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    Please remove block on this site. Thanks, Bill
  2. @AdvancedSetup Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate your efforts. I look forward to hearing back with any thoughts others on the team might have. I can live with using WiFi instead of Ethernet if I have to. Using the 5 gHz WiFi connection gives me about 280 mbps download speed compared to about 600 using Ethernet. It is still fast although 1/2 as fast as Ethernet. If I could get Malwarebytes and Family Historian to work on my Ethernet connection that would be ideal. Thanks again and have a nice weekend! Bill
  3. Sorry, I can't do this. Family Historian does not support and will not run plugins using the newer versions of LUA. This is a sore point with many users and we have asked Family Historian to update their software to use a newer version of LUA, but so far they have not done so. I think that LUA is embedded somehow in the Family Historia program itself or something like that. I still have the same question I guess. What does this have to do with the errors in Malwarebytes and why does it work fine when using WiFi instead of Ethernet? Thanks, Bill
  4. They are both caused by running plugins from Family Historian. Bill
  5. I already know the answer to that. As I mentioned in post #44 in this thread, was getting the errors in Family Historian while being connected via Ethernet. This was while Malwarebytes was not installed on the system. It was only after disconnecting Ethernet and using WiFi that I re-installed Malwarebytes. Thanks, Bill
  6. The latest version of Family Historian is about 2 years old. It allows the use of plugins written in an old version of LUA. I don't know how old it is. I've been running Family Historian with these plugins for years without any problem. Does the age of LUA matter in relation to the problems I'm experiencing.? I am also getting errors in Malwarebytes which is not old at all. Also, the errors just started in the last week or two in both Family Historian and Malwarebytes. The same programs ran without problems before that. Also I don't get the errors while connected via WiFI instead of Ethernet running the same programs. Doesn't this seem to indicate a problem with my Ethernet rather than with the programs? I've been connect most of the day via WiFi and everything has run fine without any problems. As for what else I'm running. This hasn't changed either and is the same whether connected via WiFi or Ethernet. I usually have Family Historian, Thunderbird, Google Chrome, Firefox, Google Drive, Dropbox, Malwarebytes, Norton 360, SuMO, Greenshot, SyncBack SE, Roboform, Killer Control Center, Logitech Mouse/Keyboard Controller (can't think of the name right now), and Canon U Network Scanner Selector running. I might also occassionaly have another program running like Excel or Word or IrfanView. All of these would have been running when I wasn't having the problem also. Thanks, Bill
  7. @AdvancedSetup The errors I'm seeing in Malwarebytes are the same as in my initital posting in this thread. The other software is Family Historian which is a genealgy software. The errors I am seeing there are attached. It is the same network. The problem occurs when I connect using Ethernet. No errors occur when I connect using WiFi. I would be happy to supply any logs you would like in Windows if that would help. I just don't know how to access them. Thanks, Bill
  8. I followed the instructions. The problem still occurs intermittently. Some times it works, sometimes I get the error. The COM problem occurs every time on the other software I mentioned earlier. All problem still go away when I switch to WiFi. Bill
  9. @AdvancedSetup While working on something else today I came across another program experiencing intermittent COM errors related to not being able to connect to a server or no internet connection available. This is weird because I am streaming TV and surfing the web without problems at the same time. So I thought maybe the problem is in my connection... maybe really short interruptions in connectivity or something. I am normally connected to my network using Ethernet. I disconnected the cable and connected via WiFi and the errors in my other program stopped. So I loaded Malwarebytes 4.1.0 1.0.931 and opened the UI. I did a scan and got no errors. I did a check for updates and got no errors. So I updated to 4.1.2 1.0.990. It installed fine and now will open fine and when I attempt a check for updates there is no error. So I guess maybe the problem is in my Ethernet connection some how. Weird that it just started the other day when nothing had been updated on the computer related to Ethernet. I guess the problem could be in the Ethernet adapter, in the cable, or in the router/gateway or something. Not sure how to debug that. Any ideas on where to start? It is also weird that the problem only seems to impact Malwarebytes and one other program as far as I can determine. I'd really rather use Ethernet as I get about 450-550 Mbps using Ethernet but only about 40-80 using WiFi. Thanks, Bill
  10. Same here. Just headed for bed. Have a good night. Thanks for all your help. Bill
