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  1. boombastik

    Mbam licence

    Until now i didn't enable cms (compatibility mode) and mbam stayed activated. I will continue to observe it.
  2. boombastik

    Mbam licence

    It is random but i enable and disable a lot the cms module. Asrock motherboards are strange you can have cms on and secure boot on in the same time. I will continue to change things in bios but i will leave cms disabled and secure boot on and i will report what will happen after 2 days. Leave this thread open. If it reverts to free until then i will upload the logs after the restart.
  3. boombastik

    Mbam licence

    it remains free. No i don't restart anything. well yesterday i reactivated it, and until now it stays OK. I rearrange the hard drives on propose and all are OK. But i didn't enable the cms(compatibility mode of motherboard). It is possible when i activate the cms mode and the irqs change to have some effect on activation? Also i fix an error with my (I) disk in the second controller. My malware bytes is installed in (c) disk, if the (i) disk makes 2 minute to respond have any effect to activation? Because i found that after a hibernation if the (I) disk makes 2 minutes to respond also the malware bytes icon near clock does not exist for 2 minutes.Maybe malwarbytes service waits all the disks to respond and if one has problems, service restarts consistently ?
  4. boombastik

    Mbam licence

    My asrock motherboard have 2 sata controllers. If i disable ultra fast boot my Intel sata controller initialized first and c drive take the number 0 and follows all the others hard drives with with number 2,3,4... If i enable ultra fast boot my second controller initialized first (i have one drive there) and it takes the letter I and the number 0. So my c takes the number 1. I think that it is the problem the license is tied to hard drive numbering and lettering. All asus and asrock motherboard have this limitation when have more sata controllers. Can a staff member confirm it?
  5. boombastik

    Mbam licence

    I uploaded all the logs when my mbam reverted to free! mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. boombastik

    Mbam licence

    I have a serious problem with my license . I have a lifetime license that reverts random to free. I formatted again my PC to try to fix it. ( i created also a ticket 2373839 ) My machine is the same. Today my mbam reverts again to free. Because i am a beta tester i play with a lot in my uefi bios with compatibility mode cms (enable and disable and i frequently rearrange the hard drives) usually the pc is in full uefi mode with ultra fast mode enable. The PC is the same. Do u have the license tied to hard drives or in cms mode because the machine is the same. I have an older PC with old bios that whatever i do it don't lost the license.
  7. The new version is very light weight. It is like a new program. The execution of files is quicker. The only problem is internet explorer. When i malware-bytes is open u cant use it it goes 24% CPU usage every time you try to browse. (i7 4790) I don't use it but i test a lot of programs for beta test.
  8. boombastik

    ipv6 dual stack blocked

    take look at logs mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. After a hybrid startup with web shield on the ipv6 large packet stop responding. If i disable it it works as intended windows 10 x64 . random configuration in 2 pcs. tested edge,firefox both blocking communication with dual stack dns and we have problems with youtube.
  10. boombastik

    MBAM 3.4.4 issue renaming folders

    The users ussually install the more new version and open the firefox and if it works they come here and say the program works ok. The most have no qlue how to test a program properly. This is not about you, as i know your nickname and what u offer here. But i feel bad because i am a beta tester in above 100 programs,bioses,uefi, drivers and steam games. And usually when i report a bug for a program for example next to me other 3 write the program is ok . i Spent hours to finding them and the most beta users spent 3 minutes and dont find anything. And when someone reads from 50 user that we have no problem usually they believe that it is my pc. sorry for the long post and the little offtopic.
  11. the slow execution of office and eventviewer is because of selfprotection. If u disable it the office starts in half time.
  12. boombastik

    3.4 and beta 2

    I found something more with beta 3.4.3 and final 3.4.4. You cant also rename folders for example: 1)put my rar UBU_v1_69_15.7z file in your documents folder 2)restart your test machine 3) Unrar my ubu UBU_v1_69_15 7z (right click extract files there) 4) try to rename the unzipped folder u cant.
  13. boombastik

    3.4 and beta 2

    thanks for the detailed response.
  14. boombastik

    3.4 and beta 2

    If u unzip 10 similar folder and other try to cut and other to delete all functions are slow u must wait 30 minutes to them to work. And it something related to ransomware protection and unzip function.
  15. Some times in a random pattern when a video with music plays in you tube anti exploit crash Mozilla. You cant click anywhere in Mozilla and the only u see is a white circle. this bug exist also in stable malware bytes version. I provided a foto about it. Laste stable mozilla 58.0.2 64 bit. -https://crash-stats.mozilla.com/report/index/9e34a5f2-ea8b-4806-9e72-662430180302

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