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  1. This topic might be of interest. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/266455-compatibility-with-apple-m1/ Also @treed might be of some assistance for you as well. As for support, Yes it is backlogged. Today is basically the 7th "business" day. I would think you would get a response by the weekend.
  2. I hope it ends up working. I have not tested the function at all yet. If it does not work, I am sure the devs might want to look in to the function as it applies to your program.
  3. I do not get a block on the main page. Is the block coming during or after user logs in? @gonzo
  4. Sometimes there is some private details and should not be posted on a public forum. That is generally the only time PM's are used. Tomar, are having a current issue?
  5. I personally use UBlock Origin and Browser guard together on all of my supported browsers. No issues.🙂
  6. I experienced the same as gonzo with one exception. I do not use all browsers all the time and after the browser guard had a chance to auto update on one of my limited use browsers, everything on the site worked fine.
  7. The help desk folks are the only ones who can assist you with refunds. It can take 5-7 weekdays to get a response other than the automated ticket generation.
  8. One thing to remember is that promo pricing is only for the initial term only. It increases upon auto renewal.
  9. If you still have issues, this topic might be of interest. Do not add to the topic because you already have your own.
  10. Your file is also now clear on VT. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/8998d217fd31e5469530a029cbd536eebc886f8111456048979fffadb2ba4714/detection
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