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  1. Website blocked due to phishing Website blocked: anonfiles.com Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain malware activity.
  2. I'm thinking with my setup....I'll be best served with Browser Guard Ads / Trackers Off. Regards w Respect
  3. Yes, I've experienced local caching issues with Norton Safe Web reporting. After a website classification false positive is cleared. I'd need to clear local cache to get updated status.
  4. Okay....knowing that Databases download EVERY time you start a new browser session is great to know. I check for updates outside sandbox. So, BG databases will update and when I run browser sandbox. Database will be copied over to sandbox. Think I found database available in my Edge sandbox. {"md5":"d3c206f9ace4f1dda048ebbabc5f93c4","name":"mbgc.db.worm","sha256":"a2f81a477fb16a9d8d59da70b2f898e0d142166d8098f0567b8dfde4c712bfdf","size":5122,"url":"https://cdn.mwbsys.com/packages/mbgc.db.worm/d/3/c/2/d3c206f9ace4f1dda048ebbabc5f93c4/e85c1643-ff4e-4377-bcdc-2e507f3a96ed.worm","versi
  5. Okay...I'll accept that Allow list does not populate with Trust event. I'll accept that Allow list is for manual override. I'll accept that Allow list populates with manual override of Protection for this website toggles. So, when I opt Trust nexus.ensighten.com and then navigate away from that page. I'd have to find the same page and find nexus.ensighten.com as Trust....in order to reverse Trust for nexus.ensighten.com Guess, I imagined a "Trust on this site event" as a temporary status that refreshes to default Block status with page refresh or browser cycle. I think I o
  6. as far as I know ...ensignten.com is deemed by Browser Guard as an ad network / tracker ensighten scripts are working for community.norton.com ensighten.com website itself is not a concern. nexus.ensighten.com is not a website it's Ensightens Tag Management Platforms Tag Delivery Network (TDN) domain, users cannot rate that domain as a normal site for things like Trustworthiness and Child safety. Ensighten deploy JavaScript via the TDN, so it's involved in 'Online Tracking', but not directly by Ensighten, the tracking is done by the types of tags that are deployed by the client thro
  7. ...and where is the local database? - local database path? Where are items with the "Allow list" stored. Does Browser Guard extension run off cloud database?
  8. I have ensighten.com noop with my rules .... maybe, ensighten.com is with my static filters ...but, I'm not seeing uBlock Origin page block
  9. and now after Edgium cycle (close open). I see ensighten.com Trust ...but, Allow list is bare. Head scratch. Does Trust item populate with local cache? cookie? What holds the ensighten.com Trust event since, Allow list is empty???
  10. Sorry, for my slow reply. Okay....seems like the Trust event is finicky to populate to the Allow list and is finicky to leave the Allow list. for example: I see "Trust event" and no entry with "Allow list" at the same time even with several page refreshes. and other times I see blocked Trackers and site populated to Allow list. Maybe, Browser Guard is bumping in to my uBlock Origin setup. I have ensighten.com noop with uBlock Origin. I think Browser Guard Trust event works because the function on the website that did not work with Browser Guard ensighten.com block.
  11. Hi When I opt to trust ...for example: a tracker on a site. Where does the trust event populate to. I'm not seeing trust event with Allow list. I'm curious because the trust event seems to survive browser refresh. Does trust event create cookie and I just need to clear cookies?
  12. Website blocked due to a suspicious download Download blocked: https://www.osarmor.com/download/ Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocks downloads that either come from websites that see relatively light traffic or may contain potentially malicious content. This is intended to protect you from new scams. However, if you trust content from this site and would like to proceed, click "Continue."
  13. Website blocked due to a suspicious top level domain (TLD) Website blocked: msportals.xyz Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain scam activity.
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