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  1. that what I’ve been seeing it with the Malwarebytes support tool ! I think this might be because of FRST tool is integrated into Malwarebytes support tool and my Windows security keeps flagging and blocking of the FRST tool when I had to run it . thanks for sharing your notes .
  2. yes I was referring to the system tray area . however there are others reports of the same issue which is for version 3 on the forum . anyway thanks for clears up the matter
  3. I appreciate that to you to inform me to a download link for Malwarebytes version 4 in FAQ topic and in this topic . I will download it now from the link you posted . by the way I had to uninstall MBv4 by using Revo uninstaller and then to reboot the system and then to use the Malwarebytes support tool latest version then to restart the windows I then I have to install Malwarebytes then had to power off and power on the device . upon windows is started up I do still see the double icon there even though I now use the free version as more test of the problem . so I can tell the double icon issue is occurs with free and paid version
  4. Norman AV should also be not recommends because either AVG or AVAST has bought Norman company
  5. here come another reason https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/software/avast-and-avg-firefox-extensions-pulled-from-mozilla-addons-site/ https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/hackers-breach-avast-antivirus-network-through-insecure-vpn-profile/
  6. thanks for clear things up with your screenshots @exile360 , however I had hard time to find some of those Malwarebytes version 4 software setting which is in your screenshots and the things are now becoming even more complicated because Malwarebytes sometime it will automatically preforming unneeded scans when I re-lunch it from the desktop and some time the Malwarebytes is already running in startup area and when I double-clicking on its icon to have MB opened from the tray app/startup then I see an scan has been performed already without my consent and I do not think this is an scheduled scan but it might be an incorrect behavior anyway .... I always do Enable this option which in the setting page when I have to install Malwarebytes and when I have to said the Rootkit scanning is not displayed in the scan page of the software GUI then yes . the "scanning for rootkit" sometime will not be there even though and sometime it will be there (I only had enable the scan for rootkit option in the setting page and I had leave the MB alone to scanning in the background "performed by an scheduled scan not by me"> screenshot link https://vvcap.com/4VLOjigrN ) and for my scheduled scan setting here is another screenshot https://vvcap.com/bI7FnH0DI and for the one thing which is to be confused as well is the big scan button in the main GUI ? it has only "scan wording" and it should be (threat scan wording) anyway while when I click on it , it says its doing a Threat scan so when I had click on this button this mean it is an manual scan ? something still so complicated here my question here is the scheduled scan is the same as when I manually runs a threat scan . custom scan or even quick scan ? or it is an auto task that is to be called scheduled scan task ? correct? also the fast startup has been disabled as of opening of this topic here @digmorcrusher that is why I do not use both quick scan and custom scan that much because I think a custom scan is probably meant to scans an portable device like (external hard drive . flash drive etc )
  7. I will perform a clean install of Malwarebytes version 4 but why is this an online installer still being offered . and where can I find an full-offline-installer because it is will better then the online one .
  8. thanks for Clarification on this however an old problem is now return when I had to turn off the fast startup and Zeman is still delayed to shown up in the startup list and thus when fast startup is off. Malwarebytes has now been function normally by disabling the windows 10 fast startup but now MB double icon issue is coming back again ! here is an screenshot for the Malwarebytes old problem https://vvcap.com/8wR1mhIqJ
  9. check whether this folder is empty or not first before doing anything else .sometime Adwcleaner will detect an empty folder .if it is an empty folder then this can be safely removed . create your system restore point first . Go to C:\ and look for that folder and check if it has 0 KB in the size .
  10. hello @1PW NO ,, I do not have an system’s image nor a full backup yet. I truly not sure on this one because I do not want to mess with the new windows installation (currently installed is windows 10 version 1903) and do not want to make a risk by installing the 1909 update so I’ll just wait for a few days .
  11. My device got the same Microsoft cumulative updates as in your but however my device is once again not ready for the latest Windows 10 version 1909 because I checked on the manufacture website and they haven’t offering a new drivers for the latest version of windows v 1909 and not sure what should to do I do now . so should to not install this update ?
  12. that is very strange now . I had to check again on Microsoft website and the Iso version above is no longer listed for download but they now is offering the new ISO released a few day ago which is (Win10_1909_English_x64) anyway I have make another download for Win10_1909_English_x64 and was there no any block and not causes any downloads problem at least this time when I had to make downloading of Win10_1909_English_x64 and the download is complete without a problem yes the download link is only valid for 24 hours but hey we can to make a new link for almost any others ISO version old or new . and if the issue is return again then I will let you know thanks to you for all of tests on this , your screenshot and reply .
  13. Brief description of the issue. a short description of the old bug problem that is still existing in Malwarebytes version 2 and 3 and even the newest currently released of the version 4 . so Malwarebytes is to performed a scheduled scans with rootkit scan option is toggled on by the user but however when an auto scan is launched by Malwarebytes itself , sometime it won’t scan for Rootkit even though this option is been already turned on and nor the "scanning for rootkit" text in the scan page will not even be displayed though . Any screenshot(s) of error messages or other incorrect behavior (not required; include if available). there is no any screenshot but an video available for this old bug thing . so yes I think its incorrect behavior here . If the system crashed, please include the BSOD error message (we will reach out to you for a full memory dump). no any app crash at this moment . and there is no Dumps crash folder either Details on how you encountered the bug and any steps that can be taken to reproduce it. just let the Malwarebytes to do its scheduling scanning and sometime you’ll able to to get the issue described above and thus in order to able to reproduce it as well . also aside note : this is also occurred with the manual scans sometime Do you get the same result more than once if you follow the same steps? Y/N yes . as I mention above I do get the almost the same results with all version of Malwarebytes which are (version 2 and 3 and 4) - and I also I have an old video for the same issue for version 2 of the Malwarebytes but not sure If I have an video for the version 3 or not so I will double-check on there Untitled 2019-11-14 02-36-27.wmv
  14. hello gatortail my bad for posting the wrong version number for Malwarebytes Browser Guard which can be found it in topic tag and in the above reply , while I have the latest version 2.1.2 already updated .since 12 day ago . let me know if there anything can I do ,
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