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  1. Thank you gatortail could you please post back after the issue has been addressed?
  2. Ohhh sweet does this mean i get to work for malwarebytes? Just kidding!!! Also i'm sure not but this could also be an issue in the firefox version as well.. I cannot verify this as i'm using the new Microsoft edge chromium based browser. im sure the dev team will take note and that's again!
  3. Just thought i'd bring it to attention anything to help the great guys at malwarebytes!
  4. maybe a false positive but avira is also detecting it...
  5. I looked at the message more closely and noticed something was a little off...... It's suppose to be "the" not "te" it's minor but worth the mention..... https://prnt.sc/qo9som
  6. May contain adware or potentially unwated program. https://www.urlvoid.com/scan/s01.solidfilesusercontent.com/
  7. Thank you very much exile for confirming about the plugins website behavioral blocking. I just tested the plugin and whats different is it detects websites based on reputation which the premium version does not do. considering this i have added the plugin to Microsoft edges new browser and i really like it!!!
  8. Thank you for the reply even though I have Malwarebytes premium should I use the browser plugin as well doe sit offer more protection alongside the premium version???? Will the plugin work for the new Microsoft edge that will be released today as it's chromium based?
  9. How does Malwarebytes detect new zero day threats? Does Malwarebytes have any cloud protection in any of the applications like the web protection? Does Malwarebytes upload suspicious webpages that users visit in order to protect other users?
  10. The application is sluggish when opening the GUI compared to other security applications I have tried. Norton GUI opens quicker and is more responsive than Malwarebytes especially its updating process. I even found that Kaspersky security cloud is more responsive. Malwarebytes only runs a little faster then windows defender but that’s not really saying much. The scans in Malwarebytes are still incredibly fast but what’s going on with the GUI?
  11. Malwarebytes GUI is sluggish compared to competitors Running an update takes longer than usual. This is not a problem on my end Compared to Norton the updates are sluggish which is very disappointing. Malwarebytes use to update very quickly back in the older versions. Im using a new PC so I don't want to hear that im running outdated software... The GUI is sluggish and needs work.....
  12. Malwarebytes ADW cleaner continues to detect HP support assistant even after removal and restart it continues to detect the program. Is it being removed or is the program having trouble removing it because every time I re-scan the system it detects it?? https://prnt.sc/q776fs
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