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  1. Yep, just go ahead and follow the instructions. BleepingComputer is a known trusted site run by an active member of the PC security community, Lawrence Abrams and also an official affiliate of Malwarebytes so he and his site are definitely trustworthy
  2. If you want peace of mind then follow my instructions above and one of our malware removal specialists can verify for certain whether or not the system is infected, and if it is they will guide you in the process of getting it cleaned up and back to normal. It never hurts to double check and I'm sure it would be worth it just to address your concerns so that you don't have to be stressed about it. I'm pretty paranoid when it comes to security and privacy myself so I definitely understand wanting to be certain in a case like this.
  3. You're very welcome, and if there is anything else we might assist you with please don't hesitate to let us know. Thanks
  4. Greetings, There shouldn't be any conflicts with the two programs using default settings. This configuration is actually the default when installing Malwarebytes and is the combination used by a very large number of Malwarebytes customers. With that said, you could create exclusions between the two applications just for peace of mind if you want to do so. To do this, add Windows Defender's program folder to Malwarebytes' exclusions using the method described under Exclude a File or Folder in this support article and add Malwarebytes' EXE files to Windows Defender's excluded processes list (mbam.exe, mbamtray.exe and MBAMService.exe are the main ones to exclude). If there is anything else we might assist you with please let us know. Thanks
  5. Greetings, I'm glad that the Support Tool was able to resolve the issue for you. Please let us know if you have any further issues or if there is anything else we might assist you with. Thanks
  6. Greetings, I don't believe it quite works that way unfortunately, however please refer to the information in this support article regarding renewing your license early. If you have further questions about licensing you may also contact Malwarebytes Support directly by filling out the form on the bottom of this page and they can assist you. Please let us know if there is anything else we might assist you with. Thanks
  7. Greetings, It has been a while since I've heard anything officially about it, but the last I did hear Malwarebytes intended to eventually integrate ADWCleaner's detection capabilities fully into Malwarebytes proper, however this obviously has not happened yet. It is possible, particularly since ADWCleaner has now expanded what it detects to include preinstalled OEM applications, that they might want to keep the two applications separate to avoid any confusion as to whether the items detected by ADWCleaner (like preinstalled OEM software) are 'malicious' in nature. Keeping the two tools separate liberates a free tool like ADWCleaner from a lot of the restrictions and limitations placed upon anti-malware applications, particularly when it comes to detecting items that may be on the fringe of what they could get away with classifying/targeting as PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs); one of the categories of items that both ADWCleaner and Malwarebytes detect (though they use separate signatures/databases and generally target different items from one another). That last part it just speculation on my part so if anyone from the Malwarebytes staff has anything to say about it, go with what they state, I'm just offering my opinion as to one possibility. With that said, I see no reason that they could not have an option to offer/download ADWCleaner somewhere in the Malwarebytes UI and at one point in the past they did have links to the various Malwarebytes freeware utilities under a specific 'Tools' tab within the main Malwarebytes application so perhaps they might resurrect this concept at some point. I will submit your feedback to the Product team for consideration. Please let us know if you have any further feedback or if there is anything else we might assist you with. Thanks
  8. That is correct, you can find additional info direct from Malwarebytes at the bottom of this post:
  9. Excellent, I'm glad that the Support Tool was able to resolve the issue. It was most likely a problem being caused by some kind of data corruption of one or more of the configuration files used by Malwarebytes and was corrected by reinstalling the software. If there is anything else we might assist you with please don't hesitate to let us know. Thanks
  10. As long as the ransomware isn't active and attempting to encrypt your files/data, there is no activity for the Ransomware Protection component to detect so it wouldn't do you any good in dealing with an offline drive/inactive system anyway. The Ransomware Protection, Exploit Protection and Web Protection components rely entirely on in-memory activity to detect threats based on malicious and suspicious behaviors, they do not analyze inactive/dormant files on disk to look for threats; that's what the scan component is for. You can learn more about how the various components of Malwarebytes function by reviewing the diagram and information found on this page. If it were me, I'd scan the files with Malwarebytes and at least one or two of the many freely available AV scanners such as those from Microsoft (included in your operating system by default), Kaspersky, ESET, Dr Web, Bitdefender, Norton/Symantec and several other reputable AV/AM vendors. Most offer free scanning and threat removal so you should be able to scan your device for any dormant threats and get them cleaned up before moving any of your data over to your new installation. I hope that helps to clarify things a bit, and if there is anything else we might assist you with please let us know. Thanks
