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  1. I just bought MalwareBytes Privacy VPN for 5 Devices. When I installed the app on Android and used the key, I proceeded to connect to the nearest server. However, when I turn on the VPN, it says Private IP Adress: Null, and it also kills my internet completely, even though I am still connected to it. I have tried turning the VPN on and off, connecting to different servers, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, deleting the VPN profile, and connecting to different networks, but to no avail. Any way to fix this?
  2. Problem: Windows security center do not register malwarebytes, so it was, but disappear (i do not know when). What I already have tried to do: recheck option in malwarebytes settings with restart, reinstall malwarebytes. Also add logs to this message. mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. Hi there, on the 6th of August, when I did subscribe to 5 premium Seats for Malwarebyte Windows, I accidentally typed in the wrong email address, the confirmation email + invoice + account activation have never been received. I tried to reach out the support couple of times via the ticket system, but it's been now over 2 weeks without any update, and there is no phone number to call. How can we reach out to Malwarebyte Support team to update this email address? I do have a picture of the Activation Key linked with the wrong email address during the subscription. Thanks for your help
  4. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine fell at home. She was equipped with a Life Alarm which included a sensor for falls. I was first contact for emergencies. The system contacted its base station and fortunately, automatically notified emergency responders. I live nearby and needed to open an iron gate for the responders. The Malwarebytes app blocked the emergency message from the Life Alert service, probably because it was automated. Fortunately, the backup number was a landline not equipped with spam blocking. Obviously, much more care is needed to avoid this issue. I have removed the app and will not restore it. My other blocking app, Nomorobo, did not block or alert to that same call. Something is clearly wrong with the Malwarebytes app. I do understand it's in beta. People whose phone lines are essentials for life support or other emergency calls should not use it-- anyway not now.
  5. I don't know what's going on. The default option Malwarebytes came pre-installed with was to run a threat scan on startup. I deleted that to get better performance since my computer has very limited resources and set it to run a hyper scan every week instead. I do not have any other scheduled scans. However, it seems to ignore that and runs a threat scan on startup regardless. It happened 4 times and on these dates: July 3rd, 2018; July 4th, 2018; July 7th, 2018; July 11th, 2018. It happens at random, not necessarily always. For example, when I turned my computer on today it didn't. I tried to fix the issue by reinstalling with the Malwarebytes Cleanup Utility, but it didn't fix the problem. I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. Thanks in advance, AleksandarF mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. Hello Malwarebytes Gods and Goddesses, I recently got a new Clevo manufactured gaming PC and just slapped on Malwarebytes to add to my malware fighting arsenal. Upon installation completion, I entered in my license key, and noticed that all of my other RTP modules were enabled except "Exploit protection". It continues to remain greyed out, and does not allow me to enable it no matter what I do or have tried... I have done a regular uninstall in "add or remove programs". Reinstalled, issue persisted, so I used the MBT clean option to do a thorough clean and the issue still persists. I continued by exiting the MBAM app and confirming with 'yes' in UAC, and ran the following command as administrator exactly as "SC Delete MBAMWebProtection". Administrator Command Prompt responded with "The specified service does not exist as an installed service". Any other ideas? I have attached my mbst grab results and mbst clean results log files in the body of this forum message. Thank you ahead of time for your response. mbst-grab-results.zip mbst-clean-results.txt
  7. Windows 10 update leaves a problem report file for Malwarebyte developers, before the user log in screen there is a pop up that tells me there is a problem with Malwarebytes and the following file should be sent to the developers. Last update Malwarebytes disappeared from my start menu and running mb3-set up file caused it to reappear and its working again (it wasnt starting). Everything seems to be running at the moment just the windows issue report. Anyway an update happened today and the message reappeared and a new dmp file was created - its attached dated 11th April (as is the previous report dump from 9th April 2018) so have at it Malwarebytes! BitDefender Threat Scanner.dmp BitDefender Threat Scanner.dmp
  8. Hi, I have a big problem with a small app which does not need installation in Windows 10 (App "OpenCompass" that you can download free here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_fAxu8laIFO_MjZ9ZEpde3b9G8TKM5AD/view?usp=sharing ). When I try to open it, MWB tells me that it blocks it and it erases the executable file (OpenCompass.exe) from the OpenCompass folder. I put both the folder and the .exe file in the exclusion folder with no success. As well, changing the name in "Open_Compass" does not solve this issue : MWB still block it and still erases the renamed "Open_Compass.exe" file. I tried the exclusion of "an already detected exploit" but the windows is blank, with no exploit detected. Actually there is nothing concerning this blocking action in the "Quarantine" nor in the "Protection log". I ran the MB-check tool and I found 4 entries at the today date (03/07/2018) in the folder "MwacDetections" (file attached). An analysis of OpenCompass.exe by both Zemana anti-malware and AVG does not indicate that this file contains any threat. I have updated MWB from version 3.1.3 to 3.1.4 but the same issue is still blocking the app. What can I do ? Thanks for any help. mb-check-results.zip
  9. There's a notice on my computer telling me that real time protections are turned off. I have gone to Manage Protection Settings and when I attempt to turn on the real time protections, it says starting then quits. I have done this several times with the same result. What do I do to correct this issue?
