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  1. Popeye

    Us Poor Retired Husbands

    Me Too. ROFL
  2. I'm running MBAM Version 1.2.6 on my Mac. I want to run the latest version. How do I uninstall Version 1.2.6 from the Mac to upgrade? I see Version 3 has a uninstaller, can't find one for version 1.2.6. What do I need to do, just drag the app to the trash?
  3. Popeye

    After the operation

    Good one.
  4. Popeye


    I looked this product up in the Apple Store. Why are the customer ratings so high with this product?
  5. I don't know if this will happen on the next update but I do remember @treed the Mod and Mac Expert posting here may be in the near future MBAM for Mac will go real time or Automatic Scan.
  6. MBAM on a Mac is totally different than MBAM on Windows. Like they say a "Mac is in a totally different world". All Mac users have is launch MBAM (that will update MBAM), then run a scan. That's it. No Auto Scanning, No Real Time. ( But I hear they may be working on real time ) Update takes a second, if that and a scan takes me about 30 seconds.
  7. Hello MizzLily, Since you posted this in the Mac Forum, MBAM does not have a Pro Version for Mac at this time. Every time you enable (launch) MBAM it automatically updates.
  8. Popeye

    Once upon a time

    The Good Old Day's
  9. I just updated to Version No problems here with the scan. About a 2 second pause on OSX. VSearch. Same as previous version which is normal.

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