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  1. Just a follow up this problem appears to have been automatically resolved.... This was strange but appears to no longer be an issue.
  2. This is what i am getting please note that this is not an infection..
  3. Dogmorcrusher I do have one question about it. Do continents of the sandbox get automatically deleted now where before you had to do it manually after process termination?
  4. I really love the new sandboxie plus. I’m a very happy soul that it’s being developed again as this was my favorite program back in the XP and 7 days. The new GUI on the plus version is not bad either hats off to the developer that made this program shine again!
  5. Any known conflicts with this program? Recently I have seen some of the improvements made. as someone as old school as me I might once again use sandboxie now that it’s fully compatible with windows 10.
  6. I thought i began to notice my phone became slower hopefully they will be releasing an update soon this is very sluggish... iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 Performance Being Throttled After iOS 14.5.1 Update (iphonehacks.com)
  7. The update sent me to an installer like that of when you first install the product. I do however notice when hitting the update button we don't have that laggy delay anymore.
  8. For the first ever official version release all is running smooth. I'm very happy i get to use this now on all devices!
  9. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/dc-police-confirms-cyberattack-after-ransomware-gang-leaks-data/
  10. Essentially yes you will be protected with Malwarebytes privacy because the connection will be diverted to another server and is exactly how you described above. It also wouldn't hurt to clear cookies from your browser before disconnecting from the VPN (if you don't have kill switch enabled.) Keep your eyes on the release of the new browser guard as i believe they are working on implementing FLOC blocking.
  11. I believe they are going to release an update that combats this issue in the next version of browser guard that's going to be released soon.
  12. Thank you for the fast response treed this is great to know!
  13. I just installed this on my IOS and so far so good! One question i had was will a kill switch be implemented to the IOS version in the near future?
  14. I personally have it turned on. I don’t think it’s bothersome at all or evasive. People will however have different opinions especially those who are novice and may find it difficult to even find the simplest of settings. I think it’s a great option to have sure you might get some false positives..... but one things for sure. MB right now I think has one of the best web protection services available.
  15. They are doing a great job with releases and fixes every couple of weeks. However i am shocked at the Webroot score...... I wonder when we will see the new UI they are talking about :)
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