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  1. ok but if I export into a text file the report i can see that everything is enabled as it is a threat scan
  2. thank both of you for the info, i have configured mbam to automatically update defs. every 15 min but I'm not shure if it is working because It's been 2 tries that I clicked on check for updates and I manually updated It. Also i have rootkits enabled on my scheduled scans and as default option but when i see the report of my scan, on advanced I only see 3 options, memory, startup and file system. Thanks for the info
  3. And now theres no way to see if the definition database is up to date
  4. Also It hasn't ask me to reboot after the update, is it normal? It went smooth and fast but without reboot
  5. Does it now scan .rar files to see if it contains malware before it is extracted or opened, for example?
  6. I've just updated to the new version try to scan a media file and I'm wondering why there's no heuristic option now. Has it been replace for something new? Witch are the new scan and detection features? Thanks in advance
  7. so far so good, will try tomorrow and see how it goes
  8. Yeah, it might be that but I only notice it on FF so far. So i will wait for the fix. Thanks for the info btw
  9. I use to test the firefox extension as the mbam web protection using the mbam ip tetst web to test mbam and trying to open openload or other web my mbam and extension always block to test the extension. Since yesterday i've notice that the extension doesn't block (my mbam does it) and i have to manually disabble and enable the extension on firefox or close firefox and open it again to make it work.
  10. I've sent you the direct download link for the .exe file
  11. sometimes I like to try if my mbam is working propperly i what i use to do is to try to install driver booster because mbam used to detecte it as a PUP but I tried today and mbam let me install it so don't know if it's normal or is something wrong with my mbam, I've just updated my windows to the lastest version and mbam doesn't appear on my security center, only avast as my antivirus. Thanks in advance
  12. sorry for the delay, today the scan took less time (only 5 min more than before all those package updates) since i have exclusions for both and clean up a little bit my desktop folder also did the fix and uninstall HP bloatware because on the fix text file I read a line that involved hp support assistant witch i've never used. So I decided to get rid of all those programs that i don't use. Thank you so much for your help
  13. okey will try and let you know how it went. Thanks for helping
  14. okey, thanks. If i try without disabling avast, can be dangerous or avast will simply block as a threat?
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