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  1. @Liquid, thanks for the good news that MB3 is working great for you. And I am sure the team would like to say Thanks for being a loyal customer and supporter of Malwarebytes. That being said, I have alerted staff about your signature issue.
  2. Yes a custom scan can take many hours depending on the amount of files it has to scan and the type of files as well. If you are scanning within archives that too will increase the time it will take to scan your 2TB Hard drive. How full was the drive, how much free space?
  3. For those following this thread, found the known issues thread here..
  4. Thanks @bdubrow, for the added info, is that on the list of known issues thread? Speaking of which, remind me where to find that thread....
  5. @Bungeetaco since you are still having issues after trying out the latest beta/preview then follow the instructions listed in the topic below....
  6. You both my want to try out this patch version.... Beta / Preview of next 3.0.6 update
  7. Just to mention, @Porthos is not an employee of Malwarebytes so s/he is only voicing his/her opinion and trying to answer your topic, it may be best to wait for someone from staff to address your issues/questions. I am a volunteer her only as well, and also a tech/business owner and I too have many customers that are having issues with this MB3 version. For now I am recommending they stay on version 2 until a stable version 3 comes out. Just today they released another updated version as mentioned above, you may give that version a try to see if things get better for you before you recommend it to others. I plan on testing it myself. HTH
  8. Hello @Midnight_Resistance Currently there is no way to turn off those notifications if you disable one or more of the modules that I know of...
  9. @RJL3 as everyone's computer is different, it would be best to start your own topic (you mentioned via PM that you wanted to submit your logs privately) once you start your own topic perhaps @dcollins or @AdvancedSetup can help you with the logs via PM.
  10. Please follow the steps in the topic below to post the required logs... Thanks
  11. Thank you, I am quite aware of that, the reason its requested in this case, is due to the fact that we don't know if the OP had version 2 installed before, if s/he did this would clean up any remains from version 2, including asking for a restart to take care of any files that may have been in use by version 2.
  12. I don't really see why the customers had to request it, it should have been automatic like with most software out there. Documentation as well as a proper in-install / cleanup tool should have been released at the same time as the product launch. IMO
  13. Hello and Welcome! Yes your lifetime license will work on version 3 and any other versions that happen to come along, Malwarebytes has made that promise to all people that bought lifetime licenses...
  14. Thanks for sharing the link @Aura
  15. Since your using MB3 and we are trying to see what was quarantined, lets get that scan log so we can see the results. To get the scan log lets do this: In the Malwarebytes GUI click on Reports In the Reports section scroll through the reports and find the Scan Report that you ran when the items were detected and removed You can click on the Date and Time (title bar) to sort the reports by Date to find it easier To view the report (and export it) double click on the one you want to view/export Click on Export (bottom left) and choose to export into Text File (*.txt) Give it a name and save to your desktop Upload the txt file here for review