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  1. @Porthos Thanks, I didn't realize I needed to post it somewhere else. Thanks for moving getting it moved. Bill
  2. I use Thunderbird as my mail client. Starting today I've been getting a popup saying that an outgoing connection to www.ojrq.net is being blocked when I open various emails. They are emails from legitimate companies such as Marriott, Alaska Airlines, and others. I did a scan with Malwarebytes and with Adwcleaner and nothing is found. Any idea what might be causing this? Is www.ojrq.net really a site that needs to be blocked and why did it just start getting blocked today? Thanks, Bill
  3. Please remove the block on this site. Thanks, Bill
  4. @Ried Don't know what happened exactly, but now the option is showing in the Advanced settings on its own Penetration Testing tab. I did no updates of Malwarebytes (I have auto updates disabled and did no check for updates). The only thing I did was reboot a couple times today. Maybe that did it? Bill
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