  11. Cool, thanks for the update Ron I've updated my initial post accordingly.
  12. Greetings, I would suggest just restarting your computer. It sounds like the scan got hung up for some reason however restarting the system should resolve it. Please try scanning again after the system restart and let us know if it still hangs up or not. Thanks
  13. Greetings, Malwarebytes does scan RAR, ZIP and several other archive types so if they contain any malware it should be detected. That said, if you believe your system is infected then please read and follow the instructions in this topic and then create a new topic in our malware removal area by clicking here and one of our malware removal specialists will assist you in checking your system for any threats and removing any if found. Please let us know if there is anything else we might assist you with. Thanks
  14. Greetings, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac is the older product and can be removed. Support for that product has been discontinued; please refer to the information in this support article and also refer to the product lifecycle for the current version found on this page. I hope this helps, and if there is anything else we might assist you with please let us know. Thanks
  15. Yes, it definitely sounds like it was the update that caused the issue, I was just hoping that changing drivers or modifying settings might correct the problem. There was an update for Windows 10 a while back that caused issues for many users with Realtek onboard sound devices that was later fixed, and I'm thinking that this issue likely has a similar cause. If you haven't already, you might also check the options under the Communications tab, and while I know you said it's irrelevant, you do have a second input device enabled there for your TV, so if Windows is configured to mute other sounds when the listening device is in use and there is constant 'noise' coming in from the TV device, then that could theoretically cause Windows to mute all audio from your headset's microphone. Also, I don't know if you did any Googling already for similar issues, but I did come across this thread which describes a similar problem and a couple of possible fixes as well as this guide that shows some possible alternative solutions. The first one I'd try is disabling all enhancements for that device under the Properties dialog for it (you should see it if you double-click on the entry for your microphone in the Recording tab or if you click on the microphone to highlight it and then click the Properties button on the lower right). You could also try changing the setting for Default Format under the Advanced tab in the properties dialog for the microphone as the current audio format may be incompatible with your device causing Windows not to register any sound. Also of course check the settings under the Levels tab because if it is set too low Windows won't 'hear' anything from the mic, and if it's muted then obviously it won't pick up any sound at all. You can also try playing with the boost level to see if that helps at all.
  16. What happens if you enable the other microphone; the one tagged as Realtek HD Audio? Does that make any difference?
  17. Greetings, Unfortunately there is no detailed log/info available for past blocked sites at this time, however this feature has been requested so hopefully we'll see this capability in a future release. Please let us know if there is anything else that we might assist you with in the future. Thanks
  18. Greetings, It might help to install the latest audio drivers for your onboard sound (most likely Realtek, but it could be something else depending on the hardware in your system). Even though your mic is a separate piece of hardware, an issue with the primary sound drivers could result in issues with other sound devices such as your microphone and there are known past issues with some updates to Windows 10 this year with some common onboard sound solutions.
  19. Very cool, thanks for posting Yep, like you, I rarely see blocks from Anti-Exploit, but knowing it's there and knowing what it does is quite reassuring. It's by far one of the most powerful and forward thinking additions to Malwarebytes.
  20. exile360

    VGA Legacy MKIII

    http://www.vgamuseum.info/ https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/5043250516ed5e6b20231497e0ccdcd523455a85f7f4eca432da700614a7fb51/detection
  21. The only issue I'm aware of is that Kaspersky's installer detects Malwarebytes as incompatible if it is installed.
  22. Greetings, Some products detect uTorrent either because of heuristics signatures that look for new/unknown threats, and others appear to be detecting it due to the fact that uTorrent has been known to sometimes come bundled with a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) known as OpenCandy. Malwarebytes would block OpenCandy so I'm sure you aren't infected with that PUP, however you can learn more about what OpenCandy is by reviewing the information found here. As for why Malwarebytes blocked uTorrent, this is because uTorrent, and all Bittorrent software, are what are known as Peer-to-Peer (P2P) applications meaning it connects to many different servers/IP addresses (this is how files are downloaded through uTorrent) and because of this, sometimes uTorrent will connect to a server that is also known for hosting malicious content. This is because servers/IP addresses are often shared by multiple sites, so while what you are downloading through uTorrent may be perfectly safe, some of the sites hosted on some of the IP addresses that uTorrent connects to may be malicious. Such connections are not a threat however, and you may exclude uTorrent from the Web Protection component in Malwarebytes to stop the blocks from happening without compromising your protection (your web browser and other critical web facing programs will still be fully protected from malicious websites and other malicious content). To do so, add uTorrent.exe to your exclusions using the method described under the Exclude an Application that Connects to the Internet section of this support article. I hope this helps, and if there is anything else we might assist you with please let us know. Thanks
  23. Just to add, specifically with regards to any changes in compatibility and the existing known issues with Kaspersky 2020 since its release, no, there have been no changes or updates that I am aware of so the same methods of dealing with Kaspersky's incompatible software list entry for Malwarebytes still apply. It has been reported and submitted to the Product team and I assume that QA has already launched testing to validate that there are no actual conflicts between the two products to submit to Kaspersky, however I do not know what the status on that testing and validation is at this point.
  24. Excellent, I'm glad you were finally able to successfully exclude the server, I'm glad I was able to help
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