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  1. Yes, i've been able to do it, and again don't worry and thanks
  2. Don't worry and thanks So, as you say, the directory should be there if i have MBAM already installed?
  3. I have MBAM installed but i don't see that folder inside "Shared", i only see "relocated items" inside my "shared" folder . Haven't updated to this beta version yet, so maybe is because of that. Thanks for the info
  4. How can i create a EICAR test file? Do i also have to create that "Malwarebytes" folder inside "Shared"? And the last question, what will MBAM do with that test file? Thanks in advance
  5. Should i have to uninstall it or to be worried about something? Am I running apple class version? My activity monitor says malwarebytes is apple class
  6. Ok, thanks. One more question, the 2 layers of protection (malware and app block) are inside RTProtectionDaemon process or is there any other process i should have?
  7. I'm currently using firefox with ublock origin and browser guard as i had on my windows for general browsing and youtube and safari for streaming netflix, disney, etc. I was thinking on getting adguard for safari now that is native for m1 but im worried about performance issues or battery life isssues.
  8. oh okay so it is not like windows that you get "x" numers of definititons per day, it could take maybe a mounth for me to see a report about definiton updates, i'll keep an eye on it. Still wondering why it asked me to install Rosetta as this version of malwarebytes is universal and on my activity monitor says apple class. Thanks anyways for the info.
  9. I can't find any report about definition updates, maybe because i just installed malwarebytes today and can't see what version i have, i only know malwarebytes version 4.10.4
  10. One question you may help me, is there any way to the the database version on mac like on windows? I can only find the product version inside "about malwarebytes" but nothing else, i have set to search for update every hour. Thanks in advance
  11. I've installed the lastest version and it asked me to install rosetta, but when i look the activity monitor it says malwarebytes is apple class, did something went wrong or it was normal?
  12. Ok thanks, do you know if i can transfer my windows licence to my mac?
  13. Are those versions stable or beta? Sorry i haven't tried MBAM yet on my new mac because i was waiting for a native m1 version
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