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  1. @exile360 OK... I spoke too soon. The problem is more widespread than I thought. I closed Google Chrome and re-opened it and had the same problem. So it is not just on the install of the Roboform extension so I wonder if the title of this thread should be changed to something like "Ransomware protection interferes with loading of Roboform extension". When closing and re-opening Chrome, the Roboform extension fails to load successfully which results in getting the wrong interface. To correct the problem I had to turn off Ransomware protection, disable the Roboform extension, re-enable the Roboform extension and then it loaded successfully. At his point I could turn Ransomware protection back on and all worked fine until the next time Google Chrome was closed and re-opened. This problem of course also happens anytime I reboot the system and Chrome starts up. Interestingly, the same problem does not occur with the Roboform extension for Firefox. According to Roboform support, the interface I get when the problem happens is a limited interface with only partial functionality. After correcting the problem I get the real full functioning interface. For me this is a show stopper. I use Roboform many times during the day. I never had this problem with MB 1.0.770. Thanks, Bill
  2. When I disabled ransomware protection, the Roboform extension installed correctly. I then enabled ransomware protection again and the extension continued to work correctly. Bill
  3. With Ransomware protection turned on, the RoboForm Password Manager extension does not properly install in Google Chrome. It appears to install correctly, but it isn't working correctly. It shows the wrong interface and produces some error messages. No detection is logged by Malwarebytes. When Ransomware protection is turned off, the extension installs correctly and shows the correct interface and no errors are produced. The RoboFrom Password Manager version is found in the Chrome Store. I am now on the Malwarebytes beta, 1.0.782, don't know if this works correctly in the released version (although I have never had any problems in the past). Bill
  4. I totally agree. Nice to have a company that actually has beta testing, listens to feedback, and reads the forums. A rare thing these days. Thanks! Bill
  5. @H4V0C Thanks much for this info. Would be nice if this kind of info was given when the update is first announced so we know what to test. For the three issues I mentioned, they were not included in the fixes so there was no need to test them. More info is always better than less so we are not in the dark. Thanks, Bill
  6. Interesting. They sure hid it didn't they. Would have been a lot easier if they had just allowed adding a user name column. Not that it matters at this point, but for me mbamtray.exe is under my user name and MBAMService.exe is under SYSTEM. Also, just to note... I just updated to 1.0.782 and the tray icon didn't disappear! Bill
  7. Since I haven't heard back from anyone, I'll just post the bugs I had reported or had contributed to and say that none of them have been fixed in the beta if they were supposed to have been. Thanks, Bill
  8. I moved these items from my other posting for visibility. In the announcement posting it says there are UI changes. What are these? I can find nothing that is different. In the announcment posting it says some miscellaneous UI defects were fixed? Which ones? I have reported several bugs which don't appear to have been fixed. Not knowing what was supposedly fixed makes it hard to know if there is still a problem or if they just weren't fixed yet. Thanks, Bill
  9. I think I may try even a darker color for the taskbar and see if that helps. Your example of a black or almost black background shows the MB icon pretty well. Thanks! Bill
  10. I took a look and I don't think there is a way in Win 10 to add a user id column, or at least I sure can't find it. To add addional columns you right click on the headings and a drop down appears with the columns that can be added. User id is not one of them. As you say, that doesn't appear to have been the problem anyway. Thanks for your help! Bill
  11. My account is the only one on the computer. There is no user name field in my task manager... maybe because there is only one user account? Yes it is very hard to see. I have quite a few icons in my taskbar and in the tray and the only one that is really hard to see is MB. I've tried other background colors, but for my eyes this works best. Thanks, Bill
  12. This time I looked in the hidden tray icons and saw that indeed MB was there although I could barely see it. I went into the taskbar settings and selected to make the icon appear in the taskbar and it does now show. I am pretty certain that it wasn't here before because there were only 9 icons hidden so it made the hidden icon window a perfect square and there was no place for MB to be in the square. In any case, it is now showing in the tray. Not really sure what happened. I have self protect turned on at this point. Now I just need help on my other two items in my original post. Thanks! Bill
  13. No difference. Still no icon in the tray. Bill
  14. OK, so I now do I have it right? When the auto quarantine setting is turned on: For manual scans it will pre-check items for quarantine rather than for deletion (since there is no option for deletion on that screen). Nothing is actually automatically quarantined. For real-time detections items will be automatically quarantined. For shceduled scans the setting does not apply. Auto quarantine is only done if the scheduled scan settings say to auto quarantine. Thanks, Bill
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