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  1. This is not a case of Phishing. It is a variation of a Tech Support scam in the name of Malwarebytes. Numerous forum members have posted about this scam. Please Reference: have received 3 scam emails about Malwarebytes account charges Fake Receipt? Your subscription for “Malware bytes Security” has been renewed. Phishing scam using malwarebytes subscription (cares@usorderreceipt02.co) Phishing is a process masquerading as a known entity where a web site, a PDF or other document uses content that emulates that entity and tries to get the victim to provide
  2. I do not get any specific content from Microsoft on "247techies" or "247-techies" or a company at "3960 Howard Hughes Pkwy STE 500, Las Vegas, NV 89169-5988" from the following URL... https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/solution-providers/partnerdetails/247-techies-private-limited_490f6e88-0318-47a2-96f0-608fd9aa168e/df5e7a54-5b8a-412c-b587-13ac0c7baa33 www.247techies.com [ 247techies.com ] does not appear to resolve and 247-techies.com the Domain was created on 1/16/2021, Today. EDIT:
  3. A DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attack is usually a coordinated effort by a Command and Control (C2) structure that coordinates malicious software "Bots" and compromised systems to create such activity on an Internet site and/or address to limit or negate legitimate access of that said site or address effectively denying access to the services the locale provides. Devices are usually behind a Router of some kind performing Network Address Translation (NAT) converting activity from the Wide Area Network (WAN or Internet) to local devices on a Local Area Network (LAN). As such if a
  4. Was there a Phone Number associated with this email such as one in; Fake Malwarebytes subscription email ?
  5. Please reference: Phishing scam on renewal of factious program and Phishing scam using malwarebytes subscription (cares@usorderreceipt02.co)
  6. Danke. I did not receive an email notification on ID:1430697 EDIT: Nor for your post here that I just replied to. EDIT: This too; ID:1430772
  7. Note: This is still occurring even after the Forum 'ware Update
  8. The problem has re-surfaced and after the Forum 'ware update.
  9. The issue has been reported to Administrative Staff as well as a noted Forum Caching issue which may be the cause of the duplicate posts. Note the "-1" in the Blue Circle. The caching issue affects posts, PM's and the display of Logged-In members on the Main Page and Browsing in a particular thread. I sent the Administrative Staff a PM on this issue and when I looked at my PM List, the PM I had just sent was not there. It took >12 minutes for that sent PM to show up in my PM List. EDIT: Added the following
  10. The Blackmail Email was a product of a Breach and you are now aware of several. Your changing your password associated with the email address is what is warranted. Now it's a matter of recognizing the fraud and understanding why you are targeted. Just delete any future Blackmail Emails.
  11. S C A M ! Please check your email address(es) at https://haveibeenpwned.com to see if they were associated with any Breach.
  12. The issue is ongoing. I had a PM conversation Today. With three PM's received, only one associated email notification was received.
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