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  1. Well, after installing the latest component package version 1.0.508, i noticed that for some unexpected reason the cpu usage went up to 75%. Looking at the taskmanger i found the Avira WebGuard Service causing this high cpu usage. Somehow it went away, and came back again and again (the highest cpu usage was 75%, sometimes is 50% and 25% ) I am using Avira Antivirus Pro, but because the problem occourred since the latest malwarebytes update, - switching off web protection immediately solves the problem. I allready uninstalled malwarebytes, but the issue came back again. I can not reproduce the problem, it just happens sometimes. here is the log: mbst-grab-results.zip for now, i just try the repair button in the malwarbytes support tool...
  2. Hi Malwarebytes Team, the german Translation went a little bit wrong... English: German: what you probaly want to say: "Alle Fenster werden geschlossen. ..." The other thing is, in english it say´s: "clean and restart later/now", in german it says: "clean later/now" - no word about the restart... FetzBox22
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