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Found 24 results

  1. Hello and apologies if I have posted this in the incorrect place. I recently installed PyInstaller for Python and afterwards did a scan of my PC and the results showed two threats labeled as Trojans. I have attached the scan results (just removed my name from them, no other modifications). I have quarantined them for now but wanted to make sure they weren't false positives. I uploaded the two files onto VirusTotal and here are the results: pyinstaller-4.0-py3-none-any https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/d08ba7024bf330aafc9c405966368c9755d69f00b0ac3dc9f7203407acb2b9f4/detection
  2. Whatever this thing is it's running circles around malwarebytes that it has found nothing on top of acting wonky even after a fullscan. Sadly this occurred at the same exact time as those "malwarebytes not opening proper" and "tray icon not showing up" issues started coming in enmasse around 8-8-2020 on the forum making me believe it was a false positive. -Origin is most likely from malicious gelbooru ads around the time of 8-7-2020 (Sadly I did not get the memo that the current administrator is a scumbag who collaborates with malicious "ad" services when I went back there for the fi
  3. Hi, I am unable to switch on exploit protection on my premium account? I downloaded the latest version today, is that causing an issue for some reason? Any help would be great. I tried switching on and off and running as administrator but neither helped. Thanks
  4. Hey, Gabe... don't give up now! Stay with it. Carol aka Dkchoco from MS Community. P.S. Sorry Aura, for butting in. I'm the one who referred him here and want to make sure he gets this taken care of.
  5. I believe I got a virus from a download a few days ago, however I don't know exactly what it came from. Windows Defender was working for the first 2 or 3 days, removing some files. Then, files with random names would appear the next day. These include applications that create chrome popups that I can't do anything about. I also see a large Yahoo icon on some websites. I appear to have gotten rid of some files however the virus is definitely still here. Today, Windows Defender was turned off. It reads: Threat service has stopped. Restart it now." with a large Restart button. However nothing hap
  6. Hello. I recently downloaded a file because I was stupid and got ratted. They bought stuff using my paypal. Good thing I canceled my credit card and refunded the payments. I reformated my whole computer but it said some personal files were not deleted. I scanned and couldn't find anything, right when I thought I was clean my PC shutdown. Help?! FRST.txt Addition.txt
  7. Hello, I know that many people are having problems after downloading Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit on Windows 10 computers. You will try to run the program and it will give you an error message. If you're savvy enough to go into task manager, the process will be there but nothing will happen. This error could be due to a corrupt file when downloading the program, it could be due to an antivirus conflict, or it may have been due to encrypting the hard drive with bitlocker or truecrypt. Here is how to fix this: Go to your command prompt. (windows key, type 'cmd' , ctrl +shift
  8. Hi, I have been facing a lot of redirecting problems on my google chrome for Mac OS X El Captain 10.11.2 on an iMac. 1. If I type to search any parameter in the omnibox with google, no redirection occurs and google search results appear normally 2. If I click on any of the link in the search results, the website first opens and then gets redirected 3. If I visit a particular website by entering the URL in the omnibox, the website opens and then gets redirected. 4. However if I click on "Stop/X" before the entire page loads, it does not get redirected and browsing on the website normally wor
  9. After recovery of my windows 10 i try to activated my MAB id and key i got this message Error code 404 The License Key was not found There is a problem with your license key and we are unable to activate your license. Please check your license details and try entering your key again. If you continue to have trouble, please contact Malwarebytes Support for assistance. how do i do with this problem i just buy the key from website please help! ps. sorry for my bad english. thank you very much!
