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  1. Also, until a user flags the version as beta, it will appear as not being a beta in Sumo. Bill
  2. @Porthos Thanks. I guess I never thought this was clickable so didn't know it was a bug. Bill
  3. Since we can not see the video, what bug are you guys talking about? Bill
  4. @jboursier Most of the detections are gone but I am still getting this one which is part of the Weatherbug program I believe. Bill
  5. @exile360 I guess that is why I thought it shouldn't be flagged by adwcleaner. By the way, I see you are listed as staff now. Did you go to work for them? Didn't you work for them once before? They have hired a good support person! Bill
  6. Neither Norton 360 not Malwarebytes Premium flags the program in any way. Virus Total has 0 for engines detecting it. The program displays no ads. Not sure where the problem is. On my machine only adwcleaner seems to have an issue with it. Bill
  7. @kevinf80 Thanks for the reply. I have only installed it on my desktop pc. I have not registered it or supplied any personal information. I did not allow it to use my location. So I'm not too worried about privacy. I really don't think it should be flagged as a PUP by Malwarebytes. I'm still waiting on a reply from staff. Thanks, Bill
  8. @1PW I am running the WeatherBug program on my PC. I installed version on 3/12. It has not been updated since that time. I downloaded it from https://www.weatherbug.com/appdownload/. There was only one version to download that I saw. It never shows any ads. Bill
  9. @1PW Ok... here they are. Bill mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. @1PW Thanks for the reply. I saw this but didn't see why I needed to do a complete support tool log for just what appears to be a false positive. Is it really necessary? I can provide it if it will really help determine if Weatherbug is really a PUP or not. Bill
  11. Why is WeatherBug being flagged as a PUP? Is this a false positive? Bill
  12. @Dashke OK... good to know. Thanks, Bill
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