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  1. Pop ups

    Excellent, I'm glad to hear it As I said before, if you need help with anything else or have any questions don't hesitate to let us know.
  2. general question

    You're very welcome. If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to ask, and thank you for choosing Malwarebytes to help keep your system safe
  3. That policy is simply to cover situations where a user has been duped into paying for a counterfeit product and/or license unknowingly so that we aren't held responsible for it. As long as the licenses you purchased are legitimate you shouldn't have any problems, and it certainly sounds as though they are so I don't believe you have anything to be concerned about regarding getting support or activating your licenses and if you do have any trouble, please feel free to contact us either here on the forums or through our helpdesk support form available on our website. Please keep in mind that the last thing we ever want to do is inconvenience or otherwise cause issues for our customers. Don't sweat it if you don't have your receipts, I'm certain you won't have any trouble and if you do, I'm certain that our Support team will do their best to make things right.
  4. general question

    No, I don't personally think an AV is really necessary any longer. That said, if I were to run an AV alongside Malwarebytes I'd probably just use Windows Defender/Microsoft Security Essentials with it since Microsoft's AV is so quiet and light on resources so it doesn't slow the system much if at all and doesn't get annoying with tons of alerts and prompts. It just sits quietly in the background and watches for viruses and malware and even updates through Windows Update, so it's very convenient in that way too. Plus, since it comes built into most modern Windows versions there's no need to install anything. It makes a great backup for Malwarebytes if you want an AV layer of protection for your system and we've tested it plenty to make sure it's fully compatible and as long as you tell Malwarebytes not to register with Action Center (this can be configured under Settings>Application in Malwarebytes), the two will run together in the background protecting your system without any problems.
  5. Good, that must have fixed it. The clean install removed the corrupted exclusions file and the reinstall replaced the file with a good working one so no more errors. It's good to know the cause of this issue. I'll talk to the Product team about making MB3 more robust in its ability to handle a corrupted exclusions file. Thanks for your help MAM
  6. No worries, if a scan took that long I wouldn't want to have to keep running them to test either. Thank you for providing the logs. Our team will take a look and hopefully we'll be able to spot the cause.
  7. Hello, Because we are not seeing this behavior/long scan times on any of our systems, we need to get logs to tell us more about the systems you're seeing this issue on, so providing an FRST and MB-Check log for one of the systems should hopefully give us an idea of how your systems differ from our own so that we can hopefully isolate the cause of the issue in order to provide our Developers with the info they need to fix the problem if they can. You don't need to scan with Malwarebytes 3 again, we just need the FRST and MB-Check logs. Of course it is totally up to you and if you do not wish to continue troubleshooting this issue with us that is of course your choice. We simply wish to do all we can to both help you as well as isolate and fix any bugs which might exist in our products. Thanks
  8. Pop ups

    Greetings and welcome Yes, to disable notifications open Malwarebytes and go to Settings and under the Application tab, click the switch under Notifications beneath where it says "Show Malwarebytes notifications in the Windows system tray" and that should eliminate the pop-ups so that protection remains active without interrupting you when threats are blocked. Please let us know if there's anything else we can assist you with. Thanks, and thank you for choosing Malwarebytes to keep your system safe.
  9. Greetings, My apologies for taking so long to get you a response. In general, our Anti-Rootkit Beta does not detect anything that Malwarebytes 3 does not, however sometimes we do have to update the beta to deal with a recent emerging new rootkit threat, and so for a time it may have capabilities that Malwarebytes 3 does not. That said, I do not believe that it would detect a keylogger missed by Malwarebytes 3. Also, there are many ways that they could have gotten your password info, including hacking the game servers themselves or via a phishing attack, convincing you to enter your login info into a webpage or service that wasn't actually part of the game's official services. Even wi-fi traffic snooping is a possibility. That said, if you do believe that you are infected then please follow the instructions in this post and post the requested information and logs in a new topic in that area of the forums and one of our malware removal experts will assist you directly with checking and clearing your system of any malware.
  10. general question

    Greetings I do not believe that we detect threats for other operating systems in our products at this time, however it is something that has been suggested and I do believe there are plans to add this capability in the future, especially for situations like the one you describe as well as scenarios where a user might be syncing a mobile device to a PC/Mac (like syncing and Android phone to a PC/migrating files to/from the device). Email is another way that threats can spread from an unaffected device to a system with a different OS (like a Trojan or worm in an email that only affects Windows being sent from a Mac user that doesn't realize the email/attachment is infected).
  11. OK, thank you for the information. If you would, please follow the instructions posted here and attach the requested logs to your next reply from FRST and MB-Check. Thank you
  12. Yes, we acquired ADWCleaner and also JRT (Junkware Removal Tool), both of which are free scanners for PUPs. We have integrated many of the detections in those tools into Malwarebytes already (for both our realtime protection and scanner), however they do still cover some items that we have not yet been able to integrate due to the fact that doing so would require some engine changes in Malwarebytes, but eventually we do plan to fully integrate all of their detections. As for MBAR, while the vast majority of what it covers is also covered by the rootkit scanning component in Malwarebytes, some recent rootkits have required some rapid changes in order to be able to get our tools to run, so that is one difference between MBAR and MB3 currently. That said, we do eventually migrate changes in MBAR over to Malwarebytes as MBAR is basically our testing platform and rapid response tool for emerging/recent rootkits (very similar our standalone betas for our other tools/products which are also a part of MB3, like our Anti-Exploit and Anti-Ransomware).
  13. Dia

    Yes, that should be fine I only made those recommendations just in case, but if you have Malwarebytes loaded already, you may disable it temporarily, install Avira, then add the exclusions, then activate your protection in Malwarebytes again and it should work just as well. As for Defender, yes, it is an antivirus as well. It comes built into Windows these days free of charge, and yes, it should work just fine alongside Malwarebytes as well. We have many users running that combination here on the forums, and the same goes for Avira.
  14. Certainly, an option to choose interactive or non-interactive deployment is absolutely possible I'm sure. In fact, back in the MBAM 1.x days we did have an option similar to this where there was a command to hide/show the tray icon, so I'm sure that it could be accomplished with Malwarebytes 3 with some tweaks to the code. We already support password protection for virtually all functions, so that aspect is already covered. As for warm and fuzzy, believe me, that's a feature we're always trying to deliver in all of our products. Sadly, it's been very hit and miss, but we are trying. Thanks again for all the feedback/ideas. I will make certain that they are heard by the people who make the decisions about what goes into the product. If you have any other ideas or requests, please do not hesitate to let us know.
  15. Ah, I see. So the problem is that whenever you have Malwarebytes Web Protection active Xbox Live cannot connect, however it isn't showing any web blocking notifications or logging any blocks, and when you disable Web Protection Xbox is then able to connect, is that right? If that is the case, I would like to give our team a chance to troubleshoot the issue further if you're willing to do a bit more to assist us. What we'll need are the logs listed in this post from FRST and MB-Check. Just follow the instructions in that post to run the tools, then attach the logs created by the tools to your next reply. Thanks