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  1. Hey @exile360 thank you for your answer I'm pleased to let you know that the problem ended but only reinstalling malwarebytes and now i'm able to execute customized scans :) Thank you for your help
  2. Hello fellas it's a pleasure being here again You see, this morning i updated malwebytes to the versión 3.8.3 but now i'm seeing that every time i want to use malwarebytes to analize an specific file from click button and "analize with malwarebytes" it doesn't appear me the option, what can i do in this case? D:
  3. Damn 😧 then i must install another extension, you see i picked that one just for block popups 😧
  4. Recently i performed a quick threat analysis from malwarebytes and catched a Pup.Optional.FFInjectExt in mozilla, supposedly is from one of my installed extensions. The threat is in quarantine but before i process to eliminate it i must ask: it's really a PUP or it's just a false positive? i attach the report PUP.txt
  5. This makes me wonder if the rest of the applications (games, emulators, adobe software) would do the same thing, because most of them leave traces and secondary process opened in memory and i must close them from the task manager
  6. It worked, million of thanks my friend, i appreciate it a lot
  7. Hello guys, recently i had to reinstall the OS in my computer and today i'm installing malwarebytes, but i don't want the premium version for now, i want the free version, i turned off the premium trial but when i wanted to stop the process from the task manager, i wouldn't be able to stop the process, i had the next warning: this process cannot be stopped, access denegated. I had to uninstall malwarebytes but that's not the idea, but i don't want high memory usage :( Can you help me guys? Best regards
  8. Thanks for your answer buddy but in this case i'm talking about malwarebytes adwcleaner, the process it's the same?
  9. If it's not dangerous can i add those links to the ignore list for they do not appear in further analysis?
  10. Yes i have installed Media Player Codec Pack, but then both results are for the same reason? for the packs? regards
  11. Greetings everybody You see i've analized my computer to see all works perfectly but adware cleaner show me this: However malwarebytes software as kaspersky in their analisis are clear, just adware cleaner, so, before even think about to do anything about it, prefer ask: this are pups or not? because it seems part of the OS, but prefer ask best regards
  12. Greetings everybody I'm glad to be here Well recently and after years of saving money i was able to buy a new laptop to work, it's fast and i love it and for this reason i want to protect it as much as i can, recently i bought a one year licence of kaspersky but i'm wonder if can i install malwarebytes without both softwares fight each other? if the answer is yes, can you help me to set malwarebytes correctly to avoid conflicts with kaspersky? because in the kaspersky's forum i've heard comments about some people had both security software installed and they had problems; and other ones.....well, viceversa, they coexist together well. In a nutshell, If I can have my laptop protected as well as possible, then, why not? I appreciate your valious help since now best regards :)
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