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  1. Oh okie dokie, the VPNS. 😉 Thank you!
  2. Sorry my bad. I wasn’t aware of the advanced Web version. Just wondering just what was the advanced version options and what did it do and protect in Safari. Regards, hardhead
  3. Well now that sucks! I’m confused as I installed the new beta on my iPhone and under Safari settings 2 Content Blockers Malwarebytes - Web Protection and Ad blocking is still listed and checked green. I’m confused, is Malwarebytes only blocking ads only.
  4. No it has nothing to do with the Malwarebytes beta or any other ISO app other than the vulnerability that is stated in the link. I just happened to see it and posted. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. I would think that there would be some kind of mistake in the coding for this to happen. So it would be there responsibility to get with Apple so Apple will come out with a new update. Sorry if I confused you or anyone else. 😉
  5. Just a security note for WhatsApp that you may want to read. It just came out yesterday. https://www.securityweek.com/bug-allows-bypass-whatsapp-face-id-touch-id-protection
  6. That's what I was looking for Firefox. Thank you very much! Big, Bold, Blue, & Beautiful ! If the "M" logo was edited I think it would make a great addition to the current wallpaper list. JMO..
  7. I didn’t see it listed in the link Ron.
  8. Where can I find this wallpaper in high resolution without the icons? I use to have it on my old Asus laptop but it died.
  9. I’m not sure I agree with that. Maybe creed can step in and tell you why. I have a good idea but I cannot verify on what the differences could be.
  10. All seems to be working fine now. Maybe there was a network glitch.
  11. I take that back. It updated after I closed Malwarebytes but it is not pushing updates. That’s what I’m seeing here.
  12. I’m not seeing this happening on my iPhone 8
  13. Malwarebytes for iOS only uses the Safari browser only when checking for web protection and ad-blocking. You will find the listing in settings/Safari/Content Blockers. Note: In the Firefox settings you will not see the listing above.
  14. Thank you very much for your clarification. It’s not a big issue other than there’s a lag time connecting to WiFi network. My best guess is the phone carrier and where I live because my service is not that strong and I can go 1 block down the road and I have LTE service. Yes I will still beta test until the end.
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