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  1. Still happening on iPhone and laptop. 🤷‍♂️
  2. @treed, Just sent you PM with screen shot. 🙂
  3. True and the only ones I have seen have been on Thursday and yesterday that I got 2 email alerts on the same link. All seems well now.
  4. I have only had the one I reported and also two on Thursday from this link below:
  5. @nukecad, I don’t use any cleaning stuff other than FRST64.exe and it has been a good while since I have last used that too. Thanks 🙏 for verifying the OPs issues just like I’m having too!!
  6. Cool, memories of the 70s. I was fortunate to see Jethro Tull 3 times. 😎
  7. I’m getting two email notifications on the same topic I post in as someone answering my post. Check out the time stamp on each email that link to the same post. This has happened before and I forgot to post about what was happening. Each email takes me to this link below:
  8. @treed, Thank you for the update. 👍
  9. @treed, PM left in your message box. 🙂
  10. @treed, Thank you for your help and support. Looking forward to what Dev team finds. Oh BTW it just seems to be to he ad blocking in the VPN and not the tracker blocking.
  11. Yes that’s my issue is the requirements. My PC doesn’t have TPM 1 or 2. Thanks for clarifying.
  12. I don’t ever see Microsoft offering a free upgrade with Windows 10 Pro installed and the EOL will be in 2025 no matter if it is Windows 11, 12 or 21. With newer technology coming out it’s all about getting users to purchase newer PCs that supports new features of MS Windows. JMO though…
  13. @treed, I disabled my VPN on my network and was able to report without any issues. @treed, I think I found the problem. I disabled block ads and trackers on my VPN and I was also able to report without any issues on my network.
  14. @treed I haven’t tried connecting to a different network yet but will give that a try.
  15. @treed I sent you a PM with extra information that hopefully will help. Post back here when you have time please. 🙏 I tried removing the number and adding it back into report again and got the same message.
  16. @treed I’m using the same VPN that I was before the update on the Apple App Store. It also updated and blocks ads and trackers.
  17. When I report an added number I get the message below: Network failure, please try again later and the Ok button appears. I hit Ok and the number is added to the report list and then it says that the number is a Known Scammer. Can anyone explain please because I didn’t have this issue until I updated from the Apple App Store to 1.4.5. Everything else works just fine.
  18. Sorry I forgot to add that I’m running Windows version 20H2 with June update. There was a reboot notification and I clicked ok and the installer ran but I didn’t have to reboot. Last beta before I didn’t get the reboot notification. Hope that helps..
  19. All is well now and thanks for all the information Ron. Cheers 🥂 Problem resolved.
  20. @AlexSmith or @AdvancedSetup I get an error every time I go to the forum on my laptop but all is working fine on my iPhone. I get a different Request ID number every time I use my laptop from Cloudfront. Any idea what may be going on.
  21. I too also use Malwarebytes with Browser Guard and Windows Defender on Windows. Browser Guard only works on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. You should be fine with Malwarebytes and Mac Time Machine. 👍
  22. I have a Toshiba too. Last week I cloned my SATA drive to the new Crucial SDD using a Adapter cable on MS 20H2 with Macrium. The down part about going that way is that you lose about 20 to 30 % of the performance on the SSD, however the best way is to do a clean install that way you lose no performance on the new SSD from what I have read. I was just lazy and didn't want to take the time to reinstall Windows and all programs again. Hope this information is helpful..
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