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  1. If this is malicous our Anti exploit engine would stop it from downloading a malicious file.
  2. This is detected this way as we have seen malware abuse it in the past. You are welcome to add it to the ignore list if you have purposedly installed it.
  3. Windows file protection probably put it back. I would check the original location and see if the file is present there. C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\portcls.sys If it is then no need to worry.
  4. There is our new endpoint protection. I would recommend contacting sales and they can get you sorted as far as correct versions and the management console.
  5. This seems to be a false positive. Can you download the latest version from here and install that. This should fix this being detected anymore.
  6. Please download the latest version from our website. This will fix this issue.
  7. I actually confirmed that this was a fp by the ransomware component and is already fixed.
  8. Do you have a scan log showing the detection? this could of been by the ransomware component maybe? I am showing no current detection by the malware engine portion of mbam 3.
  9. fixed next update.
  10. If its already in the exlusions tab it is active. No need to check a box. If it was not listed you would have to select add exclusion button at the bottom then walk through the prompts on adding an exclusion.
  11. We did find something that may be causing this. should be fixed in about 20 mins.
  12. You may want to check with sales but i dont believe that is a requirement any longer with the cloud console. .
  13. Just fyi. If you were running the business version this would of been a very easy fix as you would be able to unquarantine from the console. Running personal in a business environment is not recommended.
  14. I believe this may have been fixed already as per this post.
  15. Unable to duplicate this locally just scanning the file. Really need the scan log or at least what it was detected as.