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  1. @mbam_mtbr I uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my tablet. It is faster than last night when I reported the problem, but still pretty slow. On my phone I scanned 405 apps and 2536 files in 41 seconds. On my tablet I scanned 314 apps and 16141 files in 9 minutes 30 seconds. The scan of the tablet used to take about 4 minutes. It is the scanning of the apps that is taking so long not the scanning of the files. It scans about 30 - 35 apps a minute. Bill
  2. @mbam_mtbr Just a note. I have the same version,, on my android phone. It scans just fine. The phone is running Android 10. Bill
  3. Hi @mbam_mtbr I am on version My tablet says there are no updates available. Not sure why is not being offered to me. Here are my settings. Bill
  4. I have a question on this. I have not changed any battery settings and MB scanned pretty quickly before and now it is very slow. Doesn't this indicate that it would be MB rather than the battery settings? In any case, on my tablet I am running Android 9. The settings don't look anything like what you show. Probably changed by Samsung. In any case, I have adaptive battery turned off which is the setting to "limit battery usage for apps that you don't use often". Is that the right setting? I also have Optimize Settings turned off. This is to "Save battery by optimizing your settings when you're not using your tablet". Bill
  5. I'm finding the latest version to be very slow in scanning. I'm using it on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablet. With the previous release a full scan would take maybe 7 - 10 minutes. With the new release, after 10 minutes it had only scanned 17 apps. I am using the free version, not the paid for version. I've tried this several times and get the same result. Any idea what the problem might be? Bill
  6. @LiquidTension When I enter that query with web Protection turned OFF, I get the 1060 error. However, when I turn web protection back ON... I get the same 1060 error. I tried quitting and restarting MB, made sure web protection was turned ON and still get the 1060 error. Bill
  7. @LiquidTension Another update. So I've been running with web protection off for over two weeks and the problem didn't manifest itself. Well, today it did. So, it looks like it isn't web protection after all. I had posted a thread on the Dell forum weeks ago thinking maybe it was a problem with my PC, but none of the suggestions made any difference. Bill
  8. I too can make the changes pretty quickly, but I don't do it often enough to remember what needs to be done. Guess I should keep a record of that somewhere to make it easier. Still, it would be nice if MB could save this info so we don't have to do this. Bill
  9. I would have thought that a lot of people add or modify scheduled scans and add items to the allow list for other anti-virus products.
  10. I'll hold out then for a fix. MB really needs to come up with a solution for this. I have no other software that causes you to lose all the settings when uninstalling and reinstalling. They could at least find a way to save the scheduled scan and allow list settings. I am really tired of having to re-enter those every time. Bill
  11. OK... thanks. I will hold on to this install and might use it if it takes a long time for the fix to be available. Does uninstalling and re-installing still cause the loss of all settings? Bill
  12. @LiquidTension I think I'll just leave it off at this point. I don't recall what component package (or version) was the last that actually didn't exhibit the problem. Thanks, Bill
  13. An update. I have now gone 2 weeks with web protection disabled and have had no freezing or buzzing. It again looks like it is the web protection that is causing the problem. So... what do I do now. Do you want output from the support tool or something else? Bill
  14. I can verify the block is gone. Thanks, Bill
  15. I went ahead and went to the site and downloaded the file. I did a scan with Norton 360 and another with Malwarebytes on the downloaded file and both show no threats. I have been using VeraCrypt (and TrueCrypt before it) for many years. This is the site they use to download their program. Why all of a sudden are you blocking them? Bill
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