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  1. I just uninstalled the entire program! Looking for another software program. I see more than a 1/2 a dozen others out there but - I never used any of them... If someone can post a program (besides "Disk Cleanup") please let me know how its working for you! Still using Win 7 (SP1) TIA... regards...
  2. I shut off the automatic updates, think that may work? and/or un-check some of the programs boxes...... your welcome
  3. from Ghacks.net https://www.ghacks.net/2019/07/17/beware-ccleaner-may-install-ccleaner-browser/
  4. @1PW OK, I'll save this topic.... thx. for the help
  5. @1PWI made a support ticket ticket Thanks 1PW to late!! I included a scan of the paper receipt, & the ID & License is on there.... thanks for your help....
  6. @1PW I did all the steps & the support tool fixed it ! However !! it wiped out my Lifetime License and, I have a printout of the purchase & a screenshot. but when I try to enter it... I get the pic below?
  7. @Erix Can't get this update to v1.0.586 ?? Posted April 25 We have just released a new Component update for your product, version 3.7.1 v1.0.586. _________________________________________________ tried the update manually by clicking Install Application Updates in Settings > Application. it remains on v.1.0.563 today? (update works on the laptop OK!) not on a windows 7 tower? Premium versions... any fix? thanks!
  8. Another Good TV Guide: https://www.titantv.com/ you can customize to your channels...
  9. I had the same issue as the original poster! The issue has not happened to me, since I put the new version in 3.6.1
  10. Understood, will keep you posted on the new version & any issues - right now on Automatic & starting OK......regards
  11. @dcollins Quick question please The new version is installed, 3.6.1 & in services.msc its back to an Automatic Start? Should I change Malwarebytes Service to Auto (delayed)? or should I try it with the new ver. & leave it on Automatic? thx. for your time..... regards......
  12. @dcollins It took 2 mins to start (by the taskbar clock)..... but when mbam showed up on the taskbar - all 4 services were running .... will keep an eye on it. thx. for the research & instructions...... we have 47 auto startups in services?
  13. @exile360 Thank you Sam for looking over the logs, its been a long time amigo! As for Windows 7 (SP1) updates or just about any MS updates on 9/17/2018 - I pretty much always restart the computer..and, when theres MS downloads I re-start... I had left 1 update out because of this issue: https://www.askwoody.com/forums/search/KB+4457144/ The Control Panel /check for updates comes up Green with none to install except Win Defender av update - done! ...The UAC has been disabled since I went from XP to Windows 7 (appx: over 5 years) but will give it a try !!!!! Currently, I would Quit MBAM on the taskbar! My only way to start all of Malwarebytes Premium.. is to go to C://Program Files/Malwarebytes/Anti-Mailware /mbamtray.exe and Open it from there... Then the program opens up & I hope its running ok? Will try it your way - and report back if theres any issues.. thx. for looking over the logs!! regards.
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