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Found 23 results

  1. I just bought MalwareBytes Privacy VPN for 5 Devices. When I installed the app on Android and used the key, I proceeded to connect to the nearest server. However, when I turn on the VPN, it says Private IP Adress: Null, and it also kills my internet completely, even though I am still connected to it. I have tried turning the VPN on and off, connecting to different servers, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, deleting the VPN profile, and connecting to different networks, but to no avail. Any way to fix this?
  2. Hello, when looking through site settings, there is a button on top named: all sites. THere are 2 weird sites there: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14QWtVdQDyo0W1BAB4XqxfJlhkSRJbwEL/view?usp=sharing Only site i've been on when this sites appeared was VRT, the others are when i searched for the .pl one. WHat do i need to do? And is this due to VRT, or do i have a malware infection?
  3. Hi. I ran into the most peculiar thing the other day. Malwarebytes was updated and it ran a post-update scan as it is usual. This scan takes longer than manual scans and I have gotten used to it taking around 20 minutes. This time however it went over an hour and it got stuck on the file DCIM/@G/[Gibberish] (See the image below). I was afraid that my phone had been on the process of being encrypted so I popped the SD out of the phone. The scan continued and went after yet another file with similar termination and after an additional hour I stopped the scan, trying to figure out what had happened fearing it had been a ransomware. I went to look into the SD and found out some images and videos had been corrupted, in fact Windows asked me to repair the device, perhaps a silly thing to do because I am not sure if there is wormable ransomware these days but I needed to know if my files were safe. I found out some were corrupted but thankfully I have this information backed into my PC and Cloud Storage. The most peculiar thing however is that my backup on Google Drive shown some of the corrupted files from my SD too. After restart, I set a manual scan and nothing was found. I backed up my SD data, format the SD and reinserted it back into the phone. I ran another scan and nothing was found. I left the phone on but unconnected to the internet and after 24 hours it seems to be functional with no changes whatsoever, I have Glasswire in the device and after reconnecting to the internet, there was no new service trying to connect to a C&C server nor anything unusual. As far as I can tell it works as normal. I am not sure what had just happened since I do not have any new apps nor I use this phone to browse the internet, I mostly use this phone as a camera and app authenticator and no changes have been done in months. I need to trust this device, I was wondering if there is a way I could send you logs from this device in case something is out of the ordinary. I am currently using a SD from Adata, perhaps the information had been corrupted over time and I did not notice, the SD is about 3 years old now. I hope you can help me with this matter, thank you in advance for your help. Kind Regards.
  4. Good morning I wanted to consult with a member of malwarebytes to help me with a problem that I have had for a long time, it is that I have a virus that is installed only on my cell phone even after having restarted it from the factory, what happens is that applications are installed With names like Calendar, Settings, Game store and the one that always appears and apparently is the strongest one called gooysf, apart from this, the browsers only open to a page called hastopic.com and also to the playstore to applications Like alibaba, when I try to type on the keyboard sometimes it closes on its own and when I want to see all the apps I see that there is an app called settings that apparently works in the background and it also pauses the videos that I see, finally all this is It installs in the files of the system folders with names like qwusz ayzx and many (I got to delete 46) also it slows down the phone and turns it off by itself or leaves it inoperative forcing me to restart it forcibly, my t Elephone is a zte blade a315 with android 6, I would appreciate your help
  5. I ported my number from Virgin to Sky today and since changing the SIM, my Samsung mobile phone will only boot into download mode and won't go past that. Could Malwarebytes have suspected SimJacking and locked me out? If so, what's the workaround please?
  6. 😄 i pessoal, eu tenho uma pergunta se eu tenho malware no meu telefone Android. Quando procuro por um produto através da barra de busca padrão do Google e acesso a uma das Propogandas da Amazon (o único site que acontece) eu paro em um site chamado 3313.g4ken.com, e assim ele me envia para o site da Amazon. Isso pode ser um vírus? Eu estava em dúvida porque quando pesquisando g4ken aparece muita gente dizendo que é vírus. English: Hi everyone, I have a question if I have malware on my Android phone. When I search for a product through Google's standard search bar and access to one of Amazon's Propogandas (the only site that happens) I stop at a site called 3313.g4ken.com, and so it sends me to the Amazon site . Can this be a virus? I was in doubt because when researching g4ken it appears many people saying that it is virus.
