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  1. this was an old bug that caused to check for updates to be stuck somehow , but the bug it now has return at this moment and it stuck for more more then 1 hour so not really sure what should do I do now ! should I click on the Malwarebytes icon in the app tray area on order to close it or what else can I do ? Version Information Update package version Component package version Malwarebytes version 1.0.823 check for updates check for updates still running ....
  2. Gt-truth

    ICQ for Windows

    here the URL https://icq.com/windows/en not sure IF i can to post the other download URL because could be harm .
  3. thanks for clarification with your screenshot ! I now I understand what CU is mean . I also just update to latest Component package version 1.0.823 .
  4. what is CU refer to or what is CU mean ?
  5. Gt-truth

    ICQ for Windows

    just have this ICQ for windows download is blocked by Malwarebytes Browser Guard version 2.1.9 let me know whether this a FP or not . thanks
  6. I had to install a chatting software called Discord in yesterday which is the first time I have to use it . through installation have not seen anything suspicious , however I shut down the laptop and power it back in next day and the Discord has gone and I can not find it even through windows search .I even had to looking manually in the (C:) drive and there are no any folder related to Discord software ? nor an association icon on the desktop or even in app tray area .
  7. as of yesterday I had to refresh my Firefox web-browser and to have all extensions reinstalled but however Malwarebytes is still blocking it ,
  8. @gatortail My Firefox web-browser is still found two extensions updates are available , I checked with add-ons manager and the message is still displayed in there (checked as of yesterday and today) . screenshots are attached . @Popeye yes this might be a Glitch or something else . I still not have a clue ,
  9. unfortunately , I am having a weird issue here so My Malwarebytes Browser Guard is now switch to an old version 2.1.5 and I will post a screenshots there now
  10. @gatortail I do have this website here which I tried to download from https://filmora.wondershare.com/ and they have more websites as well . and meanwhile here is a screenshot of the block
  11. this one , however I still not tried all others Wondershare links which are for their others software , https://ssl-download.wondershare.com/filmora_full846.exe
  12. hello there . I received an updated for Malwarebytes browser guard version 2.1.7 as of yesterday and I have received another update of the Malwarebytes browser guard version 2.1.5 which have to replaced 2.1.7 already, I think . anyway I was on version 2.1.5. before then updated to 2.1.7 .then as of today update to 2.1.5 ?! how is this even possible ? is there a broken update or something went wrong ?
  13. thanks for have them all whitelisted . Malwarebytes Browser Guard is now blocked Wondershare software is this a FP ?
  14. that what I’ve been seeing it with the Malwarebytes support tool ! I think this might be because of FRST tool is integrated into Malwarebytes support tool and my Windows security keeps flagging and blocking of the FRST tool when I had to run it . thanks for sharing your notes .
  15. yes I was referring to the system tray area . however there are others reports of the same issue which is for version 3 on the forum . anyway thanks for clears up the matter
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