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  1. so , having a crash problem just first happen on my windows 10 pro edition (version 1803) and I’ve also seen this happen on my other windows 7 devices . MALWAREBYTES version : Component package version :1.0..463. update package version :.1.0.7457 it look like this one is a bug ? if so , then , can we have this fixed in upcoming version of the MALWAREBYTES ? Source Malwarebytes Service Summary Stopped working Date ‎10/‎21/‎2018 3:48 PM Status Report sent Description Faulting Application Path: C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\mbamservice.exe Problem signature Problem Event Name: BEX64 Application Name: mbamservice.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 5b9acf90 Fault Module Name: SelfProtectionSdk.dll Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 5b995ba2 Exception Offset: 000000000014e2a9 Exception Code: c0000409 Exception Data: 0000000000000007 OS Version: 10.0.17134. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: b4ad Additional Information 2: b4ad75583f5312f04a624f3f83775fbc Additional Information 3: 7069 Additional Information 4: 7069ba0537579f6d877652ad45a05209 Extra information about the problem Bucket ID: a8e5da16923a8c3154beb8acb1abe41b (1494835178188301339)
  2. OK , so this is the second windows formats on this new device almost form 2 day ago and I have forget to disable the fast startup this time ! in meantime , I have to ask you something . the question is : if the fast startup is disable by the user ,then this will have something to do with windows performance ? (a new user of window 10 right here ) EDIT : going to reboot the device right now after I disable the fast startup "
  3. Gt-truth

    Windows 10, version 1809 released

    yeah , I have tried the ""Microsoft update Assistant" tool before I going to completely deleted my partition and to create a new one . however "update Assistant tool" is take some quite long time to doing its thing you may want to read my reply from here yeah , for creating the Bootable media . I have make a new bootable media on the USB stick using the rufus Ulitily which they have both the full installer and a probable version are available to download ! this is the best tool to create an ISO media and a very powerful utility to fix the USB stick after the Microsoft media creation tool has done to damaging my USB that way and so , I have download a new windows 10 ISO from Microsoft website and save it on my hard disk as I have make an a new bootable Flash media for window 10 and to reinstall windows 10 afresh! I recommend to use rufus Ulitily I’m not sure I want to wait until Microsoft to fix the version 1809 because my Manufacture tool keeps to tell that my device that "running windows version 1809 is not compatible" so I need to running an older version of the OS ? for this issue , I’ll have a closely look at it and I will report back right here at the time goes : - .
  4. @exile360 I’ve done to completely wiped off the entire partitions which is the OS on it and I have also done to format other partitions which they have a MB in the size and all those was on two day from now ! and I am going now to "KASPERSKY website" to download installer and to install it on the new device and I will let you know how it goes !!!! @Chas4 that is a very helpful reply ! so I’m back after I done to install the fresh copy of the windows 10 version 1803 ! and to install only all important software’s , however , the new fresh of windows 10 isn’t really help my new laptop to get back the original performance of the device (even my Firefox web-browser keeps hang and had a lag every 30 second or so .) so I JUST follow up your instruction here by doing the blow : check for free disk space (the disk already has a lot free space and still a lot of the free spaces as I can tell) check disk fragmentation (this is done) check and ran the Maintenance troubleshot (aka. system maintenance) which is built-in windows (this one is done) turn off some animations effects by following some tutorial I find it by Googling from this here (Optimize Windows 10 Performance by tweaking Visual Effects) and this link (Want Windows 10 to run faster? Take a few minutes to try out these tips, and your machine will be zippier and less prone to performance and system issues.) and now my device is running much better ! but I’ll need to check for other cause as well . checking for driver update via windows update (is says I have the latest windows update installed ) so maybe I need to rely on my Manufacture Utilities to get the latest drivers update or may be the right driver ? (if so , do I need to reinstall my Manufacture Utilities on the newly windows formatted ? ) checking for most ares so a lot of windows app process are already running and high CPU and disk usage and something are overkill them which I have to noticed (almost 90 0r 100 disk usage and almost the same for the CPU 90 or 100 CPU usage) and the Memory has a high usage at (90 or 91%) so I can’t to play any online game by using Mozilla Firefox so how can I fix the high memory usage while Firefox is open . I have a lot to check on it so this post might be edited at any time
  5. Just one more question . is there a FIX in the upcoming version of the MALWAREBYTES ? or this a WINDOWS bug ?
  6. Just I go to hitmanpro website to download it but Malwarebytes for Firefox is blocked this download the website which I want to download from is blow https://www.hitmanpro.com/en-us/hmp.aspx the download URL is blow https://files.surfright.nl/hitmanpro_x64.exe I use MALWAREBYTES Firefox add-one version 1.0.30 as well!
  7. Gt-truth