  7. My device (Tecno W2) with Android 6.0 Marshmallow is infected with a trojan virus. The first symptom I noticed was that Chrome will just open a random webpage, even if I close it, it will open up again, so I had to disable Chrome. Then, other things started happening like sudden display of random images on the home screen, and the images are also downloaded and saved on the device. I did a factory reset, but the virus is still there, so I now know it's in the root file. After the factory reset, once I connect to the internet, it will install an app called Magic, and then start downloading those images, and displaying them, and also open Chrome again and again. I could have put up with these, but then the device started slowing down and becoming laggy, even restarting itself. I installed Malwarebytes and it always detect the virus and then uninstall the app 'Magic' and 'Settings', but then they will be installed again. So, the problem is removing the root infection in the device's system files, I searched and the only solution is for me to root the device and do some things, but I don't even know how to root the device and also how to remove the virus in the system files. Please help!
  8. one blind spot I see is that when I tried to scan a mobile device from my computer today is Malwarebytes didn't detect it, this would be useful in cases where the phone is damaged by malware
  9. I disabled it in settings, but I don't know what else I can do to clean this up. If I attempt to 'remove it it says 'cannot remove a system file and tells me to whitelist it. Thanks, Harrison
  10. Is there a way of using my key I got for my pc on my mobile? I tried using it to go premium but it didn't accept it, I think you should have an option on adding this as it only seems reasonable.
  11. I know that there is an option for hiding the app icon but can there also be an option to hide the pull down notification that says "Crushes Malware. Restores Confidence."? I have found a way to turn this off, just go Settings>Apps>Malwarebytes under Android and uncheck the Show Notification. However if you do this you will not be told if something is wrong with your system.
  12. We've received several complaints about Tagged.com on desktop and mobile web has been improperly blocked by Malwarebytes. There's not much detail attached to the warning messages, besides telling us we're blocked or have malicious links. Can we please get more detail as to why we're blocked? Screenshots from PC and Android mobile web are attached.
  13. We've received several complaints about Tagged.com on desktop and mobile web has been improperly blocked by Malwarebytes. There's not much detail attached to the warning messages, besides telling us we're blocked or have malicious links. Can we please get more detail as to why we're blocked? Screenshots from PC and Android mobile web are attached.
  14. Hey guys, I was wondering something. When I found out that Android's Malwarebytes was updated to 3.0 thus taking advantage of premium finally, I wondered if my current lifetime premium license would work for it. The current number is a different kind of number from newer ones so I can't use the "redeem" option in the app . So I thought I'd see if I had an account that maybe has a mobile license number attached to it, but what I'm seeing is I can't create an account unless i paid for a temporary subscription from the website. I was hoping to login to a similar account on both my computer and mobile but it seems that's not an option as I also don't see an option to login to an account in the app. So I'm assuming that I cannot create an account and I have to pay for mobile separately? Just was wanting to get this straight. Thanks.
  15. Hello. We are an app developer that have an Android app on Google Play. Recently our users are letting us know that malwarebytes has been flagging our app for PUP.Hacktool.Meta.ic The last update of the app was in October, but the warnings only started to appear within the past couple of days. Could you please work with us on either whitelisting the app or determining what the issues is and how it can be corrected? The app in question is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.icenta.sudoku.ui
  16. Hello, i thought The problem was easy And small, But i noticed That its getting bigger everyday! Recently,I Was Getting Adfly And Sh.st Popups On My Laptop (Toshiba Windows 8.1) But then i noticed its not only on my laptop, Its on all my devices, My Mom Mobile, My sister mobile Even my mobile ( We all use google chrome) I thought that it was a router virus, I rested my router but still we are getting the same problem, We tried to scan with malware on our devices but we get nothing (we all use samsung devices) This is completely weird and annoying Problem, Please Help Me.
