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  1. I didn't know they released the beta lol. It doesn't say beta in the About window. Why all the files left behind after a uninstall now?
  2. I installed the beta and wanted to revert back to the release version. I uninstalled the beta and rebooted and installed the program again. It installed the beta again. Can't get back to the release version. Also I noticed when I did a few uninstalls of the release version last week to see how it works, no files were left behind. Now after I uninstalled the beta version I have files left behind after the uninstall. Plist under Developer found by Spotlight search.
  3. Hmm, Before posting everything was clean on VirusTotal. Now it isn't. https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/d557bcd83babdd66e55d7c5482832b61b89fc4c24e590c7849775c55350441e5/detection
  4. Thank you Thomas for that added information.
  5. I know as of now there isn't a beta version for Mac. When one comes out if you what beta , check the "Beta Application Updates" in the General Settings. When running beta and you what to revert back to the release version, what is the procedure? is it: Just uncheck the "Beta Application Updates" box? (reboot) Do a uninstall / reinstall of Malwarebytes Premium to release version?
  6. I tried a few website and it's working just as Rakesh posted above. No bug, working as it should. I learned something on this one today. LOL Thank you @exile360 and @rakeshsejwal for the info on the correct way this Go Back Button works.
  7. Thank you @exile360 for the info.
  8. It's also not working here with chrome on Mac:
  9. The "Go Back Button" on Clickbait Warning does not work with Chrome Browser on Mac computer. It does nothing.
  10. Yes I seen the report of the data base in the Reports Tab. Sounds good that the definition data is encrypted. Thanks for the info Thomas.
  11. Thank you alvarnell. Added the Malwarebytes extension to Chrome and Firefox browsers and all is working good now.
  12. I've run a test on my PC using Malwarebytes ip test link. Malwarebytes did the job and blocked the link. Working perfectly on the PC. I tried the same link on the Mac and it didn't block the link. This is what I got on the Mac running Malwarebytes Premium: "If You Are Able To Reach This Page It Means That IP Protection Is Disabled On Your Computer" Is there a different test link for a Mac?
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