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  1. Hi Dave. I thought it was a good question too. LOL Thank you exile360.
  2. Why am I still seeing this link in both Firefox and Chrome Malwarebytes Browser Guard while I am already running Malwarebytes Premium for Mac? Should this link disappear when running Premium?
  3. Kudo's to the designers that work hard on the new GUI. Some like it and some don't, can't satisfy everyone. To me it's what's under the hood that counts.
  4. Thank you Malwarebytes Team and Forum Members for all the hard work put into getting this bug fixed. Kudo's.
  5. I didn't know that. If it was posted I've must of missed it. Thanks for the info @alvarnell
  6. Malwarebytes is having problems with V3.9. Go back to the working version 3.8 until a fix is released.
  7. Since my question wasn't answered Post #40 Maybe next update like this should be put in beta to knock out the bugs before release, just a thought.
  8. I don't remember seeing this update in beta. Shouldn't an update like this be run in beta first?
  9. I was chatting via email with the person taking care of my support ticket yesterday (Sunday) and my Lifetime issue was solved. I'm not defending anyone, but my ticket was solved early Sunday working together. So it appears some do work the weekend.
  10. Hello @aremkay Create a Malwarebytes Account and you can control your subscribed licenses to any Mac computer. https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1036
  11. Thank you @Maurice Naggar for the added information. I'll go through Support Ticket first and if that doesn't work out well I try as you posted.
  12. Thank you @Porthos for the quick reply. Yes, Support was my next step. I was just wondering if they can merge 2 email accounts. I'll send in the ticket today and post the results. Thank you.
  13. I have 3 Lifetime PC Licenses that I bought through Malwarebytes (Cleverbridge). Two licenses where bought in 2010 and the other in 2011. At that time I bought the licenses with an AOL.com email address and my name. I never made a Malwarebytes Account with these three PC licenses under AOL. Just recently I bought Malwarebytes for Mac license and made a Malwarebytes Account under the email that I am using now. (Gmail.com) and my name. I have no problems with the Mac Account. I am having problems with making an account with the 3 lifetime licenses that I bought. When trying to register an account I get "Name is already Registered". I tried to put the Lifetime licenses in the Mac account I get "Product Already Registered. I still have the emails on AOL.Com from Cleverbridge with all the information, Cleverbridge Reference Numbers, ID Number, Key Number etc. I don't use AOL.com anymore. Can I get these 3 Lifetime Licenses to show up on the Gmail account that I have my Mac License on that is working perfectly with my Mac?
  14. I don't take much notice in the antivirus ranking of all the company's that do the testing. If I was to do that I would be changing antivirus on my computers more and more yearly. Malwarebytes saved my rear on my PC about 5 or more years ago from malware. Through this forum and their Support it was cleared without problems. As for Malwarebytes slowing down a computer, I see no slowdowns on both my Win 7 computers or on my Mac computer.
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