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  1. I almost to forget something over here ! when I was on the free 14 trial edition of the Malwarebytes , an UAC prompt for "MBAMWsc.exe" is pop-popping up all time upon the windows just starting up to the desktop then the so the "MBAMWsc.exe" will pop-popping up all time asking for a permission for UAC and this issue is only happens when I was on the free 14-days trial of the Malwarebyts version 4 but not sure if other’s premium users had the same problem or not .
  2. Hello I recently got the newest Malwarebytes version installed on my own system , the 14 trial days has expired a two day ago I think but meanwhile I had to exiting/closing it of it when the system is just been to be powered back on. then MB to be opened it up by itself and it running itself in the Windows Taskbar to showing up more then ads front of Malwarebytes UI !!!! so when I had to clicking on the "X" to closing all pop-popping up messages then nothing is happens because the pop-ups nagging message are reappearing over and over when I click on "X" even though when I hover to s
  3. hello the new Malwarebytes forum look very nice . awesome upgrade but however , some forum widget/or feature option is gone at this upgrade like "topic starter"
  4. it look like the issue also with Firefox https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/80.0.1/releasenotes/?utm_source=firefox-browser&utm_medium=firefox-browser&utm_campaign=whatsnew
  5. I’ve just to run the Malwarebytes support tool and log can be found in the attachment mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. Hello again . the newest Malwarebytes version has a problem as of again , wheres are Malwarebytes tray application and Malwarebytes service both are running and I can see both via task manager but however Malwarebytes software itself won’t load up and not showing either in system tray area even though the fast start up is already disabled . with this new issue that Malwarebytes has . my system’s volume thing won’t work and got service disabled due to MB new issue caused . not sure if I should to post it here or should to open up a new topic but lets see first what should I do n
  7. I was using this web browser called cliqz for gaming and It was a good web browser but I just go to their website and they have make a note that their web-browser is no longer available anymore for the download and use . so any one know what will happen to their other’s product Ghostery ad-blocker then ? . I’ll had to uninstall it as after this topic not sure if this web-browser is an open source or not however ... but if it is then. maybe Mozilla they will no longer allowed the others to using Firefox’s cods
  8. yes that is correct , I want to fully uninstall Malwarebytes Privacy alike because my test license has expired but I also have no problem to test what exile360 asked for to try to reinstall but I still haven’t reinstall it yet EDIT : I will also try your suggestion , thanks AdvancedSetup Malwarebytes support tool has now supports of removal of MB privacy or not ?
  9. hello . I do not use the Google chrome web browser on this laptop device and has never been installed before on my windows 10 device and also I do use Firefox web-browser and I have the sync feature always be disabled . I also did toggle the "check app and file" to off and should I now to run MBprivacy setup to test whether if exile360’s suggestion will correct the issue ? or should I wait for a reply ? thanks
  10. I thought that the problem is my Internet connection but not sure yet because my internet network is OK not slow or having a problem with networking . just to I be more clear on this : this SmartScreen is to sometime to blocking exe’s files when my laptop is not connected to the network and today I got this for first time when the smart screen is has blocked MB Privcay even though my Laptop was connected to the internet . I can not tell more and what is caused to smart screen to not able to contact to Microsoft’s server .
  11. as asked by @gatortail to I have to open up a new topic for an Malwarebytes Browser Guard problems . Firefox user here not a Google chrome . anyway the Issue that I still seeing it is the both options of " I want to continue to the site and do not block this site" none of them works even though I click so many time on both options . well . Malwarebytes Browser Guard most of time not allowed to users to bypassing to the downloads from the developers websites to garbing the wanted software and thus even if you’ve already put a check mark on the "do not block this site" or even to click
  12. I’ve just download a new fresh copy of Malwarebytes Privacy to my download folder but however Windows security getting in the way when I want to double-clicking on MBprivacy.exe and it now been blocked so Malwarebytes Privacy is now been blocked by Windows defender on the windows 10 :*(' what happen ?
  13. having an issue with Malwarebytes Privacy VPN , when I had to uninstalled prior this topic , it was uninstalled by using Revo Uninstaller software but however Malwarebytes privacy has not been fully uninstalled and the leftover files and folder behind are locked and cannot be deleted even though by using a FRST utility . Fix result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (x64) Version: 30-06-2020 Ran by user (02-07-2020 19:51:20) Run:3 Running from C:\Users\user\Downloads Loaded Profiles: user Boot Mode: Normal ============================================== fixlist content: ***************** HKU\S-1
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