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  1. Exilie i have noticed that the newest version of malwarebytes updates it's databases more frequently now. Did you notice the jump in database updates? it's like every 25 minuets now which i thinks kinda cool.
  2. During these past few version i noticed malwarebytes have been pushing database updates more frequently. does malwarebytes eventually have plans to go in to the "cloud with protection" or will it always rely on machine-learning?
  3. I have reported this before and it has still not been addressed?????? I'm shocked that new versions have been released when i reported this months ago!! 😲https://prnt.sc/styv3l It's suppose to say "To continue to the suspicious website" instead it says "te"
  4. I saw that the latest version added a new auto update feature what does this exactly do??? Not to much was mentioned on it?
  5. I visited a few url's not detected by browser guard.......... With in minuets it detected them as "reputation".... what detection methods are used for this? I just found it interesting it detected the unknown urls so fast just by visiting the link. Do you understand now?
  6. Today i noticed something kinda fascinating..... While going to url's that were not detected by malwarebytes browser guard after about a few minuets the url's were detected as "reputation" by the browser guard. Is this suppose to happen or is it coincidental (are undetected url's automatically uploaded?)? if not that's some speedy detection by malwarebytes!! incredible!!!
  7. I can confirm that running a threat scan fixes the issue and i was able to upgrade without a problem shortly after.
  8. I also have this same issue i will monitor this thread till a fix is made Thank you all.
  9. Thank you i will watch to see if they release any fixes on this.
  10. For some strange reason malwarebytes 4.1 will not install...... I have the beta updates turned on in my GUI but it keeps repeating the process of the installation and is not upgrading the product... is this a known issue???
  11. you can make a post in the infected forum so a malware researcher can help you. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/7-windows-malware-removal-help-support/
  12. Thank you gatortail could you please post back after the issue has been addressed?
  13. Ohhh sweet does this mean i get to work for malwarebytes? Just kidding!!! Also i'm sure not but this could also be an issue in the firefox version as well.. I cannot verify this as i'm using the new Microsoft edge chromium based browser. im sure the dev team will take note and that's again!
  14. Just thought i'd bring it to attention anything to help the great guys at malwarebytes!
  15. maybe a false positive but avira is also detecting it...
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