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  1. @BillH99999 Just a thought. According to Post #20, your wife did a Feature Update. She must have been on 1809 or lower possibly. During a Feature Update she would get the latest level applied as a matter of course.
  2. @LiquidTension Hi, Everything has been fine since. When you used the word verify, I assumed there would be an entry there that needed changing. There were no entries for Malwarebytes---majority seem to be for NVidia. So I have created one for MBAMService.exe as per the attached. Have also added the original Windows Error Reporting data. Hope this is what you wanted me to do. Files.zip
  3. @LiquidTension Hi, here are the Event Logs as requested. The CrashDumps folder is present but it is empty. EventLogs.zip
  4. This PC is set to automatically download Beta program versions. This morning, it installed Component Version 1.0.793. No problem after that other than having to do a reboot---my backups were scheduled to start running very soon! I switched the PC on again about 13:55ish and it seemed to "stick" with just a few icons in the System Tray. The Windows Defender one was there but no MWB. I ended up pressing the Reset button. PC came up this time o.k. Checking in Reliability, it said that MBAMService.exe had a problem at 13:59. Have set MWB to collect Event Log Data and run the Support Tool. Couldn't remember the sequence to force a Memory Dump that was set in this machine from a previous topic but have since checked and verified that it works. So if it happens again, I will force a memory dump. In the meantime here is the Support Tool Log File. mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. The Scan Reports are showing my Windows Info wrongly. They say it is 18362.476. I'm on 18363.476. Installed the Beta 1.0.777 just in case it fixed it. Doesn't--it's still wrong.
  6. Thanks. O.K. now with 1.0.15048.
  7. Have used TreeSizeFree for a while now with no problems. I currently have version installed. Was informed today that there is an update available---4.4. I downloaded it but when I tried to run it, MWB quarantined it. Uninstalled 4.3 and then re-installed it. No problem there. Don't know if this is a false positive or what. Ran the False Positive tool but it didn't find anything to report. Would like an opinion on this. Report attached and downloaded file also in zip format. TreeSize_Trojan_Report.txt TreeSizeFreeSetup.zip
  8. When I "Check for Updates" on my four machines it downloads a new Version 1.0.718. Can't see any info as to what it fixes anywhere in the Forum.
  9. Well said @TempLost. My feelings exactly.
  10. @LiquidTension Hello, Have updated all my PC's to the latest beta Have run the sequence twice as per Post#8 on the two PC's that were getting the C35 errors. They are now clean-- no problems.
  11. @LiquidTension No the error does not seem to be consistent. I powered this PC up at 07:34 this morning and it had the error. Powered up at 11:06 to do as you requested and it didn't show the error. I installed the on all my three desktops and laptop yesterday. Desktop 3 and the laptop are fine. Desktops 1 and 2 show the error. I have run your request twice on both those PC's. C35_errors_test_sequence_report.docx EventLogsDesk1.zip mbst-grab-results-Desk1.zip C35_Errors.zip EventLogsDesk2.zip mbst-grab-results-Desk2.zip
  12. I had seen the new beta release but wasn't sure what release it was and had PM'd Erix for clarification. Then I saw Jekko's response in another post. Am now running on it. BTW if we're going to be pedantic---it should be " 1 zip too much " . ☺️
  13. @LiquidTension, Looks like my component package is now at 1.0.690. Must have updated just lately as it was at 1.0.682 in this morning's scan report.
  14. @LiquidTension, I'm seeing the error as well in that location throkr calls out----and I'm not doing Restores at the time. Currently on Win 10 1903 18362.387 and 4.02.41 1.0682 1.0.13531. Everything seems normal. Have also set Event Log on in MWB. mbst-grab-results.zip EventLogs.zip.zip
  15. No you're not losing your mind. I saw this a couple of times. It was while I was on the Free Version prior to activating my licence. I took it to be a plug for a Free User to upgrade to Premium. Since this is a beta and they might be using a different name when it goes live, they are using Wossname as a placeholder.
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