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  1. Firefox

    New Email Address (Username)

    @alice_123 Hello and Welcome... Normally once the topic is replied to and answered with the appropriate info there is no need to reply any further... Also its usually frowned upon to reply very old topics.. Thanks for understanding.
  2. Firefox

    Change Device Name

    Glad to hear you solved your issue... Normally they don't close topics and users are not allowed to mark them as solved... You did the right thing by coming back and notifying us that the issue is solved. An admin will stop by and either mark it as solved if needed or close it. Thanks,
  3. Firefox

    A few questions

    adwcleaner is a stand alone cleaner and will not interfere with any other antivirus program... that being said, its possible that while scanning with adwcleaner, it may trigger your antivirus software for a detection that may have been scanned/detected.
  4. Firefox

    A few questions

    Download the Latest version from this link.... https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/thankyou/ which should work for all versions (at least until they change something) Yes adwcleaner is totally a separate program as of now... eventually they may decide to add it to the MB3 product line... As of right now that I am aware it is not available for iPhone or iPads.
  5. I find that hard to believe. They did do away with lifetime licenses, that's why you can not by them any longer. That is how they did away with them. If you own a lifetime license and have a valid KEY they will honor it for life just as they said. As far as adding it to the My Account page, well I can not comment on that as I do not work for Malwarebytes and do not know how they are handling it. It does sound easy to do however we don't know what backend they are running. They have mentioned it someplace on the forum that they were working on a way to do it....
  6. Just to answer this part.... if you have to reimage a computer, you should first deactivate Malwarebytes before you wipe it. Once you have the image reloaded, then install Malwarebytes and activate it once again. This should prevent the issue you had.
  7. Firefox

    Folder exclusion not working

    Yes get on the latest version and then let us know how it goes.
  8. Firefox

    What are you watching ?

    Your Welcome @AdvancedSetup I thought it was cool when they shared it with me so I shared it myself to share the love... LOL
  9. You would have to delete/remove the scheduled scans in the scheduler section before you end the free trial... Like you I am not a fan of the automatic "FREE Trial". I preferred the older method where we were given a choice to enable the 14 day trial....
  10. Firefox

    Folder exclusion not working

    You quoted me on something from way back in 2017... there has been several new release versions since then... are you having that issue?
  11. Hello and Welcome! You are running an older version, try updating to the latest version to see if it corrects your issues. Download the Latest MB3 v3.5.1.2522 CU 1.0.365 from ->>RIGHT HERE<<-
  12. Thanks for the logs, lets wait for @dcollins to review them to see if he can tell what may be happening. Thanks,
  13. Firefox

    Start-up problem

    Great, glad to hear it... and your welcome
  14. Firefox

    Start-up problem

    Your logs show you are running a very old version of Malwarebytes v3.3.1.... please download the latest version from the link below and install it to see if that solves your issues. Download the Latest MB3 v3.5.1.2522 CU 1.0.365 from ->>RIGHT HERE<<-
  15. Firefox

    Folder exclusion not working

    What version of Malwarebytes do you have installed? Download the Latest MB3 v3.5.1.2522 CU 1.0.365 from ->>RIGHT HERE<<-

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