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  1. ElPiedra

    Meltdown Mitigation

    Since the "Malwarebytes Database Update 1.0.3624" - all Malwarebytes users are able to receive the Microsoft Patch to mitigate Meltdown. Source: Malwarebytes Blog (update as of 1/04/18)
  2. ElPiedra

    Possible FP: Amorous Launcher

    Thanks for reporting - we have fixed this fp, so it won't be detected anymore. Thx!
  3. Hi LarryS, The ransomware "Mischa" is detected by MBARW (by behavioral patterns). Dropper (containing both payloads) is detected by MBAM (depending on it's packing) known samples are added to the detection, but with time attackers can make changes in order to counteract. For more info, please see this post: I have MBAM and MBAE. Why do I need Anti-Ransomware? by!

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