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29 minutes ago, shadowwar said:

can you zip and attach this file?



The Dumpstack.log.tmp file is locked tighter than drum and cannot be copied, opened, deleted (even after "take ownership" is executed) or with the system in safe mode.  Cannot even send it up to VirusTotal.  It is on all my Windows 10x64 Pro systems with the latest v2004.

Also here is a Custom Scan Results 1 report with this feature activated and it shows 273 detections.  I run KIS 2020 on 1 of systems and Bitdefender Internet Security 2020 on my other systems.  I scan my systems daily and these security suites show no infections.  Both of these suites scan for rootkits as well.  

The Custom Scan Results 2 report is  the same scan with this new option turned off. 

Advanced Scan Results 1.txt Advanced Scan Results 2.txt

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I am also getting things flagged when this setting is on that I don't get when it is off.  I have attached the log.  The flagged items are ones I've used for a long time and don't think they are really problems. 

What is Malware.Heuristic.106?

I saw the same problem with the setting slider.  Closing and re-opening the UI does show the updated value for the setting.


scan results.txt


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  • Staff
5 minutes ago, BillH99999 said:

What is Malware.Heuristic.106?

A heuristic signature is a more generic type of detection method (such as algorithms, fuzzy defs, pattern/behavior based signatures etc.) which are capable of detecting new/unknown threats and/or new/unknown variants of previously seen threats (i.e. polymorphism).  The definition from the Malwarebytes Labs glossary of terms (located here) is quoted below:

Heuristic analysis

Heuristic analysis is a scanning technique used by many antivirus programs wherein they look for certain malicious behaviors from potentially new and undetected variants.

Other forms: Heuristics

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It means something to the Research team; it tells them which heuristic signature is responsible for the detection.  Heuristics by their very nature may be prone to false positives (this is why so many FPs from AVs on VirusTotal and similar services contain one or more of the terms generic, heuristic, gen, heur, among others and they all mean the same thing: heuristics.  Malwarebytes' entire scan engine and signatures are largely composed of heuristics of various types with many advanced detection techniques (one of the reasons Malwarebytes is so good at detecting the latest threats).  I'm guessing this new module is just a new type of heuristic based on some AI generated algorithm(s); a technique that is pretty new in the industry but shows a lot of promise.

All that said, no, it does not indicate anything specific about why that file was detected, however Research will take a look and will determine what caused it and tune the algorithm to no longer detect the file.

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@BillH99999 ,

 I will point you to a similar issue I had and it was just a false positive detection and I’m running the latest Malwarebytes beta. After R&D takes a look at the files that are coming up listed as Malware.Heuristic.106 it will be safe to just ignore and restore the files being detected. I feel everything will be all good so don’t worry all will be okay. I was directed to Malwarebytes Blog and my post is below in File Detections here. I can assure you that after R&D takes a look at everything you will be able to restore the files as they are more than likely just false positives. 

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On 6/20/2020 at 9:33 AM, shadowwar said:

Would you mind running a threat scan with it on and post the log here.

I have attached a scan if you would like to look through it. From the six detection's, these three files were apps developed by our company.

Malware.Heuristic.106, C:\USERS\User\DESKTOP\OLD COMPUTER FILES\TXFBPREP\TXFBPREP.EXE, No Action By User, 1000001, 0, 1.0.25909, 00000000000000000000006A, dds, 00776959
Malware.Heuristic.106, C:\USERS\User\DESKTOP\OLD COMPUTER FILES\TXFBPREP - COPY\TXFBPREP.EXE, No Action By User, 1000001, 0, 1.0.25909, 00000000000000000000006A, dds, 00776959
Malware.Heuristic.106, C:\USERS\user\DESKTOP\OLD COMPUTER FILES\SERVERTALK.EXE, No Action By User, 1000001, 0, 1.0.25909, 00000000000000000000006A, dds, 00776959



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