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  1. Also i think i've found a bug, it happens to me in sometimes i load a page and browser guard says it has blocked some thing then i click to see them and see this. If a reload the page it appears as normal but i have to reload the web
  2. I think this is just a speed test, it was never blocked before. Can you please check it? Thanks https://www.vodafone.es/c/conocenos/test-velocidad-adsl/
  3. There's a new one detected today
  4. it is solved now for me too
  5. well so let's wait to see if they fix it, thanks for the answer
  6. And is it just blocking all the pictures? It's weird
  7. So, is it some kind of FP? I hope they fix it soon if it is a FP
  8. I think that element is where the pictures from the chapters, shows and films are taken from and browser guard block all that so i can't watch anything. Also my ublock has that element in green color as "allowed"
  9. I've just tried to watch something on Disney+ and when i get into the web and browser guard starts blocking a lot of things all images and when i look i see this. Is this a FP? Yesterday i was able to enter and watch. Thanks in advance.
  10. Yes it seems to be solved, don't know what happened but i wasn't able to acces for 1 day till now
  11. Nothing found on VT https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/9ffdf2ebca052d5d9ba5b01accf8f5f91022b6caa824c5fd9443041f4bc80248/detection
  12. Why is Mangaplus website blocked due to riskware? Is it a FP? mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp
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