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  1. I have also sent you a private message i just need instructions on how to send you the requested logs.
  2. In addition to the logs i have no files or personal data on this device if you wanted to do a remote session i will allow you and the staff to do so.
  3. Unfortunately i got the alert again today it's the same download it was flagging before. Unfortunately this is still an issue. i will send any and all logs that you require also has anyone in the last 24 hours reported this to support?
  4. Thanks gonzo it appears to be fast and snappy now no blocking of the download. If for some reason the issue occurs again i will refer back to this thread and private message you.
  5. I'm trying to be as informal as possible the red arrows show the green download button. When downloading Malwarebytes premium browser guard blocks it.
  6. Hey Gonzo so when you log into the Malwarebytes portal to download and or reset your license when you click that big "green download button" the Malwarebytes browser guard will block the download as "suspicious". It is also important to note that it will download fine at times and others it will block the download. You may have to have staff test this out for awhile till you can reproduce the issue. I wish you all the best in trying to resolve this.
  7. Just don't want user's who may not be a tech savvy to think something is actually wrong with the official download of Malwarebytes. Thanks for you're response on this issue and looking forward to help get this corrected.
  8. Hello gonzo i received once again the same detection today..... i am just making the staff aware because it's flagging the download once again please see updated screenshot.
  9. Yes, you will get both Malwarebytes premium real-time protection and the VPN privacy.
  10. A staff member from Malwarebytes will review this and investigate why it was blocked. If it's not infected they will unblock the site thank you for reporting this.
  11. I see what you are saying now thanks
  12. They may have just unblocked the site as i am receiving no detections of you're site at this time..
  13. This happens when you log into the download service and try and download Malwarebytes premium through the "green download button"
  14. To my shock when i logged into the official Malwarebytes subscription malwarebytes browser guard for chrome was blocking it's on service as "suspicious download".
  15. If this is a false positive i would like to inform you that other services are also flagging this site... here is a virus total report. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/1c44f154f518c9b07a262e3b88543e5610e35e4493c5128d09bc5013e52bb184/detection
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