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  1. Are you still using Ad Muncher? Founder & Developer Murray Hurps and Developer Jeffery Cole haven't updated Ad Muncher in the last 6 years. There is no longer a Ad Muncher Forum since Ad Muncher is abandonware for the last 6 years. I bought a Lifetime License about 8 years ago from Murray as many other people bought Regular and Lifetime Licenses. Looks like Murray took the money from us and ran away.
  2. This is strange, it's blocked again using Firefox. It's not blocked using Chrome. Using both Firefox and Chrome on Mac Computer.
  3. Thank you @gonzo I'm not seeing it now either today. Using Firefox on Mac. Glad I took a screen shot of the block. May have been a glitch.
  4. www.fivestarseniorliving.com https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/17a5ed91d139cf5ab2ab9468adad3e680bbb21a2df2d683145b38535fddf8197/detection
  5. Thank you @gatortail Blocked removed.
  6. Yeah, it's still blocked. Edit: Thanks @gonzo Looks we both posted at the same time.
  7. www.cox-ondemand.com https://www.virustotal.com/gui/domain/www.cox-ondemand.com/detection
  8. Hello @SJST Welcome to the Forum. Please see this post: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/257826-apples-legacy-system-extension-warning/
  9. I did the same. No increase in memory usage anymore with each scan. Stays around 57MB now after every scan.
  10. RIP Peter, you will be missed.
  11. I like the new additions to the GUI for Mac. Thank you Malwarebytes Team. Excellent work!
  12. I haven't been monitoring memory use either but on my Mac it increases every time I do a scan also but not as bad as what @raylist results. At boot up today: 63.9 MB After 1 scan: 81.2 MB After 2nd scan: 109.5 MB After 3rd scan: 127.6 MB Maybe that's normal???
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