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  1. You posted a graphic of a Virus Total Report and not the URL of a Virus Total Report and thus it is insufficient information to evaluate but ad hoc, and assuming it is a Malwarebytes' digitally signed installer, that is a False Positive by Jiangmin. I submitted the Online Installer and I got the above results. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/b9dc6dafb81bcc3edf2c89f9b8d72d3060964ee32e173d59d60ebf559fec7a82/detection This is the Malwarebytes' digitally signed installer, and that is a False Positive declaration by Jiangmin. Besides being a Digitally Signed binary by Malwarebytes, from the Virus Total Report, First Submission 2019-10-24 . When any file has been known to Virus Total for that long and you have one, two, three or so hits, they can be construed as False Positives. If any malware is submitted to Virus Total, the number of vendor hits dramatically increase over time.
  2. You may want to consider buying your own Router ( no rental fee ) so you have full control. It is just a matter of choosing an approved, supported, Router and contacting Comcast and providing them the new device's Cable MAC ( aka CMAC ) address for MAC Approved access to their network. https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/list-of-approved-cable-modems
  3. Sextortion Email Scammers Try New Tactics to Bypass Spam Filters "extortion scammers have started to utilize new tactics to bypass spam filters and secure email gateways so that their scam emails are delivered to their intended recipients. Sextortion scams are emails that pretend to be from an attacker who has hacked your PC and installed malware that can monitor what sites you visit and create videos using your webcam. These emails go on to state that they have created a video of you while watching adult web sites and will send the video to all of your contacts unless you pay an extortion demand. Sextortion scams have become so common that spam filters and secure mail gateways have been doing a good job at preventing them from being delivered to their recipients. Using new evasion tactics To bypass these filters, attackers have started to utilize new tactics such as sending sextortion emails in foreign languages and splitting bitcoin addresses into two parts. This is illustrated in a new sextortion email shared with BleepingComputer where the scammers are sending these emails to English speaking users but with the content written in Russian. As can be seen in the email below, the only text in English is the instructions to "Use google translator." Sextortion Email "
  4. You posted a Virus Total URL with one detection in ~6 weeks on a Microsoft digitally signed binary indicating it is a False Positive.
  5. No. Leave it alone. The objective is to not get infected. That will prevent the malicious use of the Command Interpreter.
  6. Y2K, the non-event, was 20 years ago !
  7. This looks like a False Positive by Antiy-AVL. First Submission 2019-11-12 If it was malware, in the time that has transpired, the detection rate would be much higher. This is bolstered by the fact it is a Microsoft digitally signed file.
  8. Really good music transcends all languages @MAM Example: PS:
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