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  1. FTC Puts Hundreds of Businesses on Notice about Fake Reviews and Other Misleading Endorsements
  2. FTC Staff Report Finds Many Internet Service Providers Collect Troves of Personal Data, Users Have Few Options to Restrict Use
  3. Eight Nigerians Charged with Conspiring to Engage in Internet Scams and Money Laundering from Cape Town, South Africa
  4. @marcuskeeler Although this is not directly related, if you are using a Bother P-Touch, the software is at v5.4.003 and can be downloaded at; P-touch Editor5.x
  5. Sinclair Broadcast Group says it suffered a ransomware attack and has had data stolen
  6. None are safe from being a vector of malware and/or malicious activity.
  7. Fight the Phish Credit Berkeley Information Security Office
  8. This is still going on. Here is a latest rendition of this ploy...
  9. Nice Halloween theme...

    1. Popeye


      Thank you. 😃

  10. The King of Staten Island https://www.voicetube.com/videos/155129 "Thank you for the sex. It was wonderful until you started talking."
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