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  1. Your welcome! Glad we could help and that you got it sorted out.
  2. How about not offering the update at all to XP users in the GUI? Unless of course this was the user going out and downloading the latest version and attempting to install it.
  3. @dcollins, a clean re-install should remove it though right?
  4. Hello and Welcome.... Did you upgrade over a previous version to the 3.6.1 version, perhaps it got left over from the old version...
  5. Another Victim of the Magecart Assault Emerges: Newegg https://www.riskiq.com/blog/labs/magecart-newegg/ RiskIQ conducted the research for this report in collaboration with Volexity, which will release a separate report of its own. From different perspectives, we will discuss the same incident, showing how we found and analyzed the latest instance of Magecart using our unique capabilities and datasets. While the dust is settling on the British Airways compromise, the Magecart actor behind it has not stopped their work, hitting yet another large merchant: Newegg..... READ FULL Story by going to the source: https://www.riskiq.com/blog/labs/magecart-newegg/
  6. Firefox

    Main Site Error

    Yes it seems OK now, maybe too many folks were trying to download at the same time...
  7. Went to main site and tried to get a fresh copy of Malwarebytes (hoping for new version download) and got this error... We're sorry, the link that you clicked on could not be served. We are experiencing a temporary delay due to high volume. Please click RELOAD and try again. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  8. Hello and Welcome Malwarebytes can not scan network drives.... before you were able to "scan" them however it was not really scanning the network drive. So to avoid confusion they now do not allow you to select network drives to avoid a false sense of security so to speak, since the contents are really not being scanned. Hope that makes sense.
  9. Firefox

    IE 11 crash with latest Windows update

    Interesting… I never seen that... and it does not show up on mine Win10 1803
  10. Firefox

    How to reset my license

    Please make sure to check your junk/spam folders for the email in case they got caught there.
  11. Are these physical drives or are these network/mapped drives?
  12. Firefox


    You may also try and see if you can delete the old one from the My Account page... Create/Login with the same email address you used to purchase Malwarebytes. https://my.malwarebytes.com/en/login
  13. Try the instructions in this post to see if that helps..
  14. Hello and Welcome We actually have a new tool the we use for clean re-installs, not sure if you used this new tool, but you may give it a try for the clean re-install to see if it helps. Also this tool will collect better logs to help us help you fix your issue. If you haven’t already done so, please run the Malwarebytes Support Tool and then attach the logs in your next reply: NOTE: The tools and the information obtained is safe and not harmful to your privacy or your computer, please allow the programs to run if blocked by your system. Download Malwarebytes Support Tool Once the file is downloaded, open your Downloads folder/location of the downloaded file Double-click mb-support-X.X.X.XXXX.exe to run the program You may be prompted by User Account Control (UAC) to allow changes to be made to your computer. Click Yes to consent. Place a checkmark next to Accept License Agreement and click Next You will be presented with a page stating, "Welcome to the Malwarebytes Support Tool!" Click the Advanced Options link Click the Gather Logs button A progress bar will appear and the program will proceed to gather troubleshooting information from your computer Upon completion, click OK A file named mbst-grab-results.zip will be saved to your Desktop Please attach the file in your next reply. Before submitting your reply, be sure to enable "Notify me of replies" like so: To save attachments, please click the link as shown below. You can click and drag the files to this bar or you can click the choose files, then browse to where your files are located, select them and click the Open button. One of our experts will be able to assist you shortly.
  15. TLDR... there is something said for short answers...

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