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  1. Thanks for reporting. This should no longer be detected.
  2. This should no longer be detected. This was a false positive. Thanks for reporting.
  3. Please add this path to your exclusions. C:\PROGRAMDATA\BITDEFENDER\DESKTOP\ENGINESTEMP This file will change with every update so adding an exclusion would be the best way to solve this.
  4. Thanks. This was a false positive and had been fixed now. please give 10 minutes for this to take affect.
  5. You will just have to set these to ignore. Let malwarebytes detect them. then uncheck each box next to the detection lines. Then hit cleanup. It will ask to ignore once or ignore always. Please select ignore always. Malware does the same technique that avast uses so we really have to leave this detection in place for malware.
  6. please follow the instructions in the previous post about exporting the keys if you can.
  7. Can you please post the detection log? I am unable to duplicate a detection on this end.
  8. If you just added the exclusions you may have to shutdown malwarebytes totally and then bring it back up for it to take affect in the protection module.
  9. This was a fp and fixed quite a while ago. The date on your report is from feb. Make sure you database is up to date.
  10. This is a correct detection as they seem to use scare tactics to sell you reimage repair. If you would like to use it you can add it to your exclusion list.
  11. This will be fixed next update. Thanks for reporting.
  12. i was able to find two files that were detected. I have fixed those two files. Please let us know further if there are any detections. Thanks.
  13. did you uncheck the box and hit next?
  14. This is detected correctly. We have seen malware bundle this in the past to use it to steal windows keys. If you intend to use it cause you installed it yourself please add it to the exclusions list.
  15. can you please provide a scan log of the detection? Thanks
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