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  1. sorry for the delay, today the scan took less time (only 5 min more than before all those package updates) since i have exclusions for both and clean up a little bit my desktop folder also did the fix and uninstall HP bloatware because on the fix text file I read a line that involved hp support assistant witch i've never used. So I decided to get rid of all those programs that i don't use. Thank you so much for your help
  2. okey will try and let you know how it went. Thanks for helping
  3. okey, thanks. If i try without disabling avast, can be dangerous or avast will simply block as a threat?
  4. okey thank you so much for the info, will do it and let you know how it went
  5. and i don't understand what performance counters are, so if you can give me more info it would be helpfull for me
  6. now i'm able to download, also i want to ask if this proces could me dangerous for my pc because i've never done this before and it is my personal computer
  7. I will have to do it tomorrow due to the time line here in spain but i've tried to download the file and i get this Error code: 2C171/1
  8. is it because of my desktop folder, right?. It is huge
  9. yes, folders with movies, music, pictures and some backups folders
  10. I've tested offline and took only 1 minut less than online but i've notice that now with the last update it scans more files so it could be what you said about the depth of the scan
  11. sorry about de delay, i have a lot of work this week. I will do it ASAP and post the results.
  12. Today a scheduled scan tooks for me 23 minuts instead of 32 minuts on sunday and yesterday i remember it tooks 20 minuts so i think it has improve not that much but still and improvement. I will try offline scan on my free time during work and see how it goes
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