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  1. STILL A PROBLEM with NO FEEDBACK from Forum !!! https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/203739-httpwwwskinscamcommax-alpha-boost/?do=getNewComment Click on it and you'll get... This particular one is not new. This one has reoccurred on three occasions and continues to resurface.
  2. It is now ~ mid July and not only has this topic NOT been popped off the queue but the problem still exists !
  3. For those reading this thread... I sent the PM as requested. It is now ~mid July and there has been no contact from the Malwarebyte's legal team. They NEVER contacted me!
  4. joshkmartinez: Are you still with us on this topic ?
  5. marysimsbury: Please realize that the sub-forums on the Malwarebytes' Forum are compartmentalized based upon functionality and mission. Each sub-forum has a specific goal in mind. This sub-forum is specifically geared to assist with problems with the Windows OS where it concerns the OS Kernel and failures to stay quiescent and where the system goes into crash situation resulting in a Blue Screen of Death ( aka; BSoD ) result. What you have expressed is not associated with that kind of subject matter and thus the subject matter is Off Topic for this sub-forum What you have expressed is that your "...state-owned computer was hacked. " That is a presumption on your part but more importantly is the system's ownership and role. Any Government Furnished Equipment ( GFE ) or corporate equipment is owned and operated by a central IT group which is a part of that entity. As such any support that can be provided here at the Malwarebyte's Forum is extremely limited. As GFE, you really can not take matters in your own hands and MUST go through their IT Support Channels. The Free services provided by the Malwarebytes' Forum are meant for the home user/consumer. Corporate product users have the Malwarebytes' Business support unit to get assistance from. There just is no support for GFE and Malwarebytes' can't help you with their systems unless the Gov't entity has a contract with the Malwarebytes Business unit and the Gov't entity has authorized Malwarebytes' assistance.
  6. We also need to know the Make, Model and Size of the SD card as there are variations of the card and thus compatibility issues between Card Readers and the types of SD cards
  7. Exactly WHY one should NOT use such a service !!!! Anybody who thinks a 3rd party password management system could or should be used should be concerned. Thanx for posting this.
  8. What is the role of the PC ? What the computer is "meant to perform" will drive the requirements of what software one may need to fulfill set requirements.
  9. What is the exact model of the HP Envy notebook What is the exact make, model and size of the SD Memory Card.
  10. As from the below you can see that at the time the screen was captured, a post was made 5 hours prior. However due to content issues and/or the site redirecting to malicious content, the post was removed. When you visit the thread you'll see the last post was made roughly a fort-night ago. The above shows the Forum continues to show cached but removed content.
  11. You mean like; electricity, speakers, a monitor, a mouse and keyboard.
  12. People do not realize that one can optimize the speed of the computer using multiple hard disks and Today they are connected through a SATA interface and that has benefits. In the days of Parallel line-data EIDE ( aka; PATA ) drives they came in Master-Slave relationship pairs and you can have up to four pairs; Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Quadrantary controllers. The problem was you can only read or write to one drive in the pair at one time. SCSI on the other hand had 8 to 16 independent interfaces where each can read and write to any drive on the SCSI bus at the same time. SATA also works that way. The Windows OS can read and write to any SATA hard disk ( or device ) at the same time. Therefore one can take advantage of this fact by relegating certain drives to particular functions. Each function has some level of disk activity. If all these disk activities are performed on one hard disk then these reads and writes are queued and await one to finish before the next activity can start. However if you can assign multiple disk activities to multiple disks then these activities can be performed simultaneously rather than sequentially. That increases overall performance. Some of these activities can be any of the following but not limited to the list OS and OS functions Print Queues TEMP folder Program Folders Data folder(s) User Profiles So each one of the following disk activities can be assigned to a specific drive starting with the OS and OS Functions [ %WINDIR% ] being Drive "C:", Data on drive "E:", TEMP folder [ %TEMP% ] on Drive "F:", etc. Once you have the strategy mapped out you can edit the Registry and change the Default Locations in HKLM and HKCU such as those directive locations in... HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders There are two direct benefits to this strategy. The first is data read and write speed optimization and the second is by having the data and functions on multiple drives you disperse the volume of data across them so you can manage large amounts of data even though the individual disks are not that large. I setup an ASUS based i7 system for a friend that utilized a strategy were the OS was on a Samsung 256GB SSD ( "C:" ) and all the user profiles resided on a 1TB, 7200rpm spindle drive ( "E:" ).
  13. It plays a fairly significant role simply because secondary storage is much slower than primary storage. Thus defragmentation may reduce data retrieval and writing latencies. That significance may be greatly reduced as the speed of secondary storage begins to reach that of primary storage.
  14. That's a loaded question. Based upon what criteria ? A person may have multiple systems with each playing a specific role and thus geared towards specific requirements.