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  1. Dziękuję sentoryn Dedykowane tobie...
  2. Firefox 51+ Black ( Dark Wide ) or what I call it, Gothic. 1920 x 1080
  3. There is a new problem with the editor for sure. Editor issue.wmv
  4. This does look like it is resolved. Sent content is no longer cached while unsent content is cached.
  5. From; https://filezilla-project.org/ It is an Open Source project. As such one can obtain the source code and tweak it. The FTP Client is v3.24 compiled January 2017, at https://filezilla-project.org/ not v3.7x compiled in 2013. Always get software from the source and not third parties.
  6. NOTE: FileZilla.Org is not the URL, it is just a shorthand notation. I can see how that may present confusion. The official URL is https://filezilla-project.org/ It is the "other" URL, you provided, that presents a risk.
  7. FileZilla.Org is the official site along with with their presence on SourceForge. I do not know hat the other Domain is but it is not the place to obtain FileZilla Server or FTP Client and that domain was created less than a year ago.
  8. So far, this seems to be corrected. Domo arrigato. However I have not exercised it yet. I have had to remove latent cached content but subsequent usage has not shown sent posts or PMs are still being cached.
  9. That's right. x86 is notation for 32bit.
  10. It is to delineate 32bit applications and 64bit applications running on a 64bit OS.
  11. It is not an anti virus application so it would not have signatures for File Infecting viruses. Only non-infected virus dropping trojans The corporate support sub-forum is; Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Business ** I will request a moderator move this thread there.
  12. digitalbulls.com - Domain was created on 7/12/2013 They seem to be legitimate but a small outfit at 141 Stevens Ave STE 5D Oldsmar, Florida. I saw no red flags nor negative information. They are not Florida BBB accredited but they and their parent, EvoBulls Inc, are known by the Florida BBB and have a good standing. https://www.bbb.org/west-florida/business-reviews/it-services/evobulls-in-oldsmar-fl-90173013 Whether they are trustworthy enough for your needs, is another matter. I take it you have a issue. It is an Epson printer ? What is the problem ?
  13. Yes. I guess you can call it a "sucker list". That is a list of those people who respond. If I have a list that has 5,000 people's meta data it may be too much. However If I had a list of people's meta data for the more receptive to a scam and it only contained 1,000 people, that list would be better and thus have a value to obtaining it. You will see that sometimes you get a seemingly innocuous spam email. If you reply to it in any fashion then you are perceived as being receptacle to some fraud scheme. They do this with those phone calls that don't leave a message or when you pick up the phone the other end is silent. These test the phone number to see if it is "live" and if it is, it may be recorded as a number that would be receptive to a fraud call. Anyone who compiles these kinds of lists will sell it in Hack Forums and on the Dark Web. These are just malicious extensions of what you will also see with Charitable Donations and with Mass Marketing and Advertising.