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  1. There's another point I thought I should add about how Malwarebytes does things differently from most other entities in the PC security industry. While many major AV vendors keep massive databases of threats, often going as far back as the early days of Windows 95 and/or 98, Malwarebytes instead focuses on relevant threats that can actually infect your system today on the net, also known as 'in-the-wild' threats. This difference in threat targeting means that those databases I referred to that are stored in memory to optimize performance and reduce CPU cycles are much smaller than the typica
  2. I just copied over a large folder of driver files for my PC (around 4GB) from a folder saved on my desktop (installed on a 1TB Samsung 970 Pro NVMe PCIe SSD) to a secondary drive (a 1TB Samsung 960 Pro NVMe PCIe SSD) and noticed the speed of the file copy operation was quite sluggish, only topping out around maybe 60MB/s (that's even slower than real-world USB 3.0 drive speeds and would be slow even for standard SATA SSDs, much less NVMe; the fastest consumer drive interface available at the moment) and bottoming out in the tens of KILOBYTES range (that's awful). I knew something had to be of
  3. It sounds like they may have changed the exclusion interface in the newest version of Kaspersky in such a way that .sys files (i.e. drivers) cannot be added as trusted applications. Hopefully it won't cause any problems, but do be aware that Malwarebytes has had compatibility issues with Kaspersky in the past. Hopefully you won't encounter any trouble, but please let us know if you do. For anyone else who might view this topic, the list of items to exclude for Malwarebytes in other applications can be found in this support article and info on creating exclusions for other applicatio
  4. Greetings, Please try to start the system in Safe Mode using the method described under the From a black or blank screen section of this Microsoft support article to try and start the system. If it works, uninstall Malwarebytes once in Safe Mode then restart and let your system start normally and if the cause of the issue was Malwarebytes the system should be able to start. Please let us know how it goes. Thanks
  5. Greetings, Most of the staff is off for the holiday/weekend but will likely return to work tomorrow. Until then, if you haven't done so already, please try uninstalling Malwarebytes Privacy then restarting your system, then reinstall it to see if that makes any difference. There also appears to be a pending reboot to install Windows Updates, though I doubt that is related to the issues you're seeing: Pending Windows Update Reboot ================================== A reboot is pending Windows Update: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\Auto Update\RebootRe
  6. Greetings, Windows 10 runs a lot of background and maintenance tasks, including several which become active as soon as the system is idle, and launching Task Manager would be very likely to cause such tasks to cease as it is a high priority process. Do you see the same kind of behavior when you launch other apps such as your web browser, games, or anything else where the temps/clocks drop when the other programs are launched/open/active? If so, it may be those background/idle tasks causing it. That said, there is the less likely possibility that it could be some kind of threat such
  7. exile360

    No IPv6 support

    That's odd then; are you also using Malwarebytes Premium alongside Malwarebytes Privacy? If so, what happens if you disable the Web Protection component in Malwarebytes Premium, wait approximately 30 seconds (for the protection component to have a chance to fully unload from memory), then try disconnecting/reconnecting to Privacy; does it still not connect to IPv6? Have you tried connecting to a different server in Malwarebytes Privacy to see if it's just an issue with a particular server yet? If not, please do so and let us know how it goes. I would also suggest trying a system re
  8. exile360

    No IPv6 support

    Greetings, Thank you for testing and for your comments. I am not certain if Malwarebytes Privacy is supposed to support IPv6 at this time or not, but likely not based on your experience along with the fact that most ISPs do not yet support it. That said, Malwarebytes Privacy is relatively new and is continually being worked on to improve it and add new features to it and it is possible that IPv6 support is already on the planned roadmap, though I do not know for certain. Either way, your feedback/request for IPv6 support will be submitted to the Product team for review and consider
  9. You're welcome, and if there is anything else we might help you with please let us know. Thanks
  10. Greetings, Thank you for providing your feedback. This behavior is under review and based on what I have seen/heard from the staff here on the forums, they do intend to revise this behavior in an upcoming release, though I have no ETA at this time. If you have any further comments, suggestions, or feedback please feel free to post them here so that we do not miss them. Thank you.
  11. Yes, it's definitely an unfortunate bug, but hopefully one which will be corrected promptly now that you have reported it. Thank you again for discovering it and doing so, we definitely appreciate it. If we may be of assistance with anything else, please let us know and we will do our best to help. Thanks
  12. By the way, if the blocks are coming from your ISP/network connection, you could potentially get around it using a VPN (one that doesn't filter sites based on content), and Malwarebytes actually does offer a VPN that you can try for free, and is compatible with Macs. It is called Malwarebytes Privacy and if you want to give it a try you can find more info and download it here (just click the Free Trial button and enter a valid email address to give it a try, or use your existing Malwarebytes account email if you are already a Malwarebytes customer).
  13. Greetings, It looks like you found a bug in the UI; if you restore it down to its original size rather than having it maximized (which can also be accomplished by closing and reopening the UI since it reopens back to its original size and location on screen), you should be able to hover over and click on each of the icons. The issue with the icons vanishing and not being clickable when maximized is a bug and will be reported to the QA and Product teams to get fixed (thank you for finding and reporting it to us). With regards to the icons' functions, each icon does the following:
  14. I will offer this: if you use any sort of VPN software or web filtering solution, it may be blocking based on that. If it is a work machine or one managed by someone else (such as your parents, for example) then it could be some sort of filtering/parental control software at work. If you use any sort of filtering/blocking browser plugins, ad blocking solutions or similar, that could also be the cause. The fact that it happens with all browsers would indicate that it is some sort of filtering solution such as a VPN, work management software/tool, parental control application, or even some ty
  15. Greetings, You may have already reviewed these resources, but in case you have not, you may find the following pages informative: Explore partnerships Resellers Why partner with Malwarebytes? (PDF) Malwarebytes Partner Portal sign up/sign in page Specifically with regards to Silver membership it states the following: SILVER Designed for Partners with varying levels of security expertise Access to a range of online tools and resources Access to Partner Desk I would recommend signing up/applying to become
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