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  1. What are you listening to?

  2. What are you listening to?

  3. Upgrading to premium thanks to Aura

    You're welcome Aura. Lol You're both awesome
  4. Upgrading to premium thanks to Aura

    Aura is super awesome!! paid Malwarebytes will not disappoint you either
  5. [RESOLVED] Can't change profile picture

    You're welcome & thank you again
  6. [RESOLVED] Can't change profile picture

    It works in Microsoft edge! Thank you I was using Firefox before.
  7. A simple thank you - Aura

    That you are not
  8. A simple thank you - Aura

    I do that as well it's a great learning experience to lurk & read too
  9. bios ransomware/locker? (Is it a thing)

    Excellent information to know David
  10. [RESOLVED] Can't change profile picture

    @celee Still no joy changing my profile pic.
  11. [RESOLVED] Can't change profile picture

    @celee I do not have the option yet. However I am on my iPod touch currently, I will check again when I'm on a computer. Thank you so much
  12. USA - Natural Born Citizen

  13. Everyone wants to be like Malwarebytes

  14. Wrongly diagnosed ?