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  1. I was not able to located any link for Hiren boot and still not understand very well their instruction ! so I needs for another prefect tutorial to understand perfectly and want a direct link for the hiren thing for the USB not for the CD .
  2. a software called a check disk gui is being blocked already by Malwarebytes Browser Guard version2.2.4 . the software last update is on 2014 so it possible to be a false positive .
  3. I also was able to got a complete / full dumps files for explorer.exe created yesterday ! so do you needs for these files ?
  4. Hi @mbam_mtbr I hate to go to Google web store just for downloading one or two software which is Malwarebytes for Android and BRAVE web-browser etc so I’d would be happy to suggest this instead of go to Google play store . this suggestion is to make the download directly from Malwarebytes website if that can be done !
  5. can we also to have an offline installer for Malwarebytes Privacy because will be much better then the online installer file ,
  6. things becoming a bit confusion here . no changes log nor we do know yet if this an beta or an stable version of the Malwarebytes Product .
  7. I can’t see any prices on the Malwarebytes for Android product page nor on Google web store .! however I see the prices only when I open my Malwarebytes > setting > upgrade to Premium . your welcome exile360
  8. This should also reports to Google as well . do they have a website ? if yes , you may also report here https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/155-newest-ip-or-url-threats/
  9. I just got the Component Update version 1.0.920 - Malwarebytes currently run as free version though . beta updates channel option unavailable for free users though , so I also think this version is a non-beta .
  10. I had this problem since of when it Malwarebyte version 4 is comes out to public where the GUI sometime won’t be opened correctly (Malwarebytes got hang on here even though I now I’ve been seen this occurred even for the free version) so MB UI always hanging when you have to clicking on its icon for one-click or whether for double-clicking .therefore THE Malwarebytes GUI is heavily hanging for a few moment . so the UI opened incorrectly as a Small and blank white main interface of the MBV4 and that’s had me to close out Malwarebytes from running on my system while am browsing or playing on the web! not really sure whether if should I called it a "UI/GUI crashing" or not rather to called it a hanging because of that I haven’t seen any interface crashes so far which is for the newly Malwarebytes install (a new clean install). meantime , I have a dump file named "malwarebytes_assistant.exe.2884.dmp" file , not sure if this malwarebytes_assistant.exe it for UI or not . The Malwarebytes version 4 interface issues should be fixed as soon as possible because of others problems that I’ve already reported it/users already reported it with the software itself are also should be corrected . thanks
  11. links to prices are totally dead , error appears for when to clicking through the links in Malwarebytes Android application we’re planning to Purchasing Malwarebytes for Android in the few coming days when that is possible as we can . currently everything you want to gets becomes too hard to be on hand due to COVID19 Lockdown . Error Something went wrong on our end . Please try again.
  12. I see the same pop-up message when update or when do a fresh install of Malwarebytes you can to get this message when you have to either software update or by doing a clean install of the Malwarebytes . confirmed ! it only popped-up for one time .
  13. Logs files has been created by Malwarebytes Support tool . What is the next step should I go with ? can I now to do clean install ?
  14. Another test here done just now . Malwarebytes is also slowdown my Browsing experience using the Firefox web-browser which had Firefox to showing up a "A web page is slowing down your browser. what would you like to do?" to popped-up all time while the Malwarebytes is running do you need for any logs files before I do a clean install of Malwarebytes ?
  15. Media Player Classic is latest version is 2017 , project seems to be dead already so I’ll had to move on to other players
  16. Thing I’ve done before the issue is occurred is the only thing I do is to plugged back my USB flash’s drives to my laptop using a PORT USB HUB . so no any changes were made to the system or to anything related to the OS itself (the WINDOWS SYSTEM was reinstalled afresh:) ). and then I had to opens up a few portable software from the USB drive to do a checking for updates and some to fails to check for an updates and they being thrown an access denied errors . so I have to do closing all running applications from the system tray included Malwarebytes and the issue go away right after I have to close MB as well . I haven’t made any screenshots of any errors , And Malwarebytes aren’t displayed any blocking message either . so , not sure which MALWAREBYTES real-time components is the one to caused such issue but hope someone can help with this problem because my Malwarebytes is now not running so I have no anti-malware protection . I also I’ve been noticed that of a notable hanging of the explorer.exe/software slowdown and hard responding of a lot of software that I use even though the any opened folder will goes to be not responding . and WINDOWS 10 says that the ZONEalarm anti-virus have blocking the screen capture and caused to that software which the name of it is "Capturewiz" to be blocked on my windows system even though I’ve never Install any AV on my windows 10 Machine ???? I only Have Windows security ""aka windows defender" and Malwarebytes running alongside to each . http://pixelmetrics.com/Tips/SecurityAps/SecurityApsBlockCapture.htm
  17. @gonzo confirmed ! I now were able to downloading both programs from both URLS above without any issue so look like the blocks has been corrected /or removed . no any exclusions in place either for me my web browser is Firefox here . thanks
  18. the other url is which is not blocked for me at this moment product page : https://www.wondershare.com/pro/allmytube-video-downloader.html donwload url : http://download.wondershare.com/inst/youtube-downloader_setup_full235.exe
  19. @gonzo @AdvancedSetup I can to help here since I was able to sees others blocks on their sofware you can get the link here product page : https://www.wondershare.com/pro/free-youtube-downloader.html download url : http://download.wondershare.com/inst/free-youtube-downloader_setup_full384.exe here an screenshot of the block
  20. just tried it again to check for update for the extension and Firefox says there is no any available update . so there no Malwarebytes Browser Guard update version to 2.2.3 at least for me . my Firefox is the latest version already . version 76.0
  21. I appreciate your clarification a bit more on this subject , but however I am afraid that my ISP will soon to have the Malwarebytes Privacy server to be blocked as they have doing such thing with others VPN companies and their software are no longer able to connect to their server anymore . I also am thinking of remove all VPN extensions from my Firefox web-browser and I will thinking to use Malwarebytes Privacy for the first time .
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