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  1. I have added the browser guard. Everything seems stable for now, I will come back if the issue happens again.
  2. windows update says I have the latest drivers for my device, I have turned off web protection on malwarebytes for now.
  3. That seems to have just updated the software suit that comes with the drivers, since device manager shows same drivers as before install.
  4. I have turned off malwarebytes real time protection as suggested by the article you posted, the exclusions where already set up. the only real issue I am having is finding the killer network drivers, their website says the drivers are in the windows 10 store but searching for them doesn't bring them up.
  5. Here are the files you asked for. mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. I had gotten 4 blue screens over last few weeks, I finally decided to do a factory reset of the pc and start fresh and see what happens. I have now had 2 blue screen crashes today and the first one before the pc even finished turning on. any help would be greatly appreciated. 090620-9578-01.dmp 090620-10437-01.dmp
  7. This does need to happen but it won't and sadly Facebook wasn't fined it was a settlement, they should have been fined though. The Canadian part of the capital one site. claimed there was no SIN numbers leaked during the hack and then directly under it claims there was. Capital One is offering 2 years of Identity theft protection and insurance which just isn't good enough in my opinion.
  8. sorry it took so long to answer been busy, but yes my program is completely up to date.
  9. I ran the installer and that worked. its now up and running. No idea what caused the file to go missing, thanks so much.
  10. I was in the middle of playing a video game when all of a sudden I get a pop up stating that real time protection was turned off. I go to open Malwarebytes to fix the issue and get the message mbcut.dll not found. mbst-grab-results.zip
  11. When I try and edit the default scheduled scan that the installer set up, it starts the date of as January 1 of 1901. The scheduler doesn't accept any changes i make, once a change is made it leaves next scheduled scan section blank, and the dashboard says one is not scheduled. Only way to have a scheduled scan is to leave the one thats put in during install.
  12. For some reason every once in a while when I turn my computer on and login to my windows account, the machine goes to the loading icon but does nothing. I end up having to force it off via the power button, and try again. I am running windows 7 home premium with avast pro and malwarebytes premium. It is a fresh install of windows about a month old.
  13. Thank you so much for confirming this for me. It is good to know. It is also a nice change.
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