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  1. @AdvancedSetup Works just fine sir ! Thanks for all your tools & time... cheers
  2. Thank you Malwarebytes Support for getting me fixed up cheers !!!!!
  3. @Porthos Still my only protection is MBAM..... but, we have both been here since 2008. cheers
  4. I'm running the Support tool again, unless you think I should remove "Avast" leftovers? and remove Malwarebytes & do a fresh install ?
  5. This happened 1 time long ago & I forgot to report or ask about it? Logs attached mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. Is there a problem or an issue? thx. regards mb_errors2196.log mbamiservice.log
  7. ok, if it happens again? will post it... thx. gonzo
  8. Hi @gonzo I know, I ran it thru virus total also.... since I have google chrome, When I login with my user name & password (which is saved) that shows up in the address bar.... If your not getting any other complants about it.......... Well, please advise I don't think anyone else is using centurylink.net webmail! so if you have no complants besides mine.... ?? I got to relieve an x-ray tech. there short staffed... we have this post watched.... will be back before midnite..... thx. gonz. !!!!
  9. @1PW I'm trying to get to my webmail --- I have to make several steps to log -in (if you need the address bar - I'll PM it to you
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