  11. I ran the uninstaller and then the installer. The driver installed fine. The control center would not install from the MS store using Chrome, but I was able to get it using Firefox. So all seems to be good now with the latest driver from Killer, 2.2.1471 UWD. I'm glad VSS is OK now as well. Thanks, Bill
  12. Sorry, I wasn't clear. I don't have the full program. All I have is the Ransomware Protection. That is what I uninstalled. Bill
  13. Here are the logs. At what point should I reinstall MB? What version... which would open for me before (but not update) or (which would not open for me). I feel very naked without the MB protection. Thanks, Bill Fixlog.txt
  14. I am not running Windows Defender and have never used this feature of WD to my knowledge. I looked via the group policy editor as described in the link and Control Folder Access is listed as "Not Configured". I remember now that I tried Windows Defender from 10/7 till 11/3 last year while trying to decide if I'd renew Norton. I didn't like it as well as Norton so I reinstalled Norton and disabled WD. I notice now that the date on the Kindle block by Controlled Folder Access was on 10/11/2019 so that would have been during that brief time I had WD enabled. Sorry I didn't remember this earlier... another senior moment. I have been running MB and Acronis side by side for several years without any problem. I have removed it for now, but will probably re-install it if we ever get MB working again. Thanks, Bill
  15. I ran Acronis and it didn't seem to fix things although I am not sure how to interpret the results. I have attached the report. I downloaded and ran Macrium as well. Then I rebooted. I am not sure how to check the Event Logs so have attached the FRST logs. System restore is enabled and set to 10%. Thanks Bill AcronisVSSDoctorReport_2020-07-30-18-32-02.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  16. I downloaded and installed the latest driver available from Dell Support. It is Version: 2.2.1453 Last Updated Date: 09 Jul 2020. It said the install was successful. After installing this I get an error when I boot up saying "Issue detected, please go to KillerNetworking.com to download latest driver/software". I did this. They had version 2.2.1471 available. This also got an error... "Killer Performance Suite UWD cannont be installed with Killer Ethernet Performance Suite" and the install failed. So at this point I am getting the error at boot up and I have no control center software that will run. I don't know what version driver is actually installed as Device Manager says it is version dated 1/14/2020. At this point I'm not sure how to fix this. I can't roll back to a previous version of the driver as that option is grayed out. Thanks, Bill
  17. I ran MBST Clean again. Here are the logs. Thanks, Bill FRST.txt Addition.txt
  18. @AdvancedSetup Here are the logs you requested. Thanks, Bill Fixlog.txt
  19. Well... now I think I've messed up. I thought before trying other things I would see if a clean install of MB might help. I ran the support tool and did a clean install and told it to install the latest version. Unfortunately this failed with an error. So I ran another clean and this time told it not to install the latest version. I then installed 4.12.175-1.0.990 from the downloaded installer This had a problem also. The UI never loaded. at the end of the install so I don't know what happened. The Malwarebytes service and Malwarebytes Tray Application were both running. So I tried clicking on the icon in the tray to open the UI, nothing happened. It never opened. I waited over 5 minutes because I know it can take a long time. So I tried again. I ran another clean and said not to install the latest version. I installed This installed and the UI opened at the end of the install. When I tried Check for Updates, I got the same error as in my original post. So, what do you want me to do at this point? Sorry. By the way, I don't care that much about the browser history. I can live without it. Thanks, Bill
  20. Is there any way to not delete the browser history? I would prefer not to lose it if possible. Bill
  21. I uninstalled Bonjour and rebooted. iTunes still works.🙂 I tried opening MB 3 or 4 times and I didn't get the 'unable to contact license server" error, but it may come back. As you can see from my earlier posts I thought it was gone once before, but it came back. Not sure why. I am still getting the error when clicking on "check for updates". Thanks Bill
  22. @Porthos Do you mean Bonjour? Isn't that part of iTunes? If I uninstall it won't that break iTunes? Also, this setup has worked without problems for a long time. Why would it stop working yesterday with no changes to the system other than updates to Edge, Teamviewer, and Thunderbird? Bill
  23. @Porthos, @1PW Very strange. I tried disabling the Norton 360 firewall and real time protection and I still get the same errors. Had trouble with FRST. Nothing seems to like FRST. Chrome safe browsing blocked the download and both Windows Smart Screen and Norton 360 blocked it from running. I was able to get by these blocks so here are the logs you requested. Thanks Bill FRST.txt Addition.txt
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