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  1. Notice you also have MB installed on it how does it play with windows 11?
  2. It appears that Facebook allows group admins to now “block future accounts that users may create” in an effort to stop spammers, trolls, etc,. Not sure if this blocks individuals by IP address or device ID. This is an interesting new tool. Wonder what technology is used to block new profiles someone may create.
  3. I do miss having multiple companies luckily malwarebytes is still one of them!
  4. Norton looking to buy avast!! https://www.reuters.com/technology/nortonlifelock-talks-buy-avast-wsj-2021-07-14/
  5. This was an interesting post... https://threatpost.com/microsoft-emergency-patch-printnightmare/167578/
  6. When i first log in i cannot see myself logged in at the bottom of the page. It's a very delayed response then suddenly i see myself.
  7. This projected on my shirt no camera flash and no green lights. It’s defiantly not dirt I didn’t think much of it until I zoomed in. It had an eye, nose and mouth. It’s very creepy and to this day I cannot debunk it. I have taken many photos in the same place before never have I got this!
  8. I have just noticed as well on the detection history is also protruding.
  9. You can see it protruding through the GUI also on the full threat scan screen as well.
  10. I will report that i was not prompted a restart, just the casual upgrade screen.
  11. It was said awhile ago that john Mcafee would never kill himself but you never know...
  12. Will malwarebytes be functional with win 11 during the release?
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