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  1. Well now, that's going to be a wonderful new rabbit hole for us to explore~!
  2. Okay, that is not cool. That is SOOOOOO not cool. Just... no! DISCLAIMER: In the following post, "you" refers solely to the people doing this, not the person relaying the previous post. You can mess with our industrial operations. You can mess with our small businesses. You can steal money from our millionaires... But mess with the emergency services, and that's going too far. Why can't we have cyberpunk-genre-style Black Ice to protect those things?
  3. Oh yeah, it's happening~! Maybe I can finally diversify away from DuckDuckGo?
  4. Oh hey, 120 terabytes should be enough to store a copy of the most-precisely-ever precalculated value of pi. Cool stuff~!
  5. I think what we need is full-on legislation making the practice of individually-targeted (and/or "personalized") advertising illegal, as well as selling personally identifiable information. The legally acceptable limit should be localized advertisements (location and language), and nothing more. And the penalty should not be a fine. It should be risk of full-on liquidation (if you're based in participating countries), or a ban on conducting business in said countries (if you're not based in them).
  6. Okay, now that's just overkill... All the more reason we'll probably never see this in the consumer space!
  7. Wait, I live approximately near there! (Not too near, mind you.)
  8. Uh... question! How do you scan a script? Scripts can take literally any form.
  9. Maybe Microsoft should offer to re-hire Dave Plummer as an OS developer, because unlike the current people writing the OS, Dave was actually very competent back when he worked on XP. Heck, he invented Task Manager!
  10. Epic. We need more of innovations like these! 🦊 Perhaps they could be a sort of 'training wheels' for bacterial cocktails? (Just don't make any electrical insulation out of the stuff, because biodegrading wire jackets are bad.)
  11. But that just prevents WebRTC leaks. You sadly don't actually get the Tor functionality without the TOR browser itself... Though thankfully, that happens to itself be a Firefox branch! In my honest opinion, I think that it would be great if TOR became the standard for... Everything. It's just a shame that it's so slow.
  12. I didn't say that it doesn't detect it, just that Malwarebytes itself would be more effective on M1 Macs if it didn't need to run through Rosetta~
  13. Time to get the Mac version of Malwarebytes ported over to ARM.
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