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  1. Its possible as a lot of malware is written in Autoit so heuristics are pretty agressive on it with Us and other av's out there. right now there are 20 other avs detecting this file. Some things i can recommend to limit this. Fill out the version information completely. Company name etc. Digitally sign the file if possible. Let us know if a new version is detected and we can see what we can do. But doing above will help and also help us to better whitelist in the future to protect against new versions being detected.
  2. This should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting.
  3. Meaning its a risk to use it. It may be fine or it may not.
  4. Its riskware. Any gamehack can have some unknown consequences.
  5. well this should be whitelisted by us from now on so you should be good with this version as long as they dont update version 12
  6. looks like they have a new version out so that should fix it.
  7. This file has been whitelisted.
  8. One other problem is also that their certificate is expired on the file also. This would prevent automatic whitelisting on the anti ransomware component
  9. This file has been whitelisted. Please give it 10 mins to take effect.
  10. Please post a scan log showing the detection so we can look into this. Virustotal link would also be helpful.
  11. This was a behaviour detection that antiransomware picked up. It was probably changing some files. Anything is possible with a crack. But most dont infect files. They may replace them but true viruses that actually infect a file are not common at all these days.
  12. I think i was able to find the file and whitelist it. if you could confirm with the requested information i would be appreciated.
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