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Found 16 results

  1. Collected logs while reproducing with MBAM CU 1.0.988, but I encountered these with CU 1.0.979 as well, so it's not beta specific. 1. Certain definition updates can cause PendingFileRenameOperations for files in 'C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\IrisPlugins' 2. After a few such updates, usually 2 of them it is possible for network connections to be slow to establish after last batch of PendingFileRenameOperations is resolved by Windows on boot. The network connections being slow to establish affects all programs but web browsers are less affected with Firefox handli
  2. Upgradeds today my tiny W10 32 bits tablet fromW10 build 183173 to build 18323 Upgradse went OK After the update BWB 3..6.1.1711 came up with errors Web protection Off Malware protection Off Ransomware protection Off They cannot be sitche on . Warning of a possible rootkit is given. MalwareBytes ran a scan but did not find any problems Tried uninstallation and reinstallation ( plus reactivation) but the problem still stays. Was still working OK on Build 18317.
  3. When start computer Malware Protection turn off and cannot turn on. Web protection, Exploit protection and Ransomware protection are turn on normally when start.
  4. Web protection and Malware protection can't be turned on after reboot on Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit, MalwareBytes When I reboot one of my systems, it boots up with Web protection and Malware protection turned off. When I try to turn them on from settings , in the MalwareBytes app UI, or from the service tray, they won't turn on. I tried to change them by restoring defaults but that seems to make no changes. I have rebooted this system a couple of times. I also tried updating the MalwareBytes app itself but I already have the latest. Also, before I rebooted, these were turned on an
  5. I'll try to keep this to the point as there is a lot to tell you, let me preface that I have read many forum posts about this issue and the solutions that worked for them did not work for me. And I have done this with a second account between 2 other pc's and have exactly the same problem ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ I migrated my licence from 1 installation to another on a different machine, I logged into my mbam site account and deactivated the seat that was used before activating my licence on the new in
  6. Hello, i installed Malwarebytes 3.2.2 on an old Windows 2003 Server for some testing, but i can't start neitherMalware Protection nor Web Protection. I searched in the old topics and i saw that this problem as arised in the past, but none of the proposed solution was able to solve my problem. The program ad the signature DB are up to date and when i try to enable Malware Protection i see these lines in the log : 10/26/17 " 16:59:16.137" 11193843 1c18 1838 ERROR RtpSDK RtpUserImpl::Start "RtpUserImpl.cpp" 166 "Driver Start failed (1060)." 10/26/17 "
  7. I am using Malwarebytes version Component package version 1.0.212 Update package version 1.0.3108 Since yesterday - 26 October. Malware Protection is switching off automatically a few seconds after I switch it on. Attached is MB zip filemb-check-results.zip. Hope someone can assist. Perhaps an update problem? Cheers to all
  8. I have Malwarebytes Premium and for the last few days I've been having several problems. I have version comp pkg 1.0.212 update package 1.0.3108. A small screen pops up and says anti-rootkit driver not responding and to re-start which I do. Then the web protection, ransomware,and malware protection are all turned off and won't come back on. Yesterday I downloaded the mb clean file (which I read in this forum) and did what it said then everything was fine. This morning I had the same problem so I went to the website and downloaded malwarebytes again and it was fine. I'm not a t
  9. I currently live in China and recently noticed that 'Malware Protection' in the Malwarebytes 3 is now disabled. It is impossible to turn it back on. I would be interested to know if other users in China have this problem and what they did to solve it. Thanks!
  10. Real-time Malware protection won't stay on. Using the toggle button, I can switch it on, but then it immediately turns off. My computer was running slow (Win 8.1), so I decided to reboot, then I noticed that the protection was off. I tried disabling Avast (which I realize is redundant but I'm paid to November), but still could not turn it on. I rebooted again, but no luck. mb-check-results.zip FRST.txt Addition.txt
  11. MWB has begun to start up with web protection and malware protection turned off. I can turn malware protection on, but not web protection, which hangs on starting. I am running WIndows 10 and Kaspersky Total Security. I have Malwarebytes Premium version, component package 1.0.122, update package version 1.0.1974. I have tried a clean uninstall and reinstall. I have tried setting self-protection module early start, and also turning that module off. None of these make a difference or stop that annoying pop-up window with the orange warning. Malwarebytes has done this t
  12. Wow. About a week ago I downloaded the most recent version of MBam as I had the same problems repeated as have been going on for months. Tonight it turned off web protection again, so I signed into the forum with the intention to report and provide some screen shots. On signing in, I noticed a version 3.1 had been uploaded in the past few days, so I downloaded and installed. Immediately after installation, MBam reported web protection was turned off. It had the same hang on 'starting...' and could not be turned on. I exited MBam and could not find the program to restart. I signed out of my ac
  13. I purchased a new copy of Malwarebytes anti-malware premium today. It was suppose to include Anti-Malware, Anti-Exploit and Anti-Ransomware. When I went to load, it would not accept the activation code and key supplied. So I loaded the current free version and applied my activation codes to it. Everything was working good until I noticed a popup message stating that I was not protected. I went into set-up and under the protection tab I selected all real time protection on. But for some reason the web protection and malware protection only show started. The only one to go on is the explo
  14. Like many others here I have problems with Malwarebytes Unable to download and install to new version from Malwarebytes 3.0.5 to Malwarebytes within Malwarebytes and unable to set the Malware Protection setting Operating system Windows 10 x 64 version 1607 Build 14393.693 Malwarebytes version Component Package 1.0.50 Update package version 1.0.1237 Other anti-virus McAfee Security Centre and Hitman Pro My first issue was unable to download and install to the new version from within Malwarebytes when the notification appeared. I had to g
  15. Exactly what my subject reads. I can not get my settings to stay put. Please help in any way possible, thanks. Also, if you need to know more information just ask and I will provide.
  16. I would like to see information on the protection and risks of continuing to use Windows XP and XP Pro after Microsoft stops supporting it. I read recently that about 30% of Windows operated computers are still running XP, so I hope this is a topic of interest here. I am hoping the Malware Bytes Pro with an AV program will provide the needed protection. Any ideas?
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