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  1. Max-H

    3.7 Beta & 18323

    Also updated Windows 64 Pro to version 1903 build 18334.1. No issues with MWB 😊
  2. Because I was experimenting with USB drives and saw this topic, I tried the above. I could't reproduce the problem. MWB didn't block the removing of the drive. I also tried after canceling the scan during scanning the drive. No problem. ps Same Windows and MWB version as TS.
  3. Smooth as always ☺️ (for me)
  4. Max-H

    3.7.0 Beta

    Working fine, no problems until now.😍 Windows 10 build 17763.292 Chrome 72.0.3626.81
  5. Yep, no issues. Same Windows version as throkr. Crome 71.0.3578.98
  6. No, previous cu update from release until current update without any problems.
  7. Working without problems on Windows 10 x64 Pro build 17763.288 (2 different laptops) for 24hr now.
  8. Agree, working perfect together. - MWB, CU 1.0.508 - Windows 10 Pro, build 17763.168- Chrome 64b build 71.0.3578.80- Windows Defender enabled (default settings)
  9. Smooth update, whole day working on laptop. - Windows 10 Pro, build 17763.168 - Chrome 64b build 71.0.3578.80 Windows Defender enabled
  10. Smooth update, whole day working on laptop. - Windows 10 Pro, build 17763.167 - Chrome 64b build 70.0.3538.110
  11. Totally agree in this. If MWB wants to test something like this, they should provide a test-version to their own employees.
  12. Max-H

    When can I get

    Go to Settings, Application, Install Application Updates
  13. Compare your own version number with the one on this site, then you have your answer. Current MWB version is, CP is 1.0.463 Go to Settings, Application. Click on the Application update button.
  14. Just to let you know, no problems observed running the new version of MWB. (Windows 10 Pro x64 1809 build 17763.1)

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