  17. Hello everyone. I recently got for me an Android Phone (version 5.1.1) I also got the Avast Anti-virus for protection. Strangely, Avast is downloading it's updates normally, but Malwarebytes still got no updates since 3 days ago (it says database version 2016.10.07.01). Is this a normal behaviour of the app? I never used an android before, and I'm used to the WIndows version. Some info about my phone: Phone: Lenovo Vibe K5 Android 5.1.1 The phone is not rooted
  18. Is there a list of mobile phones that I can install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on? We have 5 different mobile phones and would like to install anti-Malware on all of them including my Windows Lumina. Thanks
  19. Hi, I have a trojan on my phablet that automatically installs apps. I delete the apps, but still have problems. Security 360 and Malwarebytes found the trojan: Android/Trojan.gedma.rp However, neither can remove it. When I run Malwarebytes, I go through these steps: Delete Do you want to delete? OK Device Management - Do you want to uninstall app? OK UNINSTALL UNSUCCESSFUL How do I get this off of my tablet? Thanks.
  20. Hey Guys, I did a Malwarebytes scan on my HTC Android phone, as I do, and I remember having 2 Trojans named Trojan.SMS.Agent or something like that. I did succefully remove it, I was just wondering what it would do to my phone if I HAD left it on there. Thanks. ~Evahh'
  21. One of my users has reported that Malwarebytes flagged my app, "Compufart FREE: Fart Synthesis" as malware. This seems very unusual as the only thing the app does that could be construed as suspicious is reading/writing preferences. Please let me know that something can be done about this. The app can be found here: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.audolon.millenium.free
  22. From your PDF; "Application Whitelisting Enables you to “allow” legitimate applications Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile has marked as suspicious so that future scans run without flagging the whitelisted applications incorrectly" How exactly? All I seem to be able to do is see a list of running apps and if I long press, then all I seem to be able to do is "Force Close" or "System Info" - !?!?! I haven't found any other options for this yet... I wish you chaps would stop trying to so 'modern' and just write a User Manual (better yet, include a 'Function Reference' too - some people like to work 'backward' like that)! Some of us don't enjoy 'discovering' how to make things work, we just want to get on with it! We admit to being ignorant, possibly even stupid, but all we want is a simple book, or it's modern equivalent - a readily accessible and identifiable information point. This forum is a classic example of why everything is so jumbled up and hard to find. Some people ask lucid questions, many do not, so searching takes far longer than it should do, or would do if only the people who are genuine authorities (you) would just do produce an authoritative reference that was easy to find. For example, before I joined, I entered "android malwarebytes whitelist" and you would hope that would nail it? Not even close! There is so much guff from other user's questions, that there is no hope in finding anything easily. Oh and that was in the 'Knowledgebase' by the way!
  23. Guys, Here is some notes and questions off bat. I am currently using Lookout Vers 8.24-59c0ddc on my Note 2. SGH-I317 Android 4.1.2 Also put the MBAM for the phone ver and updated it for today. Ran fine, nothing found, no issues. I then ran Lookout and it did try to block it or delete it. Need some info thought. Most antiviruses want administrator permissions for Droid, and you have to give them that, does MBAM for mobile, need admin. Or not, currently Im running it without, just to see. White list, how do you add programs to it, tried a few ways, and no luck Security Audit Notice that its flagging programs based on their google play permissions, and at first it wanted me to turn off items that were already off, now its cool, it figured it out. Also it should let you know that in security Audit, that this is what you should have off, or disabled, and tell you if the item is ON, OFF, or Disabled. That way you can look it up super fast. Also, and all virus programs do this, but it would be super helpful (and super hard) but telling me that say Lookout has access to my text messages and calls is cool, but tell me what that program can do, not just a general, "it could possabily install and listen to your calls and use your SIM to make toll calls..... etc etc" I know how crazy and huge a undertaking that would be, but it would be a new item no one is doing now. So far nice, super fast scan I think mine was 20 secs. Does it also offer phone call and text protection ? great so far, Ill let you know more if that is what you want thanks again
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