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  1. @alvarnell I'll try to remember to do that in the future, but staff has already whitelisted it. Thanks, Bill
  2. @rakka It is still blocked for me. Does the whitelist take a while to get updates? Also, can we get www.thekinks.info whitelisted as well? Thanks, Bill
  3. BillH99999

    false positive

    This site is being blocked even though it is a legit site.
  4. @throkr Interesting that you get different results than me. As for the "useless" checkboxes, I found them very useful... I could delete multiple reports much faster than now where I have to do them one at a time. Bill
  5. There is a minor issue with the UI when first opening the scan results reports window. The first few entries in the list are not separated by lines while the later ones are. If you scroll up and down then all the reports are separated by lines.
  6. I added the Malwarebytes executables you mentioned to Windows Defender as file exclusions. I also added the Malwarebytes Service process to Windows Defender as a process exclusion. Thanks! Bill
  7. @exile360 OK. I added the files and folders as suggested. Thanks, Bill
  8. @exile360 and @Porthos Thanks for the help. Would it work to just add the entire Malwarebytes folder to Defender and the entire Windows Defender folders to Malwarebytes rather than pick and chose specific files within the folders? Bill
  9. @Porthos Thanks for the reply. I do have that option turned off. What exclusions do you actually add to Malwarebytes? To Windows Defender? Is there a list somewhere? Thanks, Bill
  10. I have finally given up on Norton Security and all their constant nagging about upgrading or using Lifelock or using Norton SafeWeb etc. etc. etc. I am currently using Windows Defender. I searched around, but could not find a definitive answer for the following questions. I hope some one can point me in the right direction. Is it necessary to put any exclusions in Malwarebytes for Defender or within Defender for Malwarebytes? Or will they coexist fine without any exclusions? Thanks! Bill
  11. OK. Thanks for the clarification. Bill
  12. It is broken again for me at this point. Does this mean that it will remain broken until AMC Networks and Malwarebytes resolve this? Thanks, Bill
  13. Ok. Weird. I re-booted and now all is fine in Firefox as well. Bill
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