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  1. The Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocks many top level domains like .info .science .repair and of course .top and some others by default. Then when they are reported they are whitelisted and the block removed. This site is not blocked by the main Malwarebytes program.
  2. This is a browser extension block because it is a .top domain. I will ask for this to be moved to the correct section for whitelisting.
  3. Before we get staff involved, Run the REPAIR feature of the support tool.
  4. I would uninstall the following. Internet Download Manager (HKLM-x32\...\Internet Download Manager) (Version: - Tonec Inc.) Also are you using your Nord Vpn during activation?
  5. It is blocked by the browser extension. @Zynthesist
  6. Several products on your "review" page are considered pup's. Even though you do not host the download you provide a download link for the items.
  7. See if this new beta 4 update helps. retrieve the update manually by clicking Install Application Updates in Settings > Application.
  8. There is no program files x86 any more since VER 3
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