  10. Today, Saturday, Jan 27, 2018, when I want to use my computer to look up over the web, my computer froze. I realized later it was MBAM that use up memory, kill the computer and my video card. Reboot helps, but MBAM immediately eats up all the available memory again. I have 32 GB installed running on a i7 chip. Luckily, I have a smartphone allows me to search and Google immediately shows me that people discovered the issue more than 16 hours ago. MBAM pinned a message in the forum I can't wait for them to fix to use my computer again. So I uninstall MBAM. BAM!! Of course it fixed the problem, my computer feels fresh again - running much faster than with MBAM. I am extremely surprised that my i7 chip with 32 GB is not enough to run MBAM. MBAM made EVERYTHING slow on my system, accessing the file system via File Explorer, running Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Opera all slows down extremely over time. The search made me realized that this "has" been an issue with MBAM in the past. I have been using MBAM premium for years but didn't realize that MBAM is the problem. I am glad MBAM kills itself to alert me to uninstall it and brings back my system performance I missed in the past. At least I am relief that the issue is caused by a single software rather than other issues I thought I was experienced but no solution was able to fix it until today.
  11. Hello everyone, in the attempt of keeping this short - after my pc randomly crashed after remaining idle for about twenty minutes, upon reboot, my Malwarebytes wouldn't let me enable realtime protection anymore. Following the steps scattered across the forums, I used the cleaning tool provided elsewhere and rebooted my computer several times. Since then, I'm stuck with MBAM Free with the error of not being able to contact the license servers. Following other topics, I disabled my Windows Firewall while activating the license, no luck with that sadly. I've attached the check results as required. Regards, ~Niklas / baabaablackgoat EDIT: Apparently this is directly related to an update? About the crash I had: Firefox suddenly froze while having a twitch.tv tab open. It then reported that all my tabs have crashed. I wasn't able to open Task Manager or the Recovery Screen, or really any new program, including MBAM. I could not shut down my computer with the respective option, so I had to cut the power. mb-check-results.zip
  12. Hi, I'm currently trying to enable my real time protection on my premium account, but everytime it doesn't want to activate and the button instantely jump back on 'disable'. I've seen on the web that the problem is frequent but i didn't fond any working solution. Thanks to you and have a nice day, Rattlesneak
  13. So as the title says; Malwarebytes uninstalled itself after I updated it to the latest version. It was there until I restarted my computer as it asked me to after finish the update. and this is not the first time it has happened! I hoped this issue was fixed by now, but no. So my question is am I the only one who has expirenced this? usually I just install malwarebytes again, but it's really really annoying and slightly time consuming having to search through mail etc to find my product key or contact support to retrive it ._.
  14. Web protection will not turn on in MBAM3 on multiple machines. Is there a way to troubleshoot or manually correct this?
  15. Malwarebytes 3.0.6 Scan Ending at Prescan Operations Hello, I am experiencing issues with Malwarebytes 3.0+. I click scan and wait for it to check for updates, it gets to the start of Prescan operations and then says: All good no threats detected. Any ideas of what has caused this? I will use version 2 for the moment. Check the video out for more detail. MBAM Error.mp4
  16. why malwarebytes says that real time protection is off while you can see that is on?? maybe a conflict with avast internet security?
  17. hello. in new version many issue don't be resolve such as mistake popup error at startup about real time protection or question symbol dont work .or some issue in font size.. .... .
  18. hi i bought license for eset smart security ,and i have paid for 2017 malwarebyte is the best antimalware ever made , can i install v3 and keep it running with eset smart security? thanks
  19. When launching the Management Console on the server it takes forever to load after logging in. The server is 2012 with 16 GB of RAM. The CPU is running at 8-10% and memory at 28%. After it does load it takes awhile to go from tab to tab. For example Home to Admin to Client, etc. then occasionally it freezes up. Using version Has anyone else had this issue?
