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  1. https://www.navyfederal.org/resources/articles/security/steer-clear-of-online-scams.php?cmpid=em|nl|resources|articles|security|steer/ clear of online scams|04/19/2019|31689|A2|cb1.3 https://www.navyfederal.org/resources/articles/student-loans/debunking-student-loan-myths.php?cmpid=em|nl||resources|articles|debunking/ student loan myths|04/19/2019|31689|A2|cb2.3 https://www.navyfederal.org/resources/articles/home-loans/what_to_look_for_in_a_real_estate_agent.php?cmpid=em|nl||resources|articles|what/ to look for in a real estate agent|04/19/2019|31689|A2|cb4.3
  2. Popeye

    Test post

    Hi Dave @KrustyGlad to see you're back posting on the Malwarebytes Forum. Dave, aka ~ ProTruckDriver.
  3. Thank you for the information @treed and @alvarnell. That answers the questions.
  4. I've looked on the Forum and on the Malwarebytes Help and I can't find the answer to this: Malwarebytes Premium, in Settings / Options: "Quarantine Malware Automatically". I have that setting disabled. I want to see the malware that Malwarebytes hits on before it goes into Quarantine. Will this setting (disabled) let me see the malware caught during a Scan and Real-Time before putting it into Quarantine and do I have the option of not putting it into Quarantine? (if it's a False Positive) Am I still Fully Covered with this setting disabled?
  5. I didn't know they released the beta lol. It doesn't say beta in the About window. Why all the files left behind after a uninstall now?
  6. I installed the beta and wanted to revert back to the release version. I uninstalled the beta and rebooted and installed the program again. It installed the beta again. Can't get back to the release version. Also I noticed when I did a few uninstalls of the release version last week to see how it works, no files were left behind. Now after I uninstalled the beta version I have files left behind after the uninstall. Plist under Developer found by Spotlight search.
  7. Hmm, Before posting everything was clean on VirusTotal. Now it isn't. https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/d557bcd83babdd66e55d7c5482832b61b89fc4c24e590c7849775c55350441e5/detection
  8. Thank you Thomas for that added information.
  9. I know as of now there isn't a beta version for Mac. When one comes out if you what beta , check the "Beta Application Updates" in the General Settings. When running beta and you what to revert back to the release version, what is the procedure? is it: Just uncheck the "Beta Application Updates" box? (reboot) Do a uninstall / reinstall of Malwarebytes Premium to release version?
  10. I tried a few website and it's working just as Rakesh posted above. No bug, working as it should. I learned something on this one today. LOL Thank you @exile360 and @rakeshsejwal for the info on the correct way this Go Back Button works.
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