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  1. Hi Bruce, Unfortunately I don't have an ETA on functionality for listing which devices are associated with the threats found in the detection report. We are however still working on some big changes to simplify security for small business owners and this is definitely the type of information and reporting we're looking to provide. Regarding the Device alerts feature, this is currently limited to our customers in the US. Once we're through tweaking the feature based on current feedback, we'll release this to the global community. I'm sorry to say that I don't have an ETA for this eith
  2. Thanks for reporting this issue @KautsarKRj. We don't have an ETA for when this might be resolved. In the interim, can you please advise whether this is causing any specifics problems for you while using the product? Thanks!
  3. Appreciate the feedback! Do you see any difference in the time it takes to launch MB if you open from a desktop shortcut instead of the system tray shortcut? Also, to the best of your memory, would you say this started happening in the last 1-2 months or has it been happening longer? Thanks again for letting us know about this issue @Wobbly. We're investigating the issue and hope to release a fix soon.
  4. Hi @Wobbly thanks for letting us know about this issue. Could you please reply back with the following information to help us look into this: How are you launching MB? Do you open from a desktop shortcut, the system tray shortcut, or some other method? Approximately how many seconds does it take for MB to open after you launch? Do you have an active license or are you using the product in a Free or Trial state? Thanks!
  5. Hello @notcoolMB thank you for providing your feedback. Our product team and developers have been working hard to reduce the amount of unnecessary notifications and we continue to strive for excellence. We took a look at the issue you mentioned and determined we can do better here. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we've started discussing ways to improve this.
  6. @David H. Lipman providing you with some updates on this issue. So far we've not yet been able to reproduce the issue and therefore are not certain as to why it happened. We are looking into ways to provide a better experience as well as adding display controls for the 30-day security summary pop-up which, when released, should prevent this from happening. I don't have a target release date to share at this point but hoping to make it happen in the next couple months.
  7. @jfii While it's unfortunate that we were not able to provide you with the exceptional experience we strive for, I appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback. If you ever change your mind and wish to discuss your concerns live, I'm happy to make time.
  8. Hi @jfii, it's great to hear from you! The Advanced Options allow you to select the location where Malwarebytes is installed whether you want a desktop shortcut for easy access to the product your preferred language Thanks for providing feedback on the other features you suggested for advanced options. Could you share why having those options would be important for you? I'd be happy to setup a meeting for us to discuss live if you would be interested. Regarding what happens at the end of your trial, I'm not quite sure I understand your question. When you first
  9. Hi @David H. Lipman, can you elaborate on the errors you saw? Did you see error messages inside the UI or a log or somewhere else? Thanks!
  10. Hi @David H. Lipman, thank you for the feedback! I'll work with the team to get this corrected.
  11. Hello @Bonus! Thank you so much for the feedback. The Detections by category was just added to the Monthly Security Report email this month with our latest release. In order to get our newest features out to customers in the shortest amount of time possible, we're not always able to release all the functionality of the feature with the initial launch. At this time there's no functionality to show a list of only those devices with a detection in the last 30 days however, as mentioned by @exile360, you have the ability to review the History tab under Detection History for a particular device to
  12. Hi @Samoreen! I'm happy to report we've recently released an update to address this issue. Simply hover over the text in the Location field now and a tool tip will appear to display the full path. Please let us know if this has properly addressed the concern you raised. Thanks!
  13. Good afternoon @Taffy1812, the message you're inquiring about is part of an engagement campaign that we occasionally send out to customers using the product in free mode - it cannot be disabled. Based on your description, it sounds like this one might not be behaving properly. Please let us know how often are you seeing this pop-up so we can investigate further. Thanks!
  14. 😎 well done! I'm digging the transparent title bar!
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