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  1. Time to start experimenting with it, and then create a GUI-based front end that sends commands to the program.
  2. On the subject of Ring 0 versus Ring 1, the x86 instruction set architecture also has two other rings, which are rarely used except in the case of IBM's OS/2. Because they are so rarely used, AMD got rid of them when creating the x86-64 ISA. Not such a smart move, IMHO.
  3. As such, I feel it is paramount that we start trying to spread as much awareness as we can about the dangers of kernel-level DRM, and pressuring publishers/developers to stop using it. We live in an age where zero-day exploits for even the most secure software are always right around the corner, waiting to strike like some danger noodle.
  4. My laptop has an outdated Nvidia GPU that stopped being updated a long time ago, so it's definitely subject to that compatibility hold... But I definitely want that updated Notepad. Maybe I can get a friend who has that update to send me their notepad executable.
  5. For those curious, I'm heavily inspired by a piece of Microsoft software (which was abandoned mid-development) called WinFS, short for Windows FutureStorage. It aimed to add an SQL-based relational database on top of the computer's filesystem, integrated directly into the operating system and being used by various applications to handle the organization of files, records and metadata. One of my goals is to create something similar, actually bring it to fruition, and, as stated before... make sure it's as stable and secure as possible. Preferably while maintaining a small footprint~ If yo
  6. Another issue with the holodeck is the fact that it's essentially non-euclidean (a tiny room can hold numerous people as long as a program is running). Unless the human race figures out how to build non-euclidean structures, the holodeck will never be a thing IMHO.
  7. Because of the existence of Ghidra, it's a lot easier to poke these things for vulnerabilities. Be it somebody just trying to defeat the DRM so that they can play their game in safety, or somebody actually looking to exploit other systems which have that DRM installed.
  8. Yeah, the problem has been fixed. Not quite sure what happened there. My laptop uses an NVIDIA mobile GPU, the NVS-3100M, which last received a driver update many years ago.
  9. Pertaining to relational databases and SQL-based malware, how would you hypothetically detect and defend against it? And how does malware directly targeting databases even work? I'm asking because I intend to develop software for relational databases, and I'd like security to be one of my first priorities. But I don't want to charge in blind if I can avoid it!
  10. Jeeze. I really dodged a bullet there... Before using Malwarebytes, I was using Sophos on one of my systems.
  11. This makes me wish I could get my phone jailbroken to install a proper malware scanner, and then un-jailbreak it somehow. That, or use a corporate sideloading process.
  12. I mean, there's always TOR if you're desperate enough. Just to be safe, I'd try to get that set up as soon as possible.
  13. This sort of thing would likely need to be vetted, or extremely restrictive. That sort of thing takes considerable manpower.
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