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  1. well, I just logged into the forum and my reply to this new topic here won’t be posted from the first click on the button but however I was able to have this new topic to be posted after clearing the web-browser junks (caches and cookies) here’s a few screenshots of a new error when I try to use the code tag and when I try to post a link to the new topic
  2. Thanks @AlexSmith . the admin install issue no more occurred (Problem Resolved) I will make a test to uploading a few file here in this topic because I do have a few more problem with Malwarebytes forum (other forum no problem)
  3. your welcome @gonzo but hey Hello again ! 😇 it seem the author made some changes on his website (some downloads links "exe’s format" has been deleted and they are replaced with a zip one) , a new links to a zip version of the downloads also are blocked (old download for a zip are blocked again) also the download page is now being blocked! download page : http://z-oleg.com/secur/avz/download.php
  4. I just logged in to my account ,. Browsing the Forum’s sections and as of sudden an error admin page is pop-up . screenshot of admin install error is attached and upload failed issue . (not even able to uploads anything to forum)
  5. Most likely one of the extension behind the issue . will check which one . Restarting Firefox in Troubleshoot mode and the problem is gone (I made this reply with Firefox switch to Troubleshoot mode)
  6. Latest version is already installed , however when i want to upload an a video file to the YouTube then it says this here is a screenshot
  7. SO windows 11 will be released after 4 years from now?
  8. You’re welcome Admin . I’d would be happy to comment on this . so not sure if where to comment to it but I’ve Quote your reply from your topic it is very bad to see Mozilla team to have their own web-browser to be a Google Chrome clone because I do not like their web browser . if Firefox goes to be as a Google Chrome clone then it’s the time to switch to another Firefox Based web browser like basilisk I think all other extension developers should’ve to supporting this web browser instead of Firefox .
  9. Hi why Malwarebytes Browser Guard is not basilisk web-browser support ? I hope to we have this web browser to be supported by MBG soon !
  10. the tool unable to removing any part of any bloatware by all manufactures out there ! you also can search and find others users reporting this .
  11. hello all . problem : a few well-known and trusts ones ad-blockers are no longer able to blocking the YouTube’s ads and this make me unhappy of course . I currently use ad-blocker from AD-guard company for android OS for mobile . this ad blocker was able to almost to blocking all ads but as of right now this one is no longer able to blocking the pop-ups ads with the default setting in the ad-guard so I had to hover up at their setting page and I have to put a check marks to all available option and now it blocking all YouTube’s ads but I now I have a new problem where the You tube video is no more playable and thus you’ll sees only black video screen . a suggestion : to have a brand new level browser protection for the android base users . a new protection layer from Malwarebytes company to fully guarding up the web-browser form any type of the annoying ads .
  12. after trying a few web-browser that claiming their web browser is built-in-ad-blocker and saying that their ad-blocker is able to blocking almost all ads but its not because the ads will suddenly be appeared on almost all web-sites !!!! So I have to trying well-known names of ad-blocker companies like AD-Guard Blocker which I would recommend it to you to be your AD-blocker extension that has a powerful Protection ! I also I will recommend Samsung web-browser for your Mobile with AD-Guard to be installed beware of all others web-browser on Google play store ! a lot of ads-blocker and web-browser by scammers out there !
  13. @LunaVix have you read this ? https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/microsoft-outage-breaks-sites-windows-store-xbox-and-other-services/
  14. OK . here is the URL which is blocked https://download.softorbits.com/files/PictureToPainting.exe note : the main website end with "net" but their downloads links are end with "com"
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