  20. Hello MBAM team, I am receiving email alerts from a number of false positives on a couple of our servers. I have tried excluding those objects from future scans, and adding them to the ignore list. This has not prevented the files from listing as threats and triggering email alerts. I have redacted any sensitive information in the copy/paste below. What steps can I take to prevent these unwanted false-positive alerts? Thanks!
  21. Hello. Im currently using the Free version of Malwarebytes and im unable to update the database. I should mention im not using any anti-virus besides windows defender. Also i have tried re-installing it as Admin and tried looking through my firewall however when i checked the outbound firewall there was nothing there in regards to Malwarebytes.
  22. since I updated to the latest version yesterday it seems to start on its on every 5 minutes searching for updates so how do I turn that off?
  23. Hi. I'm Sturm. I just joined and have been using Malwarebytes for years now. I have been having this issue with a cmd.exe window appearing a few minutes after booting. The window actually appears twice on startup, around 15 seconds after the first one, and does not contain any text. It is simply a blank window, and the text on top just says "Cmd.exe". I have no idea what this is, and it only appeared four weeks ago. With the help of a friend, I discovered it had something to do with my IP being renewed and released upon startup, and even doing it hours after that. I cannot find the root source of it, however, and I fear it may be some form of Malware, although I haven't heard of anyone else having an issue like this. I scanned with Malwarebytes, and nothing significant came up. All that was found was some old files and keys from Adware I long since gotten rid of. I initially thought it was my adapter that was causing this, so I swapped it out and put in a new one. To my dismay, nothing changed. Interestingly, the cmd window appears only once (instead of "flashing" twice) without an internet connection. Today, I installed Process Explorer to hopefully discover some more information about the mysterious cmd windows. I found several suspicious things. I thought that Mobsync was the cause of it, but this turned out false. I then suspected LMS.exe and UNS.exe, because upon the cmd appearing, they seemed to also appear, with Google Update triggering before them. I disabled all three, and nothing changed. The only file left that is of interest so far is Conhost.exe or maybe WmiPrvSE.exe (the latter because I did see it temporarily highlighted green several times when the popups appear). I have three copies of Conhost.exe by default according to Process Explorer. When I open Cmd.exe manually, they expand to include another copy. When the popups happen, they expand the same way, but I am unsure if it is the "same" copy I saw when I opened Cmd manually. What does this mean? Am I infected? I don't see anything malicious as of yet, but it is very frustrating and I want to get to the bottom of it, before it turns into something else. It has the ability to force me out of a game when the popups happen. I'm not sure if this is a normal property of Cmd.exe or unique to my issue. I am sure, however, that Conhost.exe does have something in common with the popups. I just don't know what.
  24. Hi all, I have been experiencing with a bug that causes malwarebytes to completely break while it updates. I have went through forum and noticed many other having the same issue as me so I know it has nothing to do with my computer or other software interference but Malwarebytes itself. I am using the latest mbam premium version. What happens is i turn on my computer and malwarebytes won't even startup with protection and the whole program just breaks as pic below. And when i click fix now nothing happens and when i click update now i am unable to access update server and my internet runs correctly fine The program is unable to update and the about page is empty, no version or database displayed. At the same time, after the program broke unable to update and enable protection, there are 2 new HIDDEN settings that came up as highlighted on the picture below. i suppose these settings weren't enabled for the official version because it was in beta? but the silent mode seems promising. I have this happened couple of times now and it is very annoying of having to keep uninstalling and installing. My assumption for the reason why the update and protection broke is that whenever you shutdown your computer during an update, the update is interrupted and is corrupted and unable to re-update that is why it was working fine when i shutdown, and when i turn it back on it breaks. If that is the case, there should be a safeguard somehow warning user such as "Malwarebytes is currently updating. Closing this program or shutting down this computer might cause failure to the program. Please wait until the program is updated completely before continuing." would be nice to prevent corruption. Or a fix to allow malwarebytes to beable to update to the latest definition even if it was interrupted beforehand. Hope the dev team are working on a fix as you probably seen other on this forum having this same bug. Cheers!
  25. I recently purchased MalwareBytes Premium on my new laptop about 2 weeks ago (that's about how old my laptop is. Yes, it's that new). After about two days of using MBAM, it just stopped opening. I looked this up online and found that many others have the same issue, but that it was caused by other malware blocking it. But my computer is only 2 weeks old. It couldn't have gotten malware THAT fast, now would it? Please help me on this issue! Thanks! Link to video:
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