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  1. Just to clarify Malwarebytes was not installed. My Mom had it removed because she thought it was a fraud purchase. My Mom is 84.
  2. treed, She was infected by a spam server. I will PM you with the details in pictures. This was pretty slick the way things were. PMing you now with detail pics. BTW, this had nothing to do with Malwarebtyes what I found but I believe Malwarebtyes has all the information that they need to block this from happening to anyone else.
  3. treed, She was infected by a spam server. I will PM you with the details in pictures. This was pretty slick the way things were. PMing you now with detail pics.
  4. Thanks treed, I found out what happened is she thought it was fraud because she didn’t remember putting it on her iPad and canceled it but she told the lady at the credit card company to put it back on her account and I don’t think they did. I will have to talk to the credit card company and get it straightened out. I will post back if there’s any other issues. I found all of this in her Apple purchases.
  5. Okay I will check it out when I get over there around 11:00 EST. I can show you the purchase. Would you check your PM and I will send you the details in a few minutes.
  6. I purchased the premium version of Malwarebtyes for my Mom. She now tells me that she is getting an alert to purchase the premium version again. What I’m thinking is the 30 free version was up and she didn’t know what to do. I have a copy of the Apple store which shows she paid for the premium version. I’m going over this morning and would like to fix this for her. Here’s what she is seeing now. I have the information from the Apple store and just need to know what to do before I get there. Thanks 🙏
  7. Everything is working fine just as it was the first time I set it up. Cheers
  8. This is weird now that I’m not on my network at home I get this when I click report messages.
  9. Well I got another text notification this morning and it shows like the picture I posted and when I closed it and opened it back up the message at the bottom was gone. I’m running 12.2 Oh I remember what it said the first time. It said the number was not in my contact list so I added it like the tutorial said too
  10. It’s not spam. It’s just a notification that I have from the company.
  11. I have a question treed. Okay I have my numbers in contacts and we will use this for an example. CVS Stores is listed in contacts and I get an SMS text 123-456. Do I add that in the CVS contact list? Keep in mind that this is just an example and do I need to add those to all contacts that I receive those SMS messages from? Stores, banks, etc.. Oh at the keep in mind the contact number is 1-234-567-8900 Cheers
  12. Got it today. Thank you! Good question jeromy, my only guess would to see what features the OP likes the best so they can choose which one to go within the future. I would like to hear some feedback on your question tho. So as it stands as of now we can already report a previous number, only thing is I didn't keep any specific information on the calls other than looking up online to what I found.
  13. Treed, I haven't seen this available in TestFlight yet. I'm still showing 1.3.1 (1.8)
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