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  1. Same here. 2 days ago prompted that an update was available. Update went smooth. Happy user.🙂
  2. MWB just updatet to CU 1.0.823. Is this a new bèta,, or a public release. What's new in this release?
  3. Thx for the reply. I tried both the same time, working well, but had the impression that it was a little redundant if addressing the same "threats". Using double resources. As MBG is an addition, I'll give it a try.
  4. Works very well indeed but, one thing I miss is the option to add own filters eg. 'facebook.com###pagelet_growth_expanding_cta' (to block Facebook login/register pop-ups). If that option will be added, I'll replace uBlock Origin by MBG. Or, did I overlooked it?
  5. Unfortunately I have to partially agree with the above reactions. 3 specific things. First; the closing arrow on the right top of the windows. Change the top row of the pop-up windows to the same layout as e.g. the Settings window with a grey first row with the name from the window left and a closing plus sign on the right. Second; rename 'Allow List' back to Exclusions Third; the way to include a registry setting in the Allow List is difficult to find. Why not the same as the rest (File Folder, Website, Application etc.) For the rest; keep up the good work.
  6. After prompted to update to 4.03, just clicked on Install and was updated from 4.02 to 4.03. No reboot/restart needed. (Windows 1903 x64 Pro build 18362.449)
  7. Is it still version And component version 1.0.658, update package 1.0.13531 at this moment?
  8. Maybe it's an idea to make sticky topic with reported false positives. It will prevent reporting the same files as it happens now (eg. OOSU10)
  9. Congrats with the release of MWB 4. My first false positive: fp_tracker_2019-08-23_Forum_22aeff24-c582-11e9-808f-28d2442c72b3.zip
  10. Why? There is no difference between bèta and non bèta in terms of usage.
  11. Same here, both my Lifetime licensed MWB installations are updated/running without any issues. Keep up the good work.☺️
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