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  1. Three couples check into a hotel for their honeymoons. The man at the front desk has a game he likes to play. When the first couple checked in, he asked the bride what her job was. She said she was a maid. The man thought to himself "Maids are hot. This guy's going to have a fun honeymoon." When the next couple checked in, he asked the bride the same question. She told him she was a nurse. The man at the front desk thought "nurses are even sexier. This guy's going to get sex." The third couple checked in right after. The same question was asked. The bride said she was a hi
  2. Running Malwarebytes Premium, are we protected against the foul-up of Apple recently? https://www.zdnet.com/article/apple-notarizes-six-malicious-apps-posing-as-flash-installers/
  3. I have been using Malwarebytes Premium for the last 4 years on my Mac. I bought all yearly subscriptions from Newegg. When one subscriptions nears the end I will activate the new subscription a day before the last one ends. When I activate a new subscription I register it in my account. I have had no problems getting support or updating the product. Mac and PC licenses are the same.
  4. So that's where he is. I was wondering where he was at. Probably a much needed vacation. I hope he's enjoying it.
  5. I can see it on the Mac using Cosmos / Firefox.
  6. Cosmos for me. It's easier to read than Dark Mode Wide. Night Mode Wide: too dark for me and Light Mode Wide I need sunglasses to read it.
  7. So far I like the Cosmos_4.5 (wide) look. Thanks Ron. 👍
  8. Updated to v2.2.11 and download of documents and photos is working with the fix. Thank you @gatortailand all the Malwarebytes Staff that worked on the fix. 👍
  9. Sounds good. Thank you @gonzo
  10. Well I updated Firefox to V80.0.1 and turned on the "Scams" so all 4 protection buttons are enabled on MB Browser Guard. Results now: I can download documents on all websites, which I couldn't do with the previous version of Firefox. I still cannot "Save Image As" for pics. I'll turn off "Scams" again where everything works and wait for another update.
  11. Make sure Browser Guard is enabled. Open Firefox browser. In the Tool Bar upper right, left click the Malwarebytes Icon. Click the gear wheel. Disable "Scams"
  12. Same here with the "Save Image As" on photos. , need to disable MB Browser Guard. But Good News, turning off "Scams" I can now download documents from my Credit Union and other websites. EDIT: I was turning of "Scams" on individual websites and not "Apply To All Websites" After turning off "Scam" to all websites I rebooted the Mac. That fixed the problem. Now I can "Save Image As" and download documents from websites. Thank you @adas
  13. I'll just disable Malwarebytes Browser Guard on Firefox if I need to download or Save Image As. Then enable it after the download. We'll wait for a fix.
  14. If it helps Malwarebytes Bug Team I'm also getting this on my Mac after hitting the circular arrow and before download complete with Save Image As: "Show in Finder"
  15. After the canceled hitting the circular arrow works fine for photos "Save Image As" as a work around. Still can't download documents though even hitting the circular arrow. Disable Malwarebytes, everything works perfect, no problems. I have no problems with Chrome and Malwarebytes Browser Guard.
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