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  1. With the latest beta: I can't recreate the sleep problem with two computers. I can't recreate the 'no internet' after reboot in secure boot machines. Only I had a one time blue screen in ip stack with an old P5q motherboard with atheros Lan card. I have a mini dump. I will upload it later.
  2. @LiquidTension Can you take a look at my first post?
  3. @EvilPeppard i bought the adguard for windows for testing and i run it with the latest mbam in wpf mode and i dont see a problem. My nic is intel.
  4. I am a simple user but can i ask you what gpu you have?
  5. I am seeing this during uninstallation of mbar. (The same thing i see when i uninstall the mbam4 latest version from control panel)
  6. -C:\Users\<...>\AppData\Local\Temp The new version mbar leaves there a mbamservice.exe in the temp folder and i think that there exist a bug that the new version of mbam4 dont install correctly because the installer dont remove this properly. The mbam4 installer have fixed this--> version 1.0.860 component update : Fixed: mbsetup is not Removing installerservice Directory when Finished causing issues with additional installations
  7. The link for the new version is broken. The link needs staff account to download.
  8. Ok like @Porthos said uninstall kaspersky. Windows defender will activated, and restart your machine.
  9. Thanks for the diagnostics. @LiquidTension may have a look. If you feel ready and you make sure that you take the files that you want, follow these steps to make a clean unistall-reinstall: -https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039023473-Uninstall-and-reinstall-using-the-Malwarebytes-Support-Tool
  10. Now download the support tool and run the diagnostic tool and attach here the diagnostic mbst-grab-results.zip You can follow the directions in the second bot post. This will help the malwarebytes team to determine why this problem created in first place. When you upload here the diagnostic rerun the malwarebytes tool and make a clean uninstall and then restart your pc. It will ask to download again the malwarebytes after restart so answer yes. Before you do anything you can now take a buckup from your files because at least now you are in. Keep in mind that i a
  11. You can try to select disable early virus protection and hen you login in windows reinstall malware-bytes and restart.
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