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  1. Maybe FP from avast? it was when i attempted to check the site. Anyways the block from the site i was talking is gone for now
  2. Yeah it seem that it is no longer blocked
  3. @AdvancedSetup I went to try sucuri with the link but avast poped up with a notification saying that avast blocked the conection with sitecheck.sucuri.net because it was infected with URL:Blacklist.
  4. If a copy paste this link i do get the warning
  5. My firefox says the conection is secure under DigiCerc certificate with this link https://www.vodafone.es/c/conocenos/test-velocidad-adsl/ . Also tested with VT and nothing found. But now I don't know what to say. I have always used this website only for speed test and nothing as far a i know happened. But thanks for the info
  6. I always use this site to test my internet speed. Can someone check this out, please? Thanks in advance
  7. just a final question, did you find in my logs any kind of malware? In that case then i will of course accept your offer if you can help me on that
  8. I really apreciate your offer but the reason I was concerned was about the plugin but if you say there are no issues, although it is not working propperly for me, what i'm gonna do is wait for some update to see if that solves the issue or not. But as I said I really apreciate your offer and help, so thanks. If not even an update solves the issue i may create a new topic on the browser guard forum in case any developer wants the logs or anything. Thank you so much for your help and time.
  9. i can give you the debug logs of the extension if you want them or if it worth something. I've seen there's an option now to give those logs
  10. First i would like to know more details and if you find the issue or if i have some kind of malware so i can decide what to do? The issue is happening to me know, the extension hasn't been blocking for almost an hour but now it is blockin again
  11. @AdvancedSetup Here you have the logs, hope it helps to find what is happening. Now it is working and blocking but as i don't know how to trigger the issue don't know how to explain it better. Maybe now it is working and in an hour or more it stops and then i wait and it works again. Even though the extension stops blocking i have my MBAM working Addition.txt FRST.txt
  12. Will give you the logs tomorrow morning after work due to the time here in spain, please don't close the topic and thanks for repliying
  13. will have to do it tomorrow due to the time here in spain, so please dont close the topic Yes they should, but it happens to me sometimes that the extension doesn't work and i have to wait
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