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  1. @allenahl That's great news that you also have fixed the issue with iTunes by allowing the folder exclusions to Malwarebytes and selecting from detection as ransomware only. Hopefully Malwarebytes R&D team has enough information that is needed to release a new updated Malwarebytes version after beta testing is done to also fix other issues too. @tetonbob Thank you for your quick support!
  2. @REGITDept That great to hear the fix worked for you also. 🙂
  3. That did the trick with these 2 files below and select exclude from detection as ransomware only,,. C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple ... Very good!!
  4. Yes it was an issue for sure. I reported on the 13th was the first time I had issues. So yes all need to just go to the Apple Store and update the app and even if they didn’t have the issues like I did just follow the directions that I posted. Glad everything is working well for you as well now. 🙂
  5. Just an update for the app. I reported an bug 2 days ago where there was looping connecting to the server. A new update came out about 23 hours ago to version 4.2.1. Sorry I forgot to add if you are having this issue go to More settings/ Connection options/ and select reset keys and select done Update by going to the Apple App Store.
  6. Oh no worries I’m good and thank you for your quick response! Cheers
  7. I also have the same issue with Ransomware protection disabling iTunes latest version backup and restore. I can disable Ransomware and then I can backup and restore. I didn’t know about this until last night when I found this post. I was able to uninstall everything with iTunes and get it running correctly again but after I made the backup and rebooted it was disabled. I have temp logs on this if needed. Oh forgot to add that I’m running Windows 8.1 Pro OS.
  8. The second custom one 834x1334 works great too! Thank you AdvancedSetup
  9. I really like this one and it looks great!! Thank you!!
  10. Porthos is referring your site to a member of the staff to check and see if this is a false positive. 😉
  11. I already tried that and it didn’t look very good at all. I had one that was okay but the colors were not that good and the words didn’t look that great too. I just deleted the 3 that I had edited and just gave up. Well I know someone that can probably get me fixed up, so no worries. I already know what size I need. Thanks anyway Firefox. 🙏
  12. @Firefox Do you have a program where you can change the size of this wallpaper here so I can put it on my iPhone 8?
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