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  1. Google reveals new schedule for 'phasing out support for Chrome Apps across all operating systems' https://www.theregister.co.uk/2020/01/16/google_phasing_out_support_for_chrome_apps_across_all_operating_systems/
  2. Saw this in a newsletter on Ghacks: Windows 7: Microsoft Security Essentials will receive definition updates after support end: https://www.ghacks.net/2019/12/19/windows-7-microsoft-security-essentials-will-receive-definition-updates-after-support-end/
  3. @exile360 well Sam, if theres more ways to shut it down than the one I posted above... think about posting it please? I read this on Woodys site: https://www.askwoody.com/ but I was interupted before I saw what else there was to turn off. it happens..... If there not going to support Win 7 - I don't need my pc to phone home..... regards....
  4. Only a few times.. Not with the beta...... good luck...
  5. @nikhilsVisually the Line on the scanner takes almost 4 -5 seconds to go rt. & left? Same for the java circles to the left of the items there scanning (takes appx: 30 seconds) The time is appx: 20% slower.. some lag ? You may/may not? want new logs because the Scanner I removed late last night...and put a new one in! With no improvement on a reinstall... the beta is appx: 20 25% better. I'll be standing by....
  6. I just put in all the exclusions, still runs ever so slow? thanks for trying, regards.... Off to work at 11pm will be back in the morning! we may also put in a support ticket....
  7. @Porthos followed all the prompts Clean, reboot, re-install current version, but, tried a Threat & Quick scan.. Did not help in scan speed? (also put the license & ID back in) any ideas? Circle stopped at Scanning Mem.
  8. @Porthos Webroot is Off, Will now deactivate License & ID.....thx.
  9. Ever since I went up to Malwarebytes 4.0 Premium, I had no issues on 2 pc's...On my notebook now, started today? The last threat scan took 40 mins.? Since 4.0 came out - 8 mins was the longest Threat Scan. Can you help out please! PS: Early this year I had to use the Support Tool... It wiped out my License and, ID Key... Had to get an admin to help me recover it...will need instructions on how to save it. All other programs run fast... thank you!
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