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  1. the whole folder of the Malwarebytes’s Adwcleaner have been zipped as into this post . AdwCleaner.rar
  2. before a few day my HP Support Assistant version 8 prompted me to a new updated version of HP Support Assistant is available so I say yes and click on yes to update to latest version which v9 . when all done I had noticed that this new release of this v9 had a bad and ugly design and a lot of setting/option is totally missing and also they have erased out all my login information from this crapware version so I dislike this new Rouge HP Support Assistant release due to so many problem , one of those problem is HP Support Assistant can not be uninstalled nor there an option to make an uninstall .the other problem is they are still supplying/pushing out an older drivers to my new windows version 1903 (OS version is the latest one already since they told me to update to latest OS version) . I’ve fad with HP since I have to report this problem to them but they haven’t fix the issues . anyway I had to download the Malwarebytes’s adwcleaner to remove the bloatware from my device and I had to rebooting but upon the device is started up to desktop the adwcleaner it says it had fixed 8 items but no items are being fixed ? HP Support Assistant is still on the notification/startup area and even on my desktop and also adwcleaner detected non-existing bloatware ? in the log file it show that items being deleted but isn’t
  3. Hello @rakka yes I have just check again to download the installer version but it still blocked ,
  4. Hello @1PW this is another website’s by the same company which is the main web-site , however the only blocked is on the installer version and NO block on the portable version . main websites : https://www.vsrevogroup.com/ https://www.revouninstaller.com/ other website : http://vsrevogroup.net/browser_cleaner_history_cleaner.html download page : http://vsrevogroup.net/revo_uninstaller_free_download.html direct downloads : http://vsrevogroup.net/revosetup.exe http://vsrevogroup.net/revouninstaller.zip and here a screen grab .
  5. Revo uninstaller download is blocked however not sure what version of the Revo uninstaller is being blocked by the Malwarebytes extension version 1.0.46
  6. the contents in that folder is still locked even after that software able to recovery it . this folder contain some of older portable tools and PNG files and FBR files (recording file) which is by BB flash back software , meanwhile I need to have the encrypted files by the windows to be unlocked because I no longer have the access to that hard disk . they are just a files were heavily been edited for the gaming project . if there no way then this topic can be close as unresolved .
  7. thanks exile360 for the information for the flash player for windows 10 going to read your topic later today
  8. that’s OK @exile360 since I’ve been looking for the original source of all those files which is inside the "RemoveJave folder" but I am unable to find them on the other External-Hard Disk’s , one of them is previously damaged and fully got out of functionally since a few years back and thus make me wondering whether the source of all those files was stored on that (External-Hard Disk 160 GB ) or not . as of risky plugins as a JAVA , I even do not use the Flash player on this device and I’ve never install of Adobe’s Flash player but however I just check on this path Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features\Installed Updates and I noticed that an update for Adobe’s Flash player were installed ? how this update got on my device ? via windows update ? also . I do not think the Java RA can not be use on windows 10 system , I’ve not tried myself yet but just a thought here this External-Hard Disk was originally bought for all other windows 7 PC’s devices not for windows 10 as of yet . and there is also was an portable windows 7 on it I’ve make it as an Emergency disk as a backup to moving all other files from a non boot-able device @AdvancedSetup as of this moment I was able to fully recovering the whole folder with the encrypted files so I’d be happy to go with your script . folder path changed after recovering to one below : C:\Users\user\Pictures\1 NTFS\LostFiles\RemoveJava
  9. thanks but this is not the Java and nor a folder by Java either , but this folder name "RemoveJava" is created by a tool called JavaRA I’ve never install the Jave on this laptop and yes I’ve now have 2 of the external hard disk both are totally emptied for back up purpose for my device and for other date . will check again and get back here .
