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  1. Update I found also some index.dat folder too
  2. Hey, today while I was scrolling into my folders, I found in my downloads folder many random folders, some of them have an .FILE inside that I have never downloaded, some of them are created last month but I'm sure that the last month nothing was there Please I need help as soon as possible Thanks
  3. I disabled the remote Assistance from windows settings and took a look at the tips that you had shared me Thank you for your help and guidance I truly appreciate that Have a good time.
  4. I've just downloaded Malwarebytes Windows Firewall Controll but I didn't change any settings, I tried to disable the remote desktop Control but it says that my windows edition does not support this feature. I'm planning to start using Malwarebytes vpn from now Is everything good now? any other instructions? Thanks.
  5. Hey, thanks for your help I don't think that my system has been compromised, i posted this asking if i can protect myself while he has my ip adress Because i think that he would do something in the futur Thanks
  6. Hi It's not a long time that I was playing an online game till someone texted me in the game chat with my ip and location, I felt unsafe so i quit the game and disconnected the computer from the internet and turned off the router for 15mn After i checked myip.com and i've found that my ip changed but when I check also for the old one i find my informations related to it I'm feeling really unsafe about that because he was threating me I need help as soon as possible please ! Thanks
  7. Hey , so every time after removing malwares and trojans using malwarebytes , i scan again at the same time and i find some new malwares and some are back i feel like my pc is freezing and too slow to turn on even if it has good performances. one of the things that this malwares cause is that i find my chrome browser at ''managed by your organization '' mode knowing that is my personal laptop and after deleting that from the registry it backs after 2 or 3 days . Thanks for you answer
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