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  1. Now I'm interested you cant just say that and not spill the beans haahhaha. I have my beta updates always on cant wait!
  2. it was fun helping and will continue to do so! along with many. 😁
  3. good work to all those who worked on it including beta testers/staff!
  4. They just made the movie "leave the world behind" they are warning us.... If you have not watched it. It's very interesting.
  5. Malwarebytes is not the only company alerting it's users about this breach. They are just simply trying to spread the message like everyone else it's simply the users decision if they want to buy the product or not. Pretty much all security companies are doing the same.
  6. Considering staff now has Detection of suspicious files by algorithms on by default now in 4.0. Could we also have "block penetration attacks" on by default as well? This feature works well in blocking scripts and other forms of malware very well. I feel that users would benefit from them both being on default now seeing how Malwarebytes has now matured.
  7. If you are using Malwarebytes privacy do you have any ad-blockers enabled??? if so disable them and see if the message changes i know this worked for me a few months ago. Staff pointed out that ad-blockers can interfere with it being detected as "on try disabling any ad blockers and see if that works the site should now be able to detect it as "on".
  8. Malwarebytes browser guard does a great job in also detecting email spam/fraud lots are detected when i go through mine. It's a great tool to have that's for sure!
  9. Thanks at least some good news today tested positive for covid again!😡
  10. Also thank you to staff that extended first time testers beta keys!
  11. It also appears Malwarebytes has got better in preventing script attacks as well hopefully they continue to improve in that field.
  12. I have never seen this block page before "insecure login" this must be a new detection logic?
  13. brad03

    GUI Glitch

    dammm what you been clicking on. 😁🤣 I'm only kidding same here as well.
  14. It will also appear in YouTube videos when the tray icon wont close.
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