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  1. Ransomwhat. Not again...

    This is not the case at all. This is an issue with the cache that is not fixed yet. It happens in rare cases and we are actively working on a fix This bug was only discovered a couple weeks ago. . I can provide a surgical method that will prevent you from having to reinstall. If you totally shutdown Malwarebytes. Go here: C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService anb delete the following file only. hubblecache it has no extension. Then you can restart mbam and the cache file will rebuild on the next scan. You only have to do this on repeated detections if we told you we have fixed it already.
  2. False Positive?

    A Shampoo meets our pup criteria so it listed as such. You are welcome to set it to ignore if you paid for it.
  3. False Positive?

    This is just an icon and itself is not really malicious. PUP is potentially unwanted program.
  4. Ransomwhat. Not again...

    These should no longer be detected. If they still are i would need you to run mbamclean to reinstall malwarebytes as this will fix a minor bug on antiransomware detections.
  5. A slight inconvenience

    Not a problem. Appreciate the report.
  6. A slight inconvenience

    These are not false positives. But not all that dangerous either when they are alone. Its used to monitor internet connection and are almost never are installed in a legit matter. Something misuses these files to monitor your internet usage and that data can be misused. This detection is a installed pattern detection. So they have to be in the correct location to trigger a detection. Do to this they wont be detected by us on virustotal cause its a heuristic and virustotal has no way of putting them in the correct location to trigger the heuristic. Hope that sheds some light on the detection.
  7. Pivot Animator - FP ?

    If you submit the file to virustotal there is a consensus on this detection.
  8. You don't but if you aren't sure you should not reply. And if you look it was always in the business forum.
  9. Pivot Animator - FP ?

    This is detected correctly. It bundles adware with it.
  10. Pivot Animator - FP ?

    I need more information. Can you zip a copy of the file and attach it here? Also a scan log showing the detection would help too.
  11. Potential false positive detection

    Keep me posted. Its really tough for us to duplicate the bug but from your mbamservice log we seem to think this is what is happening. Basically a stale Cache issue with our cloud in very limited circumstances. A mbam clean reinstall clears the cache.
  12. @lock This is the business client and not consumer. Modules are separate and not bundled like consumer. Please do not comment any further on this thread. @geekf Thanks for the file submission it was already defined and going out in next update. Anti Ransomware Module would of stopped this.
  13. Possible false positive

    Fixed next update. Thanks for reporting!
  14. AVG Removed MalwareBytes for being a Rootkit?

    Malwarebytes has self protection so malware cant modify it. If this is set to on in your malwarebytes settings it may cause conflicts with other security programs. Setting exclusions in AVG should solve the problem.
  15. Trojan Malpack

    Looks pretty good there. Think your biggest problem is cause you cant get updates. These hits were ones that were added early this morning and not the ones i just added. Check with business support if there is a workaround without your local server on premise to get updates. Your clients must be setup to look only at your server for updates.