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  1. This has been whitelisted. Some suggestions fill out the information for the version tab fully. For Example Windowsapplication1 is the default entry and malware does this a lot. You have this for product name and file description. Also a blank company name. Also with this detection is usually self learns within 24 hours after the first ever scan by a mbam client.
  2. also please post a log showing the detection.
  3. It bundles optional adware with the installer.
  4. please zip and attach the detected file here. Those are generic malware detections so could be a false positive.
  5. Ok both files are whitelisted. Normally a vt link and the file match on fp reports. that is what was confusing.
  6. This is not detected locally or with the client. It has been whitelisted a while. Sometimes virustotal has problems reaching our cloud for the whitelist status.
  7. These have been whitelisted.
  8. please provide a scan log showing the detections.
  9. This file has been whitelisted for a few months now? Could malwarebytes reach the internet when you scanned?
  10. This was a fp and has been whitelisted.
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