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  1. Hyperwolf122

    Slimware cleaner PUP

    okay heres the malwarebytes log malwarebytes log.txt
  2. Hyperwolf122

    Slimware cleaner PUP

    since i cannot download the FRST tool due to my slow internet right now i might try later but i luckily already have malwarebytes and adwcleaner installed but adwcleaner isnt the latest version but heres the log from the adwcleaner, ill run a scan with malwarebytes after i send this and put the log on here! AdwCleaner[S40].txt
  3. Hyperwolf122

    Slimware cleaner PUP

    I haven't been able to yet due to my internet being very slow, tomorrow I will download and scan with it!
  4. Hyperwolf122

    Slimware cleaner PUP

    Oh alright! I'll download it and let it scan and attach the log very soon!
  5. Hyperwolf122

    Slimware cleaner PUP

    With the farbar recovery scan tool do I also let it fix whatever it finds and attach the log or do I just let it scan and attach the log?
  6. Okay so on my laptop this was several months ago probably 6 or more months ago and my dad used the computer (he isn't very tech savvy at all so he didn't know) and he went onto a site to watch football since we don't have tv at the moment and in order for him to watch it (he was following a YouTube guide) and he had to add some weird chrome extension, I thought it was shady and made him stop and removed the chrome extension and somehow it even added yahoo as a search engine even thought the default is Google (but I removed yahoo) and that's all resolved but this PUP called "slimware cleaner" keeps coming back?! I uninstalled it manually and it came back and I got adwcleaner and had the PUP removed more then 5 times at least and it was gone for a long time then it came back earlier today, I noticed cause the adwcleaner saw it in the scan, why does it keep coming back and any idea on how to remove it?
  7. Hyperwolf122

    My friend drew me a picture! Anyone wanna share?

    That's really good!!! I personally draw myself!
  8. Hyperwolf122

    Death to reCAPTCHA

    I absolutely HATE CAPTCHAs, they are fast and easy one moment then the next moment it doesn't remember my input, I know they have to have them to prevent bots (which it even fails to do that at times) but they feel so inconvenient at now and then..
  9. Hyperwolf122

    How do you prevent PUPs?

    LOL true!
  10. Hyperwolf122

    safety tips for a new iphone owner?

    Don't install any apps outside of the AppStore, now yes not all third party apps are malicious but rather be safe then sorry!
  11. Hyperwolf122

    How do you prevent PUPs?

    That is actually true, at the moment I can't afford the full version but very soon in the future I will definitely get the full version and along with being more cautious I hopefully won't have any more detections of PUPs in adwcleaner
  12. Hyperwolf122

    How do you prevent PUPs?

    The free version
  13. Hyperwolf122

    How do you prevent PUPs?

    Thanks for informing me on this! I'll definitely be more careful with this stuff!
  14. Hyperwolf122

    How do you prevent PUPs?

    Next time I install software I'll make sure to fully read the terms and services and what softwares it bundles instead of skipping through since I have definitely been guilty of that, can websites also install PUPs? I remember hearing it somewhere but I'm not sure if that's fully a true thing?
  15. Hyperwolf122

    How do you prevent PUPs?

    Yeah that's actually a good idea, i haven't downloaded any software in a long time and I've scanned with the adwcleaner daily do you know how it might've gotten on there?

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