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  1. They exist. They have been "here" and are still here. However they should not be lumped together with wannabees, Fly By Nights and Johnny Come Lately web sites. Just because some "entity" creates a web site does not mean they are News Media. One must look at past events and past reporting and then look at those past reporting events for accuracy and details with the forethought that hindsight is 20/20 to justify a respect of their information. Unfortunately there is a greater propensity of misinformation and disinformation from so-called free sites as opposed to those who charge a subscri
  2. But... not all of them are credible nor authoritative.
  3. Moot point. Yepper. There is little difference between a URI and their associated protocol (FTP, GOPHER, HTTP/HTTPS, NNTP, LDAP, TELNET, etc) and a UNC and its associated protocols. Underlying syntactic constructs are network protocols using UDP and TCP and existing in the OSI Model. At any point malware may take advantage of a loaded Daemon (Service) and attempt to exploit a software vulnerability, a configuration mistake or vulnerability of a poorly secured implementation. When one uses NET USE or SUBST to assign a Drive Letter to UNC or not the service exists and can
  4. And so was JBS JBS, world’s biggest meat supplier, says its systems are coming back online after cyberattack shut down plants in U.S.
  5. One can have a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) Share exist. It is up to a Client OS to determine if a Drive Letter is to be assigned by that Client OS. Whether a UNC is mapped to a Drive Letter or not, it is an Open Service and has the propensity to be affected by malware. There are many BOTs and Internet Worms that can exploit a Network Share using Server Message Blocks (aka; SMB Share) hosted through some adaptation of a Network File System (NFS). It is function of that NFS implementation to have proper security constructs enabled to mitigate malicious exploitation and for that applian
  6. That's not what I wrote. I wrote Disable Remote Management. I discussed Remote Access as a process that allows an Internet site to control a LAN node and that allowing Remote Access allows a Internet site to cross the WAN/LAN Interface and that it allows a door to be opened (TCP and/or UDP port). A Router can be managed by different protocols such as HTTP/HTTPS (web access) and Telnet. This Management can be performed from the POV of the LAN or WAN. However allowing a Router to be managed from a node on the Internet is a vulnerability. Therefore Remote Management of a Router should b
  7. Don't do anything except -- strengthen your security and drop this so-called "friend".
  8. I would call that puffery and FUD. Let's look at what you wrote. The first thing to note is that WiFi is only good for ~300 feet. It is not a Wide Area Network topology. It is a Local Area Network topology. Most notably it is used to allow a wireless connection within a LAN. Usually that means a WAN address is translated to a Private Address space by a Router. It is not easy for a Internet address (WAN address) to cross that Network Address Translation. There are TCP and UDP ports which can be considered "doors". They can be Open, Closed or allowed to be opened such as by using a
  9. Owning and managing one's own Modem+Router puts the security in one's own hands and, depending upon the ISP, may save a monthly Rental charge. You'd have to check with your ISP. Some have an authorized list of appliances and may require providing the appliance MAC address to the ISP to get access into their network (aka; MAC Authentication).
  10. Paranoid - Just another word for having Situational Awareness.
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