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  1. @gatortail and, the facebook contacts are back, nice work !!! will keep you posted.... thank you version 2.2.20 is on my MBG
  2. Just an FYI.... My contacts are back ?? 10AM nice work. will keep you posted see how long it lasts..... thx. (off to work) EDIT: Contacts gone today? Wed. (just an FYI, I know, your pushing for Thursday) regards.....
  3. The contacts come & go - each time I reload or change the FB page? Its 3AM - some of us can't sleep😱
  4. I saw gonzo's post.. Still No Contacts for me... (on 2 computers) & I also forgot about gonzo's post. thx. for the reminder. Still google chrome is Version 88.0.4324.150 is up to date. later
  5. Still no Contact List on FB? On two computers with Windows 7 (SP1) x 64 (only way to get that contact list back is to shut off MWG) (running google chrome)
  6. Read page one of this post, the staff is working on it.... please keep them posted - cheers !
  7. On my end Contact List is gone on both computers. It will boot up when I log on FB. for 2 seconds then its gone ! We added No MS updates here! just an update... Using Windows 7 (SP1)
  8. your right... also with 10 million out of work - due to the coronavirus - job loss, how many of them will hit us with AV issues + mailware adware..ect... cya later
  9. @brad03 Now I've seen it all !! good thing I'm on VHF/UHF voice........ thx. for the post....
  10. OK - Let me know if you need anything else? my issue is the same as the top post: mhunter392 thank you!
  11. Here's the correct zip file going thru the support tool - all blockers turned off (ad aware, ublock) MWB left on - cache & browsing date was cleared before we ran the tool.. thx. mbst-grab-results.zip
  12. I'm going thru the same issue as @mhunter392 I sent it to AdvancedSetups mail box -- will add you to it @gonzo due to the names of the screenshots. when the MWB is turned off. Let me know if you need anything else...... regards.... 73's EDIT: This took me 4 days, to find out why my facebook contacts were gone.... . see the screenshots... With the: with Malwarebytes Browser Guard on - the Contacts are gone? and, with the Malwarebytes Browser Guard off they show up ?? the empty contacts is with the MBW ON.. (Will try to white list it from our end) I can't get FB in the A
  13. Thanks for sending it to the Team ! Have a good nite
  14. Thanks Ron, Yahoo started (after your user name) a reCAPTCHA [prove I'm not a robot] and, you can't see the top 2 rows of pic's ? I've been with them from the start.... never had to deal with this in the past....its gotta be a yahoo issue? cheers !!
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