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  1. exile360

    Realtime protection

    Yes, it is updating the detection signatures/definitions, however it is not necessarily installing the latest program updates as they are not always provided when the software checks for updates on its own due to the gradual release of such updates to users. Please make sure that you have the same versions as I do: If you are already fully updated, then please try restarting your computer to see if that fixes the problem with protection. If it does not fix the problem, then please do the following so that we may take a look at your installation and settings to try to determine what might be causing it: Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool Accept the EULA and click Advanced Options on the main page (not Get Started) Click the Gather Logs button, and once it completes, attach the zip file it creates on your desktop to your next reply Thanks
  2. OK, thanks. I will inform the Developers of the issue and we will let you know if any additional information is required for them to track down the root cause of the problem so that they can get it fixed in a future release.
  3. exile360

    No Idea What's Happening...

    Greetings, It sounds as though perhaps the system is suffering from a corrupt registry. This can happen from time to time, especially if the system ever fails to shutdown properly such as during a power loss, and I suspect that suspending it as you've been and loading it back up constantly rather than rebooting it may also be contributing to it as the currently active registry hives would then be saved in memory and if anything went wrong during the suspend or start process that could easily cause such corruption to occur (if I'm right, it's not really your fault, just a problem with Microsoft not being as cautious as they should with their implementation of this feature; it wouldn't be the first time and likely won't be the last unfortunately). To fix this, the simplest way without losing too much of your existing settings and data would be to perform an in-place upgrade also known as a repair installation. Instructions on how to do so may be found here, though you may be able to do so without downloading the ISO and all that if your system includes recovery discs and/or a recovery partition or USB device that you can load Windows from. You'll first want to try it as illustrated in the link, however if it is not resolved afterwards, then you might need to try doing it without having it save your system settings, as that's likely where the registry is being retained which is what needs to be replaced, but try it their way first so you can see if you can keep as much as possible while still fixing the issue.
  4. exile360

    Realtime protection

    Greetings, Please open Malwarebytes and go to Settings>Application and click on the Install Application Updates button and allow it to install any available program updates. Once that is complete, restart your system and see if it now works correctly or not. Please let us know if it works properly now or not. Thanks
  5. It does automatically update, however program updates are metered out gradually on a random basis so you won't always receive them right away, however using the Install Application Updates button forces it to check for/download any available program updates. Please try rebooting the system to ensure that the new modules are loaded into memory, then try running OneDriveSetup again to see if it now works. Please let us know how it goes. Thanks
  6. Greetings, I have a few ideas and hopefully one of them will resolve the problem for you: Since there are no other settings which Malwarebytes detects under the ActiveDesktop key that I'm aware of (primarily due to the fact that Active Desktop doesn't really exist as a Windows feature since Windows 2000 and most of the policies that apply to it are now retired/legacy and have no real effect save the one you're trying to exclude), it should be safe to just exclude the entire key, leaving off the |NoChangingWallpaper portion of the exclusion entry in case that allows it to function. You could also try entering the exclusion in a case sensitive manner rather than all caps (assuming you are using all caps as the images indicate) because, while it should be case-insensitive, I do recall a long time ago that Malwarebytes did have some issues with certain registry entries if the appropriate case was not used, so while it is definitely a long shot as that was a very long time ago back in the 1.x days, it still could be a similar issue here. Otherwise, you might try just using HKCU\Software rather than HKU\Software as that should allow it to work to still exclude all users in theory and eliminates the need for the wildcard which might be what's tripping it up.
  7. Greetings, There is a newer version of Malwarebytes available, Component Update 1.0.391. You currently have Component Update 1.0.374 installed so let's start there and see if that resolves the issue. Please open Malwarebytes and go to Settings>Application then click on Install Application Updates. It should then download and install the patch. Once it completes which you can verify by checking the Settings>About tab and looking at the Component package version value, restart your system to make sure the new components are loaded into memory then test to see if that makes any difference with performance while playing your game.
  8. Greetings, Unfortunately there is no way natively to do this within Malwarebytes at this time, however the uninstaller does require administrative privileges so User Account Control could be used as a means to prevent users from uninstalling the software if you were to set up admin passwords to prevent your users from performing administrative tasks (generally a good idea for security anyway, and one of the primary reasons Microsoft implemented UAC in Vista in the first place). Otherwise the only way I know to do something like this would be to deliberately block the uninstaller itself from executing which could be accomplished via a registry policy or Group Policy by using the DisallowRun registry function, however it has limitations and only prevents users from executing specified processes by path/name and only through the Explorer shell process (i.e. they can bypass it using CMD or any other initiating process) and also be advised that by default, Malwarebytes actually detects the DisallowRun setting when enabled as a PUM (Potentially Unwanted Modification) as this setting has frequently been used by malware in the past to prevent legitimate security apps and system tools from running to prevent their detection and removal. If it helps at all, Malwarebytes normally uses an InnoSetup installation package, so that is what the uninstaller actually is. Documentation on InnoSetup can be found here, although Malwarebytes also offers an MSI installation package for some of their business products (which actually is an InnoSetup installer wrapped within an MSI archive/installer). MSI documentation may be found here as well as here.
  9. exile360

