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  1. This hopefully should be fixed next update.
  2. this will be fixed next update. Thanks for reporting. about 20 mins from now
  3. This will be fixed next update.
  4. These are not false positives. Please see here. If you wish to still use these programs on the pc then can be added to the ignore list.
  5. Nothing we can do about it but thanks for the alert. Its a fp on their part.
  6. Ok we can fix this if you give me a copy of the file per the post above.
  7. I need the file and the report if possible to look at this Please see here.
  8. Thanks for the complete report. Helped us resolve it quickly for you
  9. fixed as of database v2017.03.01.10
  10. This should be fixed in 15 mins. Thanks for reporting!
  11. This should be resolved now. Please let us know if not. Thanks!
  12. I would hold up a second here. It looks like you are running a commercial product called drivelock. This uses a custom MBR to boot the disk as the disk is encrypted. Mbam restored the standard windows MBR and that is the issue here. Using windows utilities to restore the mbr wont work. You may have to contact Drivelock and see if they have a utiltity to restore the MBR to their custom mbr. Most drive encryption programs have a bootable cd that can fix these. I have not used drivelock before so i cant be 100% sure. The customer is being helped by Lisa in support. I would stick with that for now. Doing these windows commands may cause more issues to be fixed once the custom mbr is repaired. After this is repaired we would appreciate if you can follow the instructions from lisa so we can prevent this from happening again by getting some whitelisting info.
  13. You can use spycar to test detection.
  14. I would need to see the mbam log from the detection of kovterl to see why we werent able to remove it.
  15. PUP means Potentially Unwanted Program Also may want to look at this google search. There are a few review sites on the first page.