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  1. David H. Lipman

    FlashPlayer on Windows 8.1

    If you ran the PPAPI Installer I gave you the link to, you will have the latest version of Flash for Chrome and there is no need to update. You can Allow Flash to run on Facebook.
  2. David H. Lipman

    FlashPlayer on Windows 8.1

    Oooooooooooooooops ! Mea Culpa. The link was fixed.
  3. David H. Lipman

    FlashPlayer on Windows 8.1

    Download for manual installation for Adobe Flash for Chrome ( PPAPI )
  4. David H. Lipman

    FlashPlayer on Windows 8.1

    What is the issue ? NOTE: There are different variants of Adobe Flash Player for different Browsers. Microsoft ActiveX Mozilla PPAPI
  5. David H. Lipman

    So You Think You Know Everything ? Let's Go

    Either place John.
  6. David H. Lipman

    Security flaw in ‘nearly all’ modern PCs

    Dank Je.
  7. David H. Lipman

    What are you listening to?

  8. David H. Lipman

    Can't submit report

    Try again but, use a different Web Browser. For example if you used Google Chrome try Mozilla Firefox.
  9. David H. Lipman

    Windows 7 machine (freezes)

    Sysinternals Process Explorer Resource Monitor --> Run Task Manager ( Hit 'Ctrl' + 'Alt' + 'Del' and choose "start Task Manager" ) Choose the "Performance" tab then "Resource Monitor...". However I don't have any instruction on how to use them to specifically sleuth out the resource hog.
  10. David H. Lipman

    Windows 7 machine (freezes)

    I'm not sure. You could use Systinternals Process Explorer to find a resource hog or the built-in Resource Monitor to find the system component or sub-system file that is a resource hog causing other running apps to lose their place and appear to "freeze" but are just waiting to get their turn to run the next routine. I have often seen this to happen with SVCHOST and Windows Update ( wuauserv ) .
  11. David H. Lipman

    Windows 7 machine (freezes)

    { sigh } That's beat. That's a loss of a possible workaround.
  12. David H. Lipman

    Windows 7 machine (freezes)

    My suggestion... Perform a System restore ( it is often most successful in Safe Mode ) to a point prior to the beginning of that 2 week period. Thus if the problem started on August 23rd, do a System Restore to a break point on 8/20 or 8/21.
  13. David H. Lipman

    System Hacked

    Our former Governor ( New Jersey ) was the son of the most famous Printer in United States history who used "Movable Type".

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