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  1. Duplicate email notifications

    What's really interesting was this... Me too
  2. Duplicate email notifications

    I have had some from others such as Aura. However I indicated to msherwood at 1530 hrs Today that " For unknown reason's, the preponderance has been noted with Ron's replies on the Forum. "
  3. Does Malwarebytes report all keyloggers ?

    Actually Samuel ( exile360 ) is a former Malwarebytes employee. But not as a Malware Researcher. I was also a Malwarebytes employee but I was a Malware Researcher. Keyloggers are in a class of software that is greyware and it is not a Black and white case. Malwarebytes stance is appropriate. Everyone has their "opinions" on greyware and HackTools.
  4. Duplicate email notifications

    Today two more double emails per event. This Topic Email 1: Fri, 19 Jan 2018 07:05:47 +0000 Email 2: Fri, 19 Jan 2018 07:05:46 +0000 as well as This Topic Email 1: Fri, 19 Jan 2018 07:06:11 +0000 Email 2: Fri, 19 Jan 2018 07:06:10 +0000
  5. Duplicate email notifications

    I have watched this thread from the beginning and I thought that it may be a short lived artifact but, I am seeing occasional dual-email notifications. That is when someone replies to a given topic I will receive two simultaneous emails for that one event. It is not happening all the time but has happened enough times in the past week for me to have to add my results to this thread.
  6. Malwarebytes VS my last submit

    Great Job Sentoryn. I know that Malwarebytes has greatly appreciated your "quality level" submissions.
  7. Keyboard Input Corrupted

    YW I figured this was a hardware issue, I was thinking; BIOS --> keyboard ---> Keyboard controller --> Dell Diagnostics. Any keyboard should work on any PC. That goes for the ones that have am embedded Smart Card interface. The only differences are the "specialties" that are added to the keyboard like speaker volume control and Audio Player controls ( fwd, rev, pause, etc ) where added software makes them usable.
  8. Keyboard Input Corrupted

    What about an alternate keyboard ?
  9. Keyboard Input Corrupted

    The present XPS BIOS version is v2.2.1 and was released in December. What is the version of BIOS on your Dell XPS ? Do you have access to another keyboard ?
  10. Keyboard Input Corrupted

    Pokey1: What is the make and model of the computer in question ?
  11. PM threads - Return to the beginning

    Thanx for the corroboration Porthos
  12. It seems that since the last Forum Update, every time I return to a PM thread I am taken to the beginning of that conversation. I should be returned to the end of that conversational thread.
  13. Was it similar to these ? I have created a 1series of videos generated from these kinds of fraud sites for the purposes of recognition and education. They are all videos from real web sites. ALL are FRAUDS. All these have one thing in common and they have nothing to do with any software on your PC. Thus there isn't anything to remove. They are all nefarious web sites meant to defraud you of money. The objective is to, falsely, goad you to make the phone call and pay for some service contract for an incident that never happened. From there they may continue to charge your Credit Card for other services, remote into your computer and do real damage and/or exfiltrate your personal data and they may use the information they obtain from you to commit additional frauds. MalwareScam.wmv MalwareScam-1.wmv MalwareScam-2.wmv MalwareScam-3.wmv MalwareScam-4.wmv MalwareScam-5.wmv MalwareScam-6.wmv I have also created a PDF ScreenShow of a myriad of FakeAlert screens - FakeAlert-Screens.pdf Reference: US FBI PSA - Tech Support Scam 1. Also located at "My Online Security" - Some videos of typical tech support scams
  14. What are you listening to?