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  1. Three machines done----no Windows restarts.
  2. Powered on my Laptop Thursday evening just before 8 pm. Windows 10 Pro 19041.450 : MWB CU 1.0.1025. Started a scan and got an error message. OK'd it. No problems after that. Took the logs in case they're needed and set Event Log Data to ON. Didn't use it yesterday and o.k. today. Has updated itself to CU 1.0.1033 this morning. Will monitor. mbst-grab-results.zip Reliability Report.docx
  3. AOK here as well-- 2 Desktops and 1 Laptop.
  4. Just powered up and tried it again. Worked o.k. I only use Microsoft Chromium Edge on this PC. I'm going to set up Firefox so if it happens again, I'll try accessing from both browsers. Thanks for your time.
  5. Have been using this site regularly with no problems----until today when I find it is being blocked. If I continue, the browser guard reports no problems! Pleas unblock it.
  6. Two Desktops and a Laptop done. No problems so far.
  7. Desktop #2. Still can't delete reports --add to Allow List is o.k. Ran Tool for logs. Ran Repair--still doesn't delete Reports. Ran Clean and now o.k. after the re-install. mbst-grab-results.zip
  8. Local time here:- 22:36. Powered up about half an hour ago and now am able to delete reports as normal on the Desktop. Delete all also works. Checked the IrisPlugins folder and notice that the UIPlugin.EXT files were installed at 22:14! Will check again tomorrow.
  9. Checked on my Laptop and it performs as it should. Selected and deleted a report. (1-2) Also Delete All worked fine. Both machines are on Windows Pro 2004 19041.423. Noticed though on the Laptop that the IrisPlugins Folder wasn't present after powering up. Just shortly afterwards , the laptop ran a scan---now it's there! It only has two files in it though whereas my Desktop has more. Now I know that I deleted the folder on my desktop as prior to doing that I copied it to a "safe location" in case it had to go back. Have compared the contents of before and after and there are differences--
  10. On this desktop, if I select a report for removal it removes the wrong report. I selected the report dated 10/07/2020 initially and it removed the report for 28/07/2020. (1-4 in attached.) I then selected the same report again and it removed 03/08/2020. (5-7). If I try to Delete All , it only removes one report, in this case 20/07/2020. (8-10). I can add to the Allow list and my IrisPlugins folder has been recreated. Scan_Report_Removal.zip
  11. I am using Windows Chromium-based Edge and since there isn't a dedicated section in the Browser Guard Forum-----I am posting here. My ISP's web site, www.bt.com is being blocked. The Browser Guard is version 2.2.7 dated 1st. July.
  12. Doesn't fix it for me either. Windows 10 Pro 2004 build 19041.329.
  13. Built a new PC using an ASUS Prime X570 PRO motherboard, AMD Ryzen 5 3600 and a Samsung EVO Plus 970 for the OS. Windows 10 Pro 18363.815. With MWB installed I was getting problems at Power On. It would display the Windows Logo and the "five rotating dots" but then that would disappear. I was left with a blank screen, the Power On LED lit and an occasional burst of the disk activity LED. Had to press Reset and it would then come up Tonight I ran the Support Tool and removed MWB and powered off. Now powers up o.k. Installed MWB 4.1.056 1.0.896 and it automatically picked up my licence
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