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  1. Yeah, that sounds about right.... a threat scan can only take ~15 min or so on most systems these days... Also if you perform the scan right after one another without rebooting the computer, the scans would be quicker due to windows caching... Just to add, I looked at my scan that took place not to long ago, and it scanned 434,044 objects in 8:44 minutes
  2. @frankpc3, kindly follow the instructions located in topic Having problems using Malwarebytes? Please follow these steps, and create your own topic so they can work with you one on one....
  3. Do you have the latest Beta / Preview of next 3.0.6 update, which is suppose to correct that issue?
  4. @clamm, have you tried this version see if it corrects your issues: Beta / Preview of next 3.0.6 update
  5. I am not 100% sure that will work, so I would not go that route.
  6. Try using this new version Beta / Preview of next 3.0.6 update
  7. As mentioned in that other topic, you will have to edit your scheduled scan to include scan for rootkits. To do you do this: Go To Settings Go To Scan Schedule Click on your Schedule Scan and click Edit Click on Advanced Make sure Scan for Rootkits is checked
  8. Your welcome, and lets how they get it resolved soon...
  9. With those two enabled, the scan times take longer.... and depending on how many files are on your computer as well... But as already stated, they have improved the scan engine to be much faster... imaging how much faster it would be if you were not scanning within archives...
  10. This all depends on what options you have enabled... Do you have scan within archives enabled? Do you have scan for rootkits enabled?
  11. This topic HERE is similar to what your seeing... Can you use the arrow keys and space bar to select items?
  12. what is your screen resolution set to? What is your size of text, apps and other items set too?
  13. This is a known issue with some high resolutions.... try clicking on the drive name rather than the box to see if your able to select the drives...
  14. @Fliger, glad it worked for you...
  15. Hello and Welcome! Yes Poweliks is really a pain to deal with, and there are so many variants of it that it makes it hard to remove. Using only one tool is really hard to do. Have read through The complexity of finding, preventing, and cleanup from malware Most of the computers that I have cleaned with this infection I cleaned them with Malwarebytes (with rootkit scanning enabled).