    Malwarebytes Wallpapers

    most of these background’s wallpaper are too small to my device screen Resolution ! so , are there any new backgrounds wallpaper?
  8. Gt-truth

    Windows 10, version 1809 released

    another new faulty driver by Intel Audio driver https://www.onmsft.com/news/windows-10s-october-2018-update-brings-audio-issues-microsoft-explains-the-cause
  9. Gt-truth

    Windows 10, version 1809 released

    @nukecad I have remove the "media creation tool" from the "download"folder and download a fresh one and however I still get an error using this tool .(I have attach an screenshot ) for the blue screen of death , yes , I have no any of it (no any BSOD so far) and just to check for OS update by going to "check for update" the only update there is for windows defender which is already disabled ! and I have check on your link and I have to download the update to remove the faulty driver and not sure if it got better or not ! anyway , Googling this and I find a new tool other then media creation tool which both are by Microsoft to refresh or upgrade the OS which you can to download it from here you can read about tool from here https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10startfresh
  10. Gt-truth

    Windows 10, version 1809 released

    so I have to download the "Microsoft media creation tool" and just to first run of this tool and however it takes a long way to doing it’s things and on the end an error is show up and this tool is failed to have it’s job done ! which it cause to broke and damage my new USB sticks (and now my USB flash disk is no longer work) and even windows tool are unable to recognize this USB disk and it show a 0 in the size ? it should be have (8 GB) in the size ! Warning : to reader who read on and ran into those problem , do not use this tool for next time . the USB disk will got damaged right after using the Microsoft media creation tool!
  11. Gt-truth

    Windows 10, version 1809 released

    @nukecad yeah ! this is a new HP laptop ! so , If I roll back my laptop to windows version 1803 then I will lost all open webpage in the Firefox tabs ? EDIT : can not be roll back to previous version of windows build 1803 ! maybe Because I had to use the disk cleanup utility as I read in your link what’s next ?
  12. Gt-truth

    Windows 10, version 1809 released

    after I update to windows version 1809 , my new LAPTOP start behaving weirdly and now it has more serious issue just like "windows 1809" not compatible with my new laptop and vice versa my manufacture drivers is not compatible with windows latest version 1809 and I think that why this laptop has a lag because the all driver are not working properly ? so sometime I get "not responding" message (app hang issue) an manufacture utility has detect that this the newer upgrade installation of the "windows version 1809" isn’t compatible with this device ? evermore of that not sure what else can I go with ? do I need to wipe and format this from the scratch and install windows 10 afresh ? if so , where did I get an previous ISO of the windows 10 ? my manufacture utility says I need for (windows version 1803) note : even Microsoft update Assistant is to hang when it downloading this update version1809 (I have tired more then once with Microsoft update tool and still hang) and disk cleanup is also to remove the user file from the download folder and this is this first time I see such thing happen !
  13. this is my first experience/first use of Windows 10 , so , to answer you , I do no know if these app are running in the background or not ! and the disk have a lot of free space but windows update had take some space too which the disk is 500 GB in the size! I have a few software file only on my "download" folder EDIT here : not sure if this one but here a new problem https://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-free-up-disk-space-after-updating-to-windows-10-april-2018-update/ Microsoft link https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/12425/windows-10-free-up-drive-space @exile360 not really sure if updating to new version of windows will take up that space on the hard drive ? (I will read what in those link later time of course ) even MALWAREBYTEA is take a long time to scan on this brand new laptop along with other security software are taking a long time to do a scan (this may help?)
  14. here’s the lists of crappy app by Microsoft Alarms @ clock app installer Claculator Camera Candy Crush Saga Candy Crush Soda Saga Dolby Access Feedback Hub Game bar Get help Groove Music HEIF image Extension Hidden City : Hidden object Adventure Mail and Calender Maps Microsoft Messaging Microsoft news Microsoft pay Microsoft Solitaire collection Mixed Reality Portal Mixed Reality viwer Mobile plans Movie & TV My Office Onenote People Photo Editor Polarr Photos Print 3D Skype Snip & Sketch Sticky Notes Store Experienc host Tips Voic Recorder VP9 video Extension Weather Web Media Extension Webp image Extension Xbox Xbox Game Bar Xbox Game Speech windows Xbox Identity Provider Xbox live Your Phone working on it right now (to uninstalling all Microsoft crappy app which in the lists above) and you’re right Microsoft do not want from us to use any others App software and they have add a lot of Adware of both their gadget / Widget which showing an ad and other info about the user and about the PC when you hover at start menu @gonzo I will check and look for any bloatware after I done of uninstalling of those app above and I will come with any update about it ! EDIT : you may want to check my reply here
  15. OK then , I’m going to have some works to uninstall window app that come Pre-installed with windows 10 (there are a lot of them) which takes the hard disk space I think ! so I’ll need some time to get back to you !

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