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  1. when I search today for it ... I got : looking for malwarebytes mobile security? this app isn’t available on Google Play in your region why ?
  2. I have an question : dose "factory reset" is restoring everything in the MBG setting ? I ask this because I had to disable "anonymous" ? do a reset is not fully restoring a few settings
  3. the device has just been turned back on and the problem still going , downloading the add-on from the link you posted dose not help . (error while downloading) the internet connection is fine
  4. a problem to updating the Malwarbytes database since a few 2 day ago and not sure where is the problem and I need to have it working again Malwarebytes browser guard version is 2.6.10 Firefox version is Firefox 117.0.1 then it updated to Firefox 118.0 however MB update still not work . error message is
  5. fast startup is off now so should I restart or shutdown the computer ? BTW : the change log for the Malwareytes support tool need an update so members or users can find what’s new in next version of the tool !
  6. computer rebooted and Malware protection is on again : ) so what was the problem ? @Porthos that is help to fix the problem . !
  7. my trial copy of Malwarebytes version has just been over and I’ve just log into my Malwarebytes account to copy the product key and to activate the software and now the the malware protection won’t be turn back on . Malwarebytes version update package version 1.0.72701 Component package version 1.0.2069 any clue ?
  8. windows reports no problem . Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations. and also the MBST asking to reinstall the latest version of Malwarebyts for windows and it no longer the tool asking for a system reboot ! so should I continue to manually reinstall the offline version without the need for a windows restart ?
  9. I turned the device off and turned on it back so I will give it another try to uploading .... mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. A few minutes ago I’ve just click on check for updates button to see if there a new version is available and there was a new update available and and I install it and after that an error is showed up even before the router got disconnected itself . so not sure if this has something to do with the router or not . the error form Malwarebytes software is :
  11. Thank! all of your helps have the most problem above to be resolved .
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