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  1. It looks absolutely awesome, I love it. the designers did a awesome job! my favorite part it the robot!
  2. Sorry about that there in the topic title and in my message, thank you for the correction! Thank you for this information, I'll keep this all In mind!
  3. Hello! i was wondering, if I for example googled "cats" and clicked on a thumbnail of a image (just clicking on the thumbnail to view it, not clicking "view full image" or "go to website") and if the website was malicious, would it cause a virus? Or is that only if you actually go to the website? Thanks! -Casper
  4. Alright! Thanks! I'll try that out very soon
  5. I don't have the ability unfortunately to make a backup for my laptop, should I leave it?
  6. That makes sense, till I install it, would it be fine to also left click and delete the .android directory till I can install PITA to remove everything chrome installed since my internet is highly slow? It will be a bit till I can have better internet access to install the tool
  7. I also did forget to mention in my reply, the only things I've downloaded are, the driver to my Wacom intuos tablet, mediabang paint, avast (then deleted it using their uninstall tool and switched over to using Windows defended) malwarebytes, chrome (then uninstalled chrome), Firefox (as default browser) and downloaded the Adblock plus Firefox extension and the malwarebytes Firefox extension, and lastly malwarebytes anti exploit (since I don't have malwarebytes premium at the moment) all of these I have downloaded from their official websites (and the Firefox extensions from the official Firefox extension store)
  8. It is a HP laptop, the model number is 15-bsO6Owm
  9. That's what I've read from other places, but it is odd considering I have no games on my computer? Maybe the specific type of laptop I have comes with it? I'm glad to know it isn't malicious though however and is just something for games
  10. Hello! my folder is also in (C:users(username)\.android) and nope, I've not let anybody use it who has a android, nobody has ever plugged their device into it. And no I haven't taken it to any repair places. And yup it's the one from Wal-Mart. And it was in the box since they already had a store display model. I open it and it's some configuration setting from what it shows on the side about the file, it's "adb_usb" thanks! -Casper
  11. Wow, glass shattered and everything, seems pretty broke. have you tried turning it off and on and throwing it in warm rice?
  12. Hello! So this is just something I'm generally curious about, in my C drive from what I remember there's a .android folder and I've noticed no issues at all with my computer (even though I haven't been on it in several weeks) and I googled it and I'll see some places say it's from PUPs or its a legit folder to pair a android device to a computer but I have no android devices in my home. I haven't downloaded anything shady or untrustworthy on my device but just to be safe, does anyone here know what this folder is and if it is legit or a concern? Thanks! -Casper
  13. Hello, I am sorry i am late to this all, I still haven't updated my Windows version but i will get to it but out of curiosity, does it update with Internet? My internet is very slow and I'm curious if I should take it to a family members house who has decent internet to update the computer? Thanks! -Casper
  14. Mines still on 1803, I'll open its file location and run it again
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