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  1. I have noted the continuance of the bug as well and I will see if things have been fixed. Thank you Ron.
  2. I doubt that Malwarebytes supports the Tor network.
  3. NOTE: DNS does not slow down Internet. A slower DNS server may introduce latency in the resolution of a Domain name to an IP address but that only occurs once per Domain name to IP address occurrence. Its like a 5mph ramp to a 65mph highway where you travel 200 miles on that highway and the ramp is only 200 feet long. That 5mph for 200 feet has little overall effect on the travel time. Even if on that 200 foot ramp you did 10mph instead of 5mph the time difference would be inconsequential.
  4. Do you have so many hard disks that one is "G:" ? This is probably a Removable Drive that is not connected and while it is not connected it is "not accessible."
  5. Because 3rd Party Firewall applications are not intrinsic to the OS they have greater functionality, reporting, granularity and capability.
  6. Here's another variant with a new twist. Instead of the text of the email being in the body of the email, it is it a JPEG and embedded within the email body. This is done to thwart Bayesian and other forms of email filters which block based upon content.
  7. On a desktop behind a NAT Router with simplistic firewall capabilities or a NAT Router with a full Firewall implementation, I agree. The Windows Firewall is just fine. However... On a portable system where you jump onto other people's networks, especially public ones, then I can see replacing the built-in Windows Firewall with a 3rd Party Firewall application.
  8. I think perspective is needed on Binisoft's Windows Firewall Control now a Mawarebytes' product. " Windows Firewall Control is a powerful tool which extends the functionality of Windows Firewall and provides new extra features which makes Windows Firewall better. " It isn't a Firewall. It is a front-end to the Native OS' Firewall and adds additional constructs and adds extended functionality to what is already built-into the Windows OS.
  9. That is NOT what it says. You are inferring 25% off the Full Price. It does not state those words. Continue to the next page and it clearly states 25% off the second year.
  10. @Hyperwolf122 Are you mobile or is this a fixed location desktop ?
  11. No. In IE and Firefox it still tries to render the content with a viewer in the editor and shows an error as unsupported or as unsupported MIME while in the Editor. However the Forum does show the content as an attachment after the post is made or has been updated. EDIT: It is good to have the number of downloads for a given attachment shown again. It has been missed.
  12. Yes, please. Extract the RAW full Header and Body email and post in Newest Malware Threats Some Web mail sites will call it something like; "view message source".
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