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  1. Cyber Stalking should remain at the Federal level as it tends to be an interstate, International, crime. Stalking in general needs to have better State-wide legislation.
  2. If it is a Wireless Mouse, auto movement may be due to a nearby user with another Wireless Mouse on the same channel. If it is a wired mouse, it may be due to the tension on the USB cable causing the mouse to physically move.
  3. I used a Proxy with various Exit Nodes. All worked. However I could not force it into a specific Country or Region. It was worth the test...
  4. @Xauma95 Check the Firefox Proxy settings to see if it is using
  5. MBAM does not target PDF and other scripted and/or Documents. It uses its anti exploitation module to block any malicious activity that may occur whiles rendering them. Please submit the PDF in; Newest Malware Threats after reading... Malware Hunters group Purpose of this forum EDIT: This is the Malwarebytes for Windows Malware Removal sub-forum so I will request this be moved to; Mac Malware Removal Help & Support
  6. Scraped data of 500 million LinkedIn users being sold online, 2 million records leaked as proof ** More in the article.
  7. There are Local/Group Policies that can be set to Deny Execution to a file.
  8. @Hebbbo How did you make out when you temporarily replaced your keyboard with another ?
  9. The functionality of a BAT file is based upon the Windows Command Interpreter which is limited in its functionality. The functions implemented in a BAT file can do damage to the PC's OS, the file structure and can cause OS degradation. However it won't "infect". That is a BAT file has a greatly diminished capability to create a windows malicious process or structure that will remain performing malicious activity after one logs-off or reboots. More advanced scripting interpreters like Visual Basic, JavaScript and PowerShell scripts are not as limited and can "infect" a host.
  10. Borrow a keyboard from a friend and test to see if your problems are resolved.
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