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  1. Mines still on 1803, I'll open its file location and run it again
  2. Hello! Thanks for your reply, it downloaded it and accidentally downsized it instead of pressing the minimize button and was told it was safe to restart which worked successfully without a issue and was curious if I need to delete it and reinstall it again or open it's file location and run it again?
  3. It restarted, should I open its file location and run it again?
  4. I see the Windows update assistant in my task manager far below and when I press check for update it shows I am up to date, would it be safe to assume it stopped and to restart?
  5. I downloaded the update assistant and accidentally downsized it instead of pressing the downsize button on screen and don't see it anywhere on my screen or in my task bar, I'm not sure if it's still running but should I leave it be or open its file again if it stopped?
  6. It now shows it's up to date and when i press "check for updates" it doesn't show any updates, I'll manually install 1903 here soon, is the Windows Defender file protection still a good idea?
  7. I'll keep that in mind! I'm currently letting it install a update and I noticed in Windows Defender that file protection is manually off, should I turn it on or is the full time protection enough?
  8. It's been doing updates but it's still 1803, should I let it continue the 1803 updates or manually install 1903?
  9. just ran their uninstall utility and Windows Defender full time protection turned on by default afterwards, my pc already feels a bit faster with loading up, and i'll run the new windows update then follow the guide to help fix the DLL errors, i'll update you then!
  10. I agree, I've noticed my computer has gotten a bit slow ever since I installed Avast cause of all of it's resources, I'll definitely install Avasts cleanup utility to make sure it gets rid of everything and turn on Windows Defender and I'll run the instructions soon, also do you know where I can install Malwarebytes anti ransomware? I don't have premium Malwarebytes at the moment and I tried a link on the forums to it and it wouldn't install due to a compatibility issue and I'm unsure if it's just the version maybe being outdated?
  11. Hello, so do I follow the first set of instructions on the website for the DLL errors? And I do not have Windows Defender turned on since I am currently using a third party anti virus for now since I just haven't gotten around to uninstalling it and using Windows defender since I am wanting to use Windows Defender instead as of recently, do you think having Windows Defender off had caused those Windows Defender errors?
  12. Hello! thank you for your reply, here's the logs Addition_19-06-2019 13.34.08.txt FRST_19-06-2019 13.34.08.txt
  13. Thank you both for your replies! the past two times I've had this the first time it just went away on its own after a hour and the other time recently I just restarted my PC which worked. and it seemed to only be affecting the file that I was editing both times in my art program, to make it easier I'll just kill the dll.host task next time
  14. Hello, so I've had this happen before on my pc (before I completely wiped it for other reasons) about a year ago. and I had it happen again while I was drawing and going to save my progress and I got "dll.host has locked this file cause it is open in COM Surrogate" I believe is what it said. I am curious to know though what causes this? Or if it's simply another glitch in Windows 10?
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