  10. hello the site www.anonshare.info is not malicious and malwarebytes is blocking it please make it available thank you
  11. I have a gaming java application that is executed from a batch file. When I run it, the shielded applications counter doesn't increment which leaves me concerned. JPCSP download: http://buildbot.orphis.net/jpcsp/ Although I am running 64-bit Windows 8.1, I am running 32-bit JRE and JPCSP. I could also reproduce this on another PC running Windows 7 x64. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.zip
  12. Hello Malwarebytes forum! My computer has been running very slow and the CPU usage is constantly at 90 to 100%. When I try to type something online, I have to type very slowly, otherwise the letters will not show up properly (I have to wait for each letter to show up before typing the next one). I have searched around the web but cannot find a solution. There are 4 processes that take up the most CPU. These are: - dllhost.exe (COM Surrogate 32bit) - TiWorker.exe (Windows Module Installer Worker) - upnpcont.exe (UPNP Device Host Container 32bit) - dvdupgrd.exe (DVDUpgrd 32bit) I ran a Mal
  13. Hi I found your site by this thread https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/134869-redirects-and-proxy-server-not-found/ I am trying to repair a friends computer and they had many problems and this one is the biggest so far that haven't be able to conquer. the proxy error is I have cleaned up all of the spyware, junk, removed files, hopefully successfully removed the driver performer threat that was downloaded. but now i am not able to conquer this one and need your help. I downloaded and scanned the roguekiller 32 bit and this is the report. Please help Ro
  14. MBAM version seems to work fine, but updated version ( does not. First start of the program immediately becomes 'not responding', after which I can start the program but attempt to scan immediately puts the program into 'not responding' state every time. Not sure if caused by infection or other problems (clashing with other programs, etc.). I am currently trying MBAM-Chameleon but MBAM still freezes when scan is attempted and I do not where to go from here. Please help! Windows 7 FRST.txt, Addition.txt attached Thanks! FRST.txt Addition.txt
  15. Hello Malwarebytes-community! My name is Danique and I have a problem regarding the usage and (un-)installation of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. I will describe it as clear as possible. Two days ago, I started my computer, having in mind scanning it after it booted. After the pc was booted completely, I double-clicked the .exe file on my desktop. "The program this icon is referring to doesn't exist anymore. Do you want to delete it?" showed up on my screen. Strange, but okay, it's happened more in the past, so I decided to check if the program was still installed. It was stated as so, but I c
  16. Hi guys, I run Malwarebytes and Comodo AV. Comodo is not working - Defense+ is not working properly. Malwarebytes is not working even through chameleon, so I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but now cannot reinstall as it states I do not have access to the folder. Here are the DDS and attach logs: DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64 Internet Explorer: 11.0.9600.16521 BrowserJavaVersion: 10.51.2Run by Alex at 9:24:14 on 2014-03-20Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7601.1.1252.44.1033.18.5998.3238 [GMT 0:00].AV: COMODO Antivirus *Disabled/Updated* {B74CC7D2-B407-E1DC-1033-DD31
  17. Hi I need to know if I have a rat on my pc or not, so the other day my steam library randomly opened when I was watching a video also when I’m playing cs go it will randomly alt tab to my desk top. Also when I'm watching youtube videos in full screen the video progress bar will appear and disappear every few videos when I'm not touching the mouse. The same type of things don’t happen on my other PC . My antivirus is Bit Defender 2013 and Malwarebytes, I have also ran TDSS Killer , All of them came up clean. Please Help!
  18. Hello everyone. I am trying to get to the website http://wotreplays.com/ but Malwarebytes Anti-Malware won't allow it. After I try to get to the website, Chrome says that it's access has been denied and a little notification pops up saying that it stopped the website. After that little notification pops up, I right click on the Anti-Malware icon in the system tray and click on the only IP address that is available in the Add To Ignore List menu but Chrome still says that I can't access that website. Solutions?
  19. Hey guys. So I have just gotten Malware Anti-Malware Bytes Pro about 2 weeks ago, and my Scheduler has not worked at all. I have daily quick scans and weekly full scans set to occur, but they never do. I am running a Windows 7 64 bit laptop computer. Database Version: v2013.09.15.06 I would appreciate any help with the issue. Thanks.
  20. Hello, My windows 7 Laptop is infected. I am unable to open malwarebytes. I have tried Malware Chameleon(all options) and also Rkill as per the FAQ's in the forum. None of the options have worked and I am not able to open Malwarebytes. I have Mcafee installed on the system and I am also not able to open Mcafee too. I am also note able to open task manager (shows disabled). I have run DDS and attaching the logs. Please help DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64 Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16470 Run by Mahendran at 20:18:19 on 2013-04-03 . ============== Running Processes ================ . C:\Pr
  21. I have a Toshiba laptop that all of a sudden is not connecting to the network. On the wireless network connection it says The specified service does not exist as an installed service. I'm also getting this message when looking at event viewer, control panel, trying to install new programs, etc.... Computer seems unusable. I tried a system restore, but did not have a restore point. In safe mode, I am able to access all of these. I have McAfee Internet security installed and it will not let me uninstall in safe mode (was going to install Avira or Avast instead). I have Malware bytes, and it foun
  22. New problem for this laptop. So anyways, as I was turning on my laptop I decided I would change my mind and turn it off in the midst of it loading. I held the power button and turned it off. Hours later, I come back to my computer finding out that my computer changed? I'm not sure what happened, but this message, "Windows 7 Build This copy of Windows is not genuine" appeared on the bottom-right corner of the screen. I'm not sure what this means, but I do know that I've had this computer for a long, long time. So I know my windows is genuine. Each time I log in, the background turns black and i
  23. Hello, all in all Malwarebytes has been a very nice piece of software, nice job. I recently bought a PRO license and encouraged all my family and friends to do the same too (I know several of them bought it). What really worries me about the software is that if I specify an EXE file to be ignored why its IP blocking utility still blocks IPs? I receive blocking from Skype.exe and from utorrent.exe which I really don't want Malwarebytes to block. I still want to use the IP Blocking utility to be safe on the browser side. Wouldn't be really GREAT to just add a checkbox beside the ignore lists EXE
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