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  1. Thanks for sending it to the Team ! Have a good nite
  2. Thanks Ron, Yahoo started (after your user name) a reCAPTCHA [prove I'm not a robot] and, you can't see the top 2 rows of pic's ? I've been with them from the start.... never had to deal with this in the past....its gotta be a yahoo issue? cheers !!
  3. In order to login into yahoo mail? Started yesterday... (I tried to white list yahoo?) but, I can use some help please....regards... PS: With Browser Guard on I get the pic' below... If its Off I get yahoo normal login page?
  4. @AdvancedSetup Thank you Ron !! It was a 1st. for me. I was trying to run down a east coast phone no. on a misc. google site. I ran ESET, & a few other tools - all clean. I better look over the: "Malwarebytes for Windows guide" and see how far mbam has come..... Thanks .......cheers!
  5. First time I got one of these.... A Malwarebytes box popped up on the lower left corner & put this in my History tab, I did not go to the site.. I did a Threat Scan & it came up clean. delete it?
  6. Merry Christmas! to everyone !!!!!!
  7. @mbam_mtbr Thx. for the reply !!!! All fixed, the critical issue on the Malwarebytes Android scan is gone..... remove the support ticket please.... thx. for the above info !! cheers !!
  8. I won't hold my breath for MS to come out with anything good......... my 2 bits
  9. well I'm greatfull for the replies.......
  10. Thanks for all the info... I had redirects with its KIWI install ?? it took me to CNN & NPR? The Free Malwarebytes Security: Virus Cleaner, Anti-Malware - came up clean (as I said above, before I tried the Kiwi Browser) - So I bought the Malwarebytes program for the Android phone. ( a buck a month) it still came up clean - even with a deep scan. I'm wondering, if or why it has 2 sometimes, 3 icons on the top left of the phone? anyone else have that issue..... ? thx. cheers !
  11. Ran a Deep Scan with "Malwarebytes Security: Virus Cleaner, Anti-Malware" (from the Google Play store) The phone came up with No Issues, In the Green!! Will post back if I have any issues with the Kiwi browser...... thx. for the replies....
  12. got a new Android moto g 7 cellphone... after 30 days now ads are starting to pop-up, appear, in the email, & home page.... need some advice on what to get, as a ad-blocker? What are the people using out there? thx. for your time have a safe weekend. cheers !!
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