    Updates notification missing

    Yes, unfortunately because of the way they push updates in a metered semi-random fashion, it can frequently occur that some systems will receive an update while others may not until later on. I make it a habit to check for new versions at least once a month if not more frequently to compensate for this, usually when it's time to patch my operating system and other software like Flash Player (Patch Tuesday; the second Tuesday of every month when MS pushes out Windows Updates/Microsoft product updates) so that I get everything patched at the same time and use that as a sort of regular scheduled maintenance task.
  10. Excellent, I'm glad that it worked. If you would, please post the log from the scan. I want to take a look just to see what the infection was causing all of this as such knowledge can aid us in helping others in the future. Also, if you observe any further symptoms of infection you can always seek assistance in our malware removal area as instructed in my previous post. They're always willing to help anyone in need of assistance with eliminating infections from PCs.
  11. exile360

    I am not fully protected.

    It happens automatically with updates, but new program versions like this are metered out gradually, however you can force it to update via the button in the Application tab. The function in the Dashboard only monitors database updates/signatures, not program versions and components which is why it says you are up to date because it's only looking at the third item in the About tab Update package version:.
  12. Did you read this at the end of the blog post just before the comments section?: It seems to indicate that there could be a reason posts in the comments don't show up right away. If you were just posting your opinion (and assuming there wasn't anything in its contents that triggered one of the automated spam filters) then it should show up eventually. The won't censor you just because you might have a contrary opinion. They would not have asked if they didn't want to hear from all sides, otherwise they simply would have posted something like "Hey, we're doing this really great thing to protect you but it comes at a small cost of potential inconvenience, so here's what you need to know and how to disable it", but instead they literally asked what they should do because they know that some legit services will get blocked along with all the bad ones. They wouldn't go there if they didn't want to hear from users that don't agree that all should be blocked, it just wouldn't make any sense because their own statements in the blog post itself plant those seeds of doubt with their own words.
  13. Odd, the log you posted shows that you're logged in as a limited user: Here's the list of user accounts for the system, which one are you logged into?: Yes, you have to use the button I mentioned. The Dashboard only checks for database updates. OK, please try disabling the Ransomware Protection component to see if that's the issue. To do so, right-click the Malwarebytes tray icon and click on Ransomware Protection: On then click Yes to the User Account Control prompt. Also, make certain that Malwarebytes now shows Component package version: 1.0.391 under Settings>About as illustrated below:
  14. Thanks. OK, two things. First, you're running from a limited user account. I need you to log into Windows as an administrator. Once you've done that, open Malwarebytes and go to Settings>Application and click the Install Application Updates button. There is a new component update available that might resolve the issue. You'll know when it is installed by looking under the Settings>About tab in Malwarebytes where it should say Component package version: 1.0.391 (you currently have the older 1.0.374 installed). After that's done, restart the system to make sure the new modules are loaded into memory and let me know if things are working better now or not.
  15. Can you try running the tool from Safe Mode with Networking to see if you have any better luck there?

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