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  1. David H. Lipman

    Option Request: Require CAPTCHA to change critical settings

    It doesn't add security. It will only frustrate legitimate use.
  2. Technicolor TG582n  is a DSL Modem+Router http://www.telecom.co.nz/binarys/telecom-wireless-full-technical.pdf Creating Firewall Rules is under 9 INTERNET SECURITY on Page 78. I can not be more specific as I do not know how the settings and/or screens may appear on you appliance. Source: Any IP Destination: Any IP Service: User defined TCP Ports 135 ~ 139 Action: Deny Repeat for: UDP Ports 135 ~ 139 TCP port 445 UDP Port 445 I could not find how to deny ICMP Pings. I do not know how the settings and/or screens may appear on you appliance and I could not find anything helpful in the manual. The below graphic shows how it is configured on my Router.
  3. Who is the ISP ? Is the Router provided by the ISP ? What is the Make and Model of the Router ?
  4. David H. Lipman


    Aloha Matt. Assuming your PC is MS Windows... Please create a full description of the problem(s) you are experiencing in; General Windows PC Help
  5. Besides locking down your accounts, lock down the Router. Security through obscurity. Disable acceptance of ICMP Pings Change the Default Router password Use a Strong WiFi password on WPA2 using AES encryption Disable Remote Management Is the Router Firmware up-to-date ? Specifically set Firewall rules to BLOCK; TCP and UDP ports 135 ~ 139 and 445
  6. No. MBAM does not target scripted files, documents or media files via signatures. If you want to ensure a clean backup-set you want the anti virus to scan ( target ) the broadest range of file types. Yes, you could use the likes of Kaspersky, Avast and Bitdefender as well since they do target those file types. If you have Kaspersky, Avast, Avira or Bitdefender installed, it will prevent such possibilities of infection to/from a USB Flash drive. Also such possibilities are remediated by turning off AutoPlay/AutoRun for removable media.
  7. Just use an anti virus application such as Avira AntiVir and scan that 250GB of files and then back them up to USB. Don't backup Executable ( EXE ) files or script file like JS, JSE, VBS, or VBE. Files such as INI and XML can not infect and are harmless by themselves. Back them up or don't back them up, they aren't data and aren't capable of infecting. Don't worry about Documents or Media files. If they were malicious, the anti virus application such as Avira AntiVir would filter them out. Hopefully malicious script files like script file like JS, JSE, VBS, and/or VBE will also be filtered-out.
  8. David H. Lipman

    All files change to be .PPTX

    Thank you for indulging my request. Unfortunately, nothing new could be ascertained from the encrypted file.
  9. David H. Lipman

    All files change to be .PPTX

    Place the file(s) in a ZIP, RAR or 7zip Archive and attach that.
  10. David H. Lipman

    All files change to be .PPTX

    @hendri can you please upload an encrypted data file so we can take a look at it.
  11. David H. Lipman

    All files change to be .PPTX

    Can you please upload a copy here, in your next reply.
  12. Dank je. That's how they got that password. Not some "keylogger" the email eludes to.
  13. Did you enter your email address(es) in the below site to see if that email address was part of a known breach ? https://haveibeenpwned.com/
  14. You acted in fear and you stated "I instaled a fresh windows 10 after that ...". You may have made an error in said installation causing an instability in the system's operation. What you received was purely a scam. I have personally received two of these emails to-date. I have read numerous accounts to-date. I have people email me and call me on the telephone all about receiving some form of variation of the threatening email.

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