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  1. Thanks to you for clear out the issue . all download are now working fine . anyway here a screenshot if needed.
  2. Hello @mbam_mtbr thanks to you for help ! I will let you know how thing goes if there any update .
  3. Hi @mbam_mtbr thanks for your input and information ! so other web-browsers will not be protected by Malwarebytes for Android ?
  4. as of today Malwarebytes version 2.2.1 has blocking all downloads links for the cyrobo company software . is this a FP ? or not a FP website : https://www.cyrobo.com/
  5. yes the screenshot in this article are almost the same with my android settings . and I have to have most options for Malwarebytes and most of Malwarebytes features are turned off now . I’ve also to have made others option turned off , so as I understand that "manage manually = mean turn off" correct ?
  6. Hello @mbam_mtbr good to know we’re both are a users of Brave for mobile ! and a question : how can I install Malwarebytes Browser Guard on this device . if this is possible then can to I install MBG to Brave web-browser ? and why there is no search result for Malwarebytes Browser Guard in the Google play store using a Mobile device ?
  7. Hello @LiquidTension and @exile360 it’s a bit of time passed and still no update on this issue . so not sure if can I open up a new topic for non beta version but for the same issue is still occurred to the stable version of the Malwarebytes
  8. hello @mbam_mtbr unfortunately there also no such "Special access" option which are in the screenshots in the other link and it completely deference options and meantime I am not able to find such options . this is a complicated for me .:(
  9. HI @mbam_mtbr so I have to install the Firefox but it has a few problems , one is to open a blank page even when I search for anything so I turn off what I think the ad blocker and this solve the blank page problem but however the Firefox is very slow for the android OS . so I had to uninstall it and I had to install Brave . no any AD on either Firefox and Brave though so will continue with Brave web browser from now on
  10. I am seeing a completely deference options compared to the screenshots in the article link. battery usage > power consumption alert is now toggled off there is a "force stop" button , I click on it and it can not force stop the power consumption .
  11. hello @mbam_mtbr I am not familiar because I’m a new user to Mobile , so how can to check and where should I looking at ? how do to have the battery optimization to be turned off ?
  12. updated to latest version of MBG version 2.2,1 seem have the issue resolved ! thanks to you and to all Malwarebytes team for all hard works
  13. Hi @mbam_mtbr thanks to you for input . I will install Firefox and I will give it a try .. my make and model is STK-L21 there a lot of Information . if you need them to be posted then let me know (I will type it manually)
  14. @Firefox I had the same problem as your and I’ve put an check mark already to not block the software that I want to install but MBG won’t let me to download it . when this is occurred then MBG will open a second block page as in a new tab .
  15. me too I had this slow scan issue on my android device where the Malwarebytes is taking too long way to scanning the apps .
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