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  1. yes I know that already when it came to the users , a Microsoft MSN (windows live) is an messenger software for windows since windows XP , anyway I want to makes some questions here . so , there are some of new peer-to-peer messaging software that to using the user’s IP and they claiming to not uploading the user DATA to their own server nor to have the user’s DATA already saved somewhere by them . as I know the peer to peer is meant for a Torrent Clint software tools . so how these messaging software to be a peer-to-peer ? using of a such software is safe ? Malwarebytes is protected user while they are using it ? and why is Microsoft is bundled the windows 10 with the Skype ? (I do not use it but may be I will use another one for gaming if it safe to use of course) if not any plan by Malwarebytes team to covered this ?
  2. hi team . just checking on there . and suddenly I found both atribune website and forum both are blocked ! the atribune project is totally dead since a long time as I think but however , the atribune website is still a live and the download link for ATC cleaner is still available but the forum is dead as I think here .' website : http://www.atribune.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=25&Itemid=25 forum : http://www.atribune.org/forums/ here’s both screenshots as it should be
  3. @AdvancedSetup you’re right . not sure why every AV companies want force hooking up their craps into the user’s web browsers !"Password protection" or even "safe search feature" ? this an old school style and no longer needed because the search’s engines out there are already has its own safe search feature enabled for now on. and they will auto setting up the safe search for most Peoples ! I’ve never been using any of the passwords stuff before and I see no need for that either . Usually I have my passwords saved as in a text file Firefox is my favorite web browser ! this web-browser has more features and extra protection as of this day . you can make a customization of FIREFOX and to have your favorite add-ons installed . so . dose AVG Password protection is to inject DLLs into FIREFOX ? if yes , then this mean it will caused a problem to the web browser .https://www.ghacks.net/2019/01/21/firefox-will-block-dll-injections/ for AVG and others anti-virus/NORMAN anti virus software/cleaner software like Ccleaner which all are owned now by AVAST . we’ve no longer using them . for me I’ve been using an old tool for now on my 10 device as well , a tool like TFC (temp file cleaner by OldTimer) , and ATF-cleaner by atribune. @Maurice Naggar thanks for the article link.
  4. thanks for you for those links . I will give it a try right now and report back . I’m currently reading this SOLVED: "You Need to Format the Disk Before You Can Use It" after improper USB unplugging. its free utility . and I will report back when I done .
  5. I still not really sure why the partition G: got damaged /corrupted .anyway the GetDataBack Pro is a great software to use it is very fast software to scan the damaged or corrupted hard drive it only takes a few minutes to show all folder of the windows OS folder and file and my files too in the disk (G:) ! so I recommend to all users to not using any data recovery software because some of them are very slows to scan , their software will hung every few seconds .some will came bundled as with a lot of partitions software and most of features are not available so it is useless (it asking to scan for recover and etc : but they will ask you to pay for it with a high price) . so only use the good software for that purposes . a trial version of the GetDataBack Pro software it supposed to allow to the users to recovering the data at the least for during trial use of the this software but it is not allows that to the users even though by using the trial ! OK I’ve to posted some of the screenshots , it may be of any kind of helps to understand what happened to the Drive/Partition (G:) are below : and when I run a check disk I got this error C:\Windows\system32>chkdsk G: /f The type of the file system is RAW. CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives.
  6. Hello @AdvancedSetup and @exile360 non of their website’s are blocked by the Malwarebytes extension for Firefox web-browser the only blocked are almost on their download’s EXE’s.URLS exactly ! they are already having so many or a lot of websites out there and I doubt of that most of their downloads are blocked as well! and also , they are having a lot of software and dos version of the software and a portable utilities and so on .
  7. yes ,I didn’t . the Drive G: is contains on windows 7 OS alongside with my files as well . and for the data recovery software most of them are useless , they are not free . so still looking for free ones . and not sure how that partition becoming a RAW in format . this could be the issue ? and OK here a snapshot of one data recovery tool . this will take longer to done the analysis
  8. OK , searching for data recovery software right now . and the disk management says all disk are healthy
  9. is there any tool to pulling the data from the damaged ~ corrupted partition/driver , and what should do I do now ?
  10. yes the hard drive is clean and it was taken from my other laptop which is goes offline for a long time due to a problem.. I’ve done to rebooting the system and unplug the hard drive and re-plug it and still no go and there is currently one computer . in meanwhile I’ve check with a partition software and something is goes wrong by something else , here an screenshot . so if to I create a new partition then this will not wipe off the data in partition /drive G ?
  11. OK , that is good to know and I’ll have to make sure to have the right one since the partition (C:) has almost 145 GB and however not really sure if USB can to have a 150 GB capacity or something like this . and I’ve just Plug in the external hard drive to the laptop but it throw up an errors when trying to access to a few partitions of this external hard drive and I need to have this to be fixed because there are so many of my important file such text and text rich file and software program.exe’s files and a cmd files by the Malwarebytes support and others , etc the external hard drive was working OK before a few days but not sure why it thrown all these errors messages ! when I want to access to partition (G:) then I got this error below : Location is not available G:\ is not accessible. the volume does not contain a recognized file system . Please make sure that all required file system drives are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted. now the drive G has 0bytes and it asking to perform an disk format Local Disk (G:) Properties General Type: Local Disk File System: Used space: 0 bytes 0 bytes free space: 0 bytes 0 bytes Capacity: 0 bytes 0 bytes Drive G: Tools The disk check could not be performed because the disk is not formatted. Would you like to format the disk ? Microsoft Windows You need to format the disk G: before you can use it. Do you want to format it?
  12. sure ! and looking for another one so are there any alternative of the Ultra surf (portable and clean and safe one) ? because I do not thinks that I will be able or to I want to submit an false positives reports to all of those vendors .
  13. sounds a great measure to go with to avoid any of blue screens" I will do this when I gets some new USB flash drives , Maybe tomorrow or so on and I want to ask if should I make the backup thing on a flash stick or on an external hard drive ? currently the largest USB in size I have is only 16 GB ! yes . I have a few of external hard drives already but I need to work to checking them and free up some space in order to have one of them to be emptied for the backup thing in case an external hard drive media is needed for a backed-up purpose any recommendation for the flash drive size and external hard drive size before buying ? this will be good , and if so any , I need to have a good and fast USB drive product and external hard drive product because I want to changing from a good and old storage media to anew one ,fast and more spaces and etc , of course . does Malwarebytes company is offering such products in the market ? that because I’ve noticed that my device’s manufacture has owned USB flash drives products which are for selling !
  14. it look like it has been whitelisted already . it no Longer blocked either here . can I get an confirmation if this was an problem with my web browser which trigger the block by the Malwarebytes extension ? or this was already in the database but it got removed now ? thanks
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