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  1. The Good Old Day's
  2. I just updated to Version No problems here with the scan. About a 2 second pause on OSX. VSearch. Same as previous version which is normal.
  3. That sounds good.
  4. Last night I uninstalled my security software on my Win 7 computer except MBAM-2. I then tried to install the Beta Version over MBAM-2. It ran good until I did a reboot. Then I got warnings of real time being turned off, Couldn't open IE, F/F or Chrome. I couldn't shut down the computer, no reaction, everything froze. I had to Hard Shut Down. Started computer back up and the same problems. I tried to uninstall the Beta version, no reaction would not uninstall. Did another Hard Shut Down and went to Safe Mode to Uninstall. Started the computer, used Revo Pro on left overs of MBAM, reboot. Did a CLEAN INSTALL of MBAM Beta. No problems now, running good after many reboots.
  5. Yep, I knew something has happened. I'm back to 2 seconds instead of 15 as posted above. Version 1.2.5, Sig File 139
  6. That's what I was hoping your answer would be. Than all is normal and working good here, Thanks Thomas.
  7. Thomas I have the same problem here with the hang on Adware.Vsearch. It hangs for about 15 seconds. I had no problem with the previous Version. System snapshot PM to you.
  8. Thank you Thomas.
  9. Just received the release of Version 1.2.5. All is working well. I have noticed when launching MBAM now there isn't an automatic drop-down on the GUI as on the previous Version. I guess the drop-down was for updating MBAM automatically at each launch. Is this normal now or am I missing the drop-down?
  10. Congrats on your new acquisition of AdwCleaner
  11. macOS Sierra to be released September 20th. For the upgrade, do we have to uninstall MBAM for Mac or keep it installed? Any problems with MBAM working with macOS Sierra (beta)?
  12. Now we have to watch for PUP's from the Apple Store.
  13. "but age catches up to all of us eventually" Isn't that a fact.