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  1. Greetings, I don't know how tax in the online cart is calculated, however I have noted your comments to the Product team for review while you await a response from a member of the staff.
  2. OK, I'll try again, this time using the editor: And this should be outside the text box. And here is more text below it. It appears to be working. I guess I need to use the editor. Another test, this time for placing content copied from elsewhere within a quote box. Looks good
  3. Also, if I try to edit the post above, it will not allow me to place my cursor anywhere following the quote box, only before it or within it.
  4. The editor still places text following manually created or copied quote boxes within the quote box itself:
  5. Greetings, Please do the following so that we may take a look to determine why it continues to run on startup: Download and run the Malwarebytes Support ToolAccept the EULA and click Advanced tab on the left (not Start Repair)Click the Gather Logs button, and once it completes, attach the zip file it creates on your desktop to your next reply Thanks
  6. You could also try starting the system in Safe Mode as described here and try uninstalling Malwarebytes from there, though you might also need to disable AVG at least temporarily to get Malwarebytes reinstalled and running properly.
  7. If you disable the web filtering feature in Bitdefender or the Web Protection in Malwarebytes, that should eliminate the BSODs.
  8. Greetings, Until a staff member can respond, please post a copy of one of the reports showing the detection. You should be able to find it by clicking on the Detection History area on the bottom left of the main UI, then selecting the History tab and selecting one of your recent reports for the exploit block and double-click it to open it and click the Export link at the bottom and either export it as text and attach the log to your next post, or select the option to copy it to your clipboard and paste it into your response. The log should help them to determine precisely why this is be
  9. You can try disabling the various options under the tabs for Office under the Advanced Exploit Protection settings, clicking Apply after making each change to test and see which one specifically allows the application to launch without any detections, however the generic identifier and lack of other details in the log indicates that it is probably some rule based protection that might not be covered by any of the options there. If not, then disabling the option listed below for Publisher under Manage protected applications should eliminate the detection for now so you may continue printing wi
  10. Here's a log of the actual detection from the logs you posted in case they are helpful to Research/the Devs in checking the FP: "threats" : [ { "ddsSigFileVersion" : "", "linkedTraces" : [ ], "mainTrace" : { "archiveMember" : "", "archiveMemberMD5" : "", "cleanAction" : "block", "cleanResult" : "successful", "cleanResultErrorCode" : 0, "cleanTime" : "2020-09-18T15:41:09Z", "exploitData" : { "appDisplayName" : "Microsoft Office Publisher",
  11. Right, it could even be as simple as a timeout in the MBAE installer due to analysis of its activities being performed by OSA. I don't necessarily think it is even very likely to be the cause, just that it was the one thing that stood out to me and we always try to eliminate as many anomalous variables as possible (not to mention the fact that it would be good to inform the Devs if there is any compatibility issue with OSA or any other security products). I don't know what QA testing looks like for XP these days, and it's possible they don't test at all on the OS since it's been out of s
  12. Please try disabling or uninstalling OSArmor and any other security apps you have running in the background as they may interfere with registry writes and other tasks during the install process.
  13. Greetings, Can you post an image of the pop-up message you see, please? Thanks
  14. This is because individual files are updated independently and not every file is changed in every update, so the major program version shown at the top of the window and in Programs and Features will often differ from individual Malwarebytes file versions. This is also best practice for developers since it fosters proper version tracking and managing any changes in the code since they will often go through multiple iterations of an individual file during the development of a planned release/build of the software. It also helps for situations where a new developer might need to work on a file
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