get, this is much better (though I do agree regarding the button; it shouldn't be active if the checkbox isn't checked; that should be a simple and logical change to make and shouldn't impact keeping the bots/scripts that the spammers use out).
  11. Greetings, I don't know if it's related or not, but please check your User Account Control settings and verify that it is set to the default as illustrated on this page. I don't believe protection will function in Safe Mode because Safe Mode limits which services and drivers are able to load, so I believe only the scanner will function in Safe Mode, not protection so this should be the expected behavior. Of course that is not the case for normal mode, so please check your UAC settings in normal mode and verify that it is set to the default, and if not then change it to the default option, reboot, then see if you are able to toggle protection on/off normally and if you are able to get the Malwarebytes Support Tool to run in normal mode. Please let us know how it goes and post a set of logs from normal mode if you are able to get it to run there and still have problems with protection not toggling. Thanks
  12. I'll be sure to report this to the team again just in case it got lost in their to-do lists.
  13. Yes, they're owned by the same CEO, Marcin Kleczynski, the original founder and creator of Malwarebytes. You can find out more here and take a look through the various announcements and press releases from the company here. While some things have changed, overall the mission has remained the same: to provide the world with tools to remove and prevent malware because everyone has the right to a malware free existence . That's correct, you should be able to complete a scan without being online. Clicking through the error message should allow you to launch Malwarebytes and perform a scan without being online. Basically the trouble is that the anti-piracy mechanisms and license validation process that performs periodic checkins with the licensing server are causing this message to be displayed when the product hasn't been able to connect to the licensing server in a while, but it shouldn't stop the program from being able to scan. You just might have to click through the message a few times to get there. I will bring this issue up with the team to see if anything can be done to streamline the process because it really shouldn't be necessary for it to come up multiple times before allowing you to proceed with using the software. It should show an error message like "unable to contact update servers" or something like that when there is no connection available and you try to update manually, however if it is the automatic update that occurs when launching a scan then it is normal for it to just proceed with the scan if it is unable to download updates. It shouldn't be necessary to make a video of it but you can if you wish just to better document it for the QA team. I'll be reporting your findings and feedback to them in my weekly report so that they can hopefully work on improving the user experience because you have definitely revealed some areas where things could be made better than they are now.
  14. Yeah, it definitely makes patching on a fresh OS install much easier and quicker. Fewer updates, fewer reboots and a lot less work to get patched and up to date. It's no longer the way it was back in the days of XP where you had countless updates and Service Packs to install (thankfully).
  15. exile360

    How to get Kali linux .iso image?

    If you extract the files from the ZIP file you should be able to create an ISO using a tool such as PowerISO (the free trial should work as long as the size of the ISO is 300MB or less) or IsoCreator. Using either tool you should be able to convert the extracted files into an ISO disc image then burn the ISO to a CD to install Linux.

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