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  1. I'm currently using MWB v3.6.1. Should the real time protection remain stable, I shall consider getting the latest version. Will my perpetual license, initially 2.2.x, carry over to the latest version?
  2. Thank you one and all for addressing the issue. Should my version of MWB start to lose real time protection I shall be sure to open a forum post about it. Have a good day!
  3. I've been using MWB for about the same amount of time. Unfortunately, the only MWB version I could get to work consistently was 2.2.x. Using any newer version than that the real time protection would automagically just stop working, no matter the PC or OS (Win7 versus Win10). I've tried newer versions of MWB almost every time there is a major update available, only to have to downgrade to 2.2.x due to this problem. Never has there been a solution that worked beyond performing a complete downgrade. In the process of working with Quicken tech support, I upgraded to the latest vers
  4. I appreciate MWB's quick response to this issue. However- I have been working with Quicken tech support and checking 3rd party forums for a solution for the last 3 hours, faced with the idea that I couldn't use Quicken, which is extremely important to me. I am extremely frustrated to have to have gone through all of the steps to troubleshoot the issue on two computers only to finally figure out that the problem lies with MWB. Why does this kind of issue occur?
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