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  1. boombastik

    Component Package Beta (1.0.505)

    I use it from yesterday without any ill-effects . the only difference i spotted is a 2-3 longer second login after i put my password to login in my windows account.
  2. boombastik


    I used 2 days the last beta component and i didn't find anything bad!
  3. If u want the fast boot, u can enable it and alternative disable the self protection of malware-bytes. Also keep in mind that if u have both enabled the malware-bytes many times the icon near the clock will take up to one minute to load but in reality it works.
  4. U release this update before one day , i think it is better to release a hot-fix to give the costumers a complete bug free product for this version. This is my opinion when someone find a bug in to early life of the release.
  5. yes i am on Windows 10 x64 build 1803-17134.286
  6. Good catch. you are right. It is on shutdown and exists even if i disable fast startup.
  7. Every time i start my machine and when i shutdown it with fast boot enabled in windows 10, i have this error. Solution is to turn off self protection.
  8. boombastik

    Mbam licence

    with a simple restart i was meaning a simple windows restart.
  9. boombastik

    Mbam licence

    OK today reverted to free with a simple restart. In photo after the restart i see a crash with LicenseContollerImpl.dll mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. boombastik

    Mbam licence

    I found before seen your answer that if unplug my network cable it stayed always activated.(and plug in 10 sec after startup) So i restarted my router and now i cant recreate it if i change between normal , fast and ultra fast it stays activated. Has this any sense ? I have download your tool and i will wait.
  11. boombastik

    Mbam licence

    OK i have done more test. Definitely is something wrong. In asrock motherboard there exist an option for normal boot ,fast boot and a ultra fast boot(GOP GPU). If i have normal boot there not exist any problem. If i select fast boot every time i visit my bios without change anything and push save and exit the mbam after startup requires activation. If i don't visit my bios the mbam stays activated. I know that every time i visit the bios the next boot from motherboard will be normal but i cant understand why mbam deactivates itself. It has nothing to do with secure boot. Do u have an asrock motherboard from haswell and newer to test it? also i have noticed that every time i visit my bios and save and exit with the mbam that deactivates itself i take also a mbam service crash. As a uefi bios beta tester i go into my bios every day and this thing makes my job harder. It is possible to make some change in the way that the activation works? For example less aggressive ?
  12. boombastik

    platform clock bug in windows 10

    Only if i open the tool and go advanced options. When i close the tool it returns to 15,625 ms.
  13. tools that use the command NtQueryTimerResolution to calculate platform clock report that my platform clock is 0.9999 when i have mbam support tool open. The problem is that with cmd command powercfg -energy duration 5 the platform clock is shown as 15,625 but if i open mbam tool in advanced option menu the platform clock calculator tool gives 0.9999 ms. - the platform clock tool can be downloaded from here: -https://vvvv.org/contribution/windows-system-timer-tool I uploaded a photo that u can see from powercfg that platform clock is 15,625 but actually is 0.9999. How it bypassed? With ultra fast uefi boot many time this platform tool is stuck at 0,499 ms it is possible the same bug to exist in mbam also? Do u use some kind of pretection that mess with NtQueryTimerResolution when mbam tool is open?
  14. boombastik

    aida64 update crash with web shield

    I uploaded my logs mbst-grab-results.zip
  15. Many times the aida64 crashes if i try to update it. With the latest version with the web fixes. (1.0.421 package) If i exclude the aida64.exe in web shield the aida64 can updated without problems. I have a photo of the crash.

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