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  1. I just hope that people really don't think the router will actually offer them full-time virus protection as you cannot even run virus scans with it. Comcast did a very poor job in explaining this to people. Hopefully people will go to other products like Malwarebytes etc.
  2. The current solution they are offering i feel is a false sense of security. Users on the forums continue to file complaints many are starting to look for other solutions. For those who use the Norton protection offered by comcast i thought this post would help you as time is running out. i don't feel that this was the best move for them but 20 million people will be looking for products and i guess that's business for Malwarebytes!! End-of-service announcement for NortonLifeLock subscription offered by Comcast - Xfinity Help and Support Forums - 3382614 Norton Security Onlin
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