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  1. Please attach a scan log and the file please. please zip before attaching.
  2. this was fixed yesterday. you can restore the file.
  3. This was fixed earlier today. It should no longer be detected.
  4. could you please zip and attach this file here. C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\INTEL\BLUETOOTH\DEVMONSRV.EXE
  5. Thanks. This file has been whitelisted and sent to goodware training.
  6. This was fixed yesterday. Please let us know if still detected.
  7. Can you please attach the files that were detected and a scan log showing the detection so we can look into this? Thanks.
  8. We need the scan log to determine further but it looks to be a fp. Please save the results to a text file and post the content here.
  9. Both of these files are previously whitelisted. could you try rescanning one more time and see if they are picked up again?
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