  10. thanks @thisisu this have now been resolved by delete the file above
  11. hello @exile360 and @AdvancedSetup I wish if I have the chance to use your own FRST script but I Stupidly had to do a disk format and a delete of partition ( an external TOSHIBA hard disk here) both for two times already and that because of so many recovery software’s are unable to find the wiped files and folders . the GetDataback pro software is have my files found at the search stage but at the end of search the files are not Recognized to be recovered and I think they have the BIOS thing is not supported if I am right on this https://www.runtime.org/data-recovery-faq.htm however , I was able only to have another external hard disk recovered with GetDataback pro software because that drive with allocated space and haven’t been formatted or partitioned yet so Data have been recovered from that hard disk . Q. Can I use GetDataBack to recover data if my hard drive is not recognized by the BIOS of my computer? A. No, if the BIOS is not recognizing the hard drive, our software is not able to perform a recovery. Please make sure that the connections, jumper settings and controllers are okay. If the hard drive is still not recognized, try to connect it to another computer and see if it gets recognized there. also , an recovery software have my files found but it says files already been encrypted and however this is not a free software to use and their website seem to be outdated since 2009 . this software is awesome and its very fast and more faster then GetDataback pro software at searching and it can recover all your files even though if you do a disk format or by deleting the partition . this software called diskgetor but in my case not sure if this software will be able to recovery the encrypted files or not . this software is to have the original files name for you ! another software called R-studio but its very slow at searching and however its great to shows the original file’s and folder’s names other utilities from cgsecurity.org are pretty cool I’ve give them a try and they able to recovery most of encrypted files and folder but however I had a new issue when I select another hard disk’s drive to have the files recovered on it then I’ve been noticed an disk error on that disk which is an external hard disk , then I had to select another path which is to my desktop as a destination lactation and after this my device’s hard drive (C:) start errors out and not sure what is the cause behind this . right-click on a drive Properties > tool tab > error checking performed and NO any errors found on any of all of the external hard disk’s , but however when I use the commend prompt for a chkdsk it showing an drive’s error for almost all of them ? Repeating this more then once have the problem confirmed . their utilities will get you your files back but without your file’s original names so your files name will be changed on a recovery . unfortunately this utilities from cgsecurity.org are not able find some file format which is a records file by the BB FLASH back software which is the format of this file should be like this (FBR)
  12. Yes I did to tried that in the safe mode as well and the folder is still locked even though I was using the safe mode and some software are not working in safe mode just like lockHunter and other program as well. OK then I’m going to try Kaspersky Rescue disk to see how it goes then I will try other live CD. EDIT : I will do this after others tasks are done . thanks
  13. sure I’ve already tried it so many time but however when I have to copy then paste this folder somewhere else then the windows is throws out so many different error’s messages for the folder locked /permissions issue/or hard disk permissions or even a locked problem as lockHunter is also report that hard disk is locked out by another Microsoft processes . while I also have to use "Send to Desktop (create Shortcut)" but even this folder has the same issue . I’ve done so many SFC / SCANNOW and CHKDSK CMD and the problem is still haven’t been fixed yet . even though this is the first time I’ve got such a problem on Windows 10 !❌ on my others Windows XP and 7 devices I’ve never seen of such issue so look like Windows 10 is a full of the bugs since sfc scan is reports a corruption (even my device yet again has a Compatibility/faulty drivers issues with the HP drivers and windows 10 version1903 but HP have to release a new audio driver (for windows 1903) for my device make and model almost since a 3 days) although I will go back to earlier release of the windows 10 version 1803 which is seems to be the only best version for my device (since I can to see all HP’S software and drivers installed on there "Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features") once again I had right now to run another chkdsk on the external hard disk and I’m going to run another one for My device’s hard drive (C) . all others folders and files were moved successfully to a safe places expect this one which is called RemoveJave . still Googling of this problem and still no any luck
  14. I’ve go with this but still not fix it even by creating a new user account unfortunately . anyway I still Googling this problem and I have now a tool called "lockHunter"and it report the cause of this problem and why this folder got locked-up is because the Microsoft’s Explorer.exe
  15. here’s what it shows in the screens grabs also here is a screenshot of what the files are seems like
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