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  1. Yep, new béta is working perfect. Thx for the quick action.
  2. Compleet uninstall and reinstall MWB seems to be the solution, for now.😀 ps a little to optimistic 😞
  3. Same here (Malwarebytes beta 4.4.0. - Malwarebytes 4.x Beta - Malwarebytes Forums)
  4. Same problem here. Windows 10 pro build 21382.1 (21H2). Slow loading pages in Edge(90.0.818.62). Closing/Starting MWB when Edge is running, solves the problem. Not Browser guard installed.
  5. Yep, the same printing problem was solved for me then, together with the network problem.
  6. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/265121-local-nas/?do=findComment&comment=1419554
  7. I had the same issue like you have and tested a new web module with positive results. I assume when it's validated internally, it will be incorporate in the next release.
  8. Same result for me. Assume the fix wil incorporated in the next update.
  9. Hi Alex, thx for the fast reply. Happy to try a potential fix.
  10. And please take at look in these also. It's driving me crazy 😉. After (again) a clean install, I can access my network harddrive. But one minute later same problem. I can see other laptops, network drive, but no acces. Windows tells me that there is no such drive. A few seconds after disabling Web protection, problems solved. mbst-grab-results.zip
  11. Unfortunately you're right Pluto. I also have to turn off web protection to access my network drive. Don't know why it worked once after the update. Network printer still working with web protection on.
  12. There is a new bèta released yesterday. It's working for me.
  13. New bèta is working for me. Networkdrives and printer accessible. Thx for fixing it.
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