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  1. Eaglesoft.exe falsely reporting as Malware

    Can you please zip and attach the file detected here. Also the mbamservice.log would be helpful also. Thanks.
  2. This is a website that has this. Its not a local infection on the machine. Its a javascript embedded in the page usually. Just fyi. What is the website you go to when this triggers?
  3. SonLVL Blocked as Malware

    This should no longer be detected. Thanks for letting us know.
  4. CCleaner Trojan.Nyetya not resolved

    No problem. Glad its resolved.
  5. CCleaner Trojan.Nyetya not resolved

    Well somehow either your reinstalling 5.33 or you are not getting it uninstalled. This may be due to not rebooting in between the uninstall and new install. The def that is hitting that file will ONLY hit 5.33. It cant possibly hit 5.34.
  6. CCleaner Trojan.Nyetya not resolved

    Did you reboot inbetween the uninstall and reinstall? I need more information to assist you. please see here. also the file we are triggering on please zip that up and attach it to this post.
  7. CCleaner Trojan.Nyetya not resolved

    C:\Program Files\CCleaner\uninst.exe Its located there.
  8. CCleaner Trojan.Nyetya not resolved

    I just checked with ccleaner 5.34 installed here and i have no hits. Not sure without the file itself what may be happening on your system. I would recommend uninstalling ccleaner through its own uninstaller then rebooting. Then install 5.34 and run another scan with mbam.
  9. CCleaner Trojan.Nyetya not resolved

    Can you please post the log showing our detection and copies of the files zipped we are hitting? Thanks
  10. CCleaner - false detection or real?

    Just another name for the same Infection. Some companies may call one thing while others may call it another name.
  11. Did cftp maybe update? Can you please post the required information as you did before. Thanks.
  12. Malwarebytes Detecting Asus Smart Doctor As Malware

    The update is already out. We analyzed the file and its Written by asus.
  13. New instal will not run

    Kovter is what you were infected with. Its mostly a click fraud trojan. Cant hurt to change your passwords though.
  14. New instal will not run

    Safemode MBAM will work to remove the infection causing this. Mbar can also be run if you are no longer there but you must leave all the default settings on and do not uncheck anything.
  15. Possible False Possible - nssm.exe

    Actually this may have been fixed yesterday. Please update